Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Movie madness #1 ;)

Hello awesome people to the very first post of a brand new series :) Movie madness will appear every month, on second wednesday, and me with my lovely sister J will talk all about movies :) since the idea is very flexible, it could be lists of our favourites in different genres, tags, favourite characters and so on... ;) but today we will start with our most highly anticipated movies from the first half of 2018 :) we have a bunch of them that we both want to see, so each of us will talk about some of them, and then at the end we will have additional honorable mentions that only one of us wants to see :) I'm gonna add trailers or teasers whenever they are available so you can see what's all the fuss is about ;) and without further ado, let's jump into the movies :) without any particular order whatsoever ;)

Pacific rim uprising

J: I have to be honest, if you’re looking for something with complicated storyline and Oscar winning performances look elsewhere, because that’s not that kind of a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first one, maybe because the main character was played by Charlie Hunnam, but still… If you’re a fan of action movies, full of amazing special effects, huge monsters, big-ass robots fighting them, and of course let’s not forget about hot actors like Scott Eastwood, you should definitely see this one ;) I’m totally gonna go to the movies, it will be a great way to just relax and break away from regular life, also I bet the music will be great, since I love the song in this trailer :)

I, Tonya

A: I've been hearing about this movie for quite some time now... and ever since I saw the trailer I knew I really want to see it on the big screen :) after showing it to my family, now we are all gonna go see it ;) I'm not really sure what exactly is it about this story that interests me the most, but I think the brightest spot will be Margot Robbie in the titular role :) fortunately it goes live in my country in a matter of weeks so I will be able to check it out very soon :)

Deadpool 2

J: I feel like there are no words to describe how I fell about this movie :) I’m so looking forward to seeing it on the big screen that it’s just ridiculous. I loved the first one and just by looking at the trailer I know it’s gonna be the same situation. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is amazing, he’s almost like a superhero but way more funny. I’ll bet that in this movie there will be many hilarious monologues, sarcastic comments and interesting song choices. So I’m hoping for everything I already loved in the previous movie but even more :)

Black panther

A: both me and J are definitely Marvel fans... I think we saw the majority of Marvel super hero movies on the big screen... some of them more than once ;) but this one... yeah... this one have so much potential... it may even crack out top 3 favourite Marvel movies ;) I think that I am most excited about all the powerful women characters in it... :) fingers crossed it won't disappoint, but from what I hear from the early reviews... it's gonna be good :)

Tomb raider

J: I just love a good adventure movie, don’t you? And what can be better than seeing how the legendary Lara Croft actually started. I have great hopes for Alicia Vikander, don’t know why, just do :) In movies I really enjoy action, puzzles, traveling to exotic places and of course kick-ass women, who know what they're doing and never wait to be saved :) All that in one movie, I’m so there :)

Love, Simon

A: this is the adaptation of a truly phenomenal book :) I know, cause I already read it :) it's actually been on my mind a lot lately, but I finally decided to pick it up cause the movie was weeks away... yeah... not anymore, cause it's been pushed in my country from march till june... I mean, come on! I need it ASAP :) I want that hilarious, wonderful story and I want it now! :)

Avengers infinity war

J: I think eveyone knows about Marvel movies, well, everyone who is a superheroes fan :) just like me (btw Thor is my favourite, just saying). Avengers have their ups and downs, but still love the whole franchise. The main reason why I’ll go see it on the big screen is that here we have a group of unique people :) and I really think that it’s pretty much always better when there’s a team in action movie. From trailer I can think of couple things I loved watching: Winter Soldier is back, and Captain America has a beard, what else do you need to know :)

Ready player one

A: this is another book adaptation, but I have yet to read the original :) it's already on my shelf, I just have to pick it up ;) I am very curious though, cause a virtual reality full of cluesleft by the creator to find a master key to get control over said virtual reality... in a long story super short ;) it sounds and looks super interesting and I can't wait to read it first, and then see it comes alive on the big screen :)

Ocean's 8

J: A story about a group of women, that are planning an impossible heist at the Met Gala... Sign me in ;) not for robbery of course, but for an evening of fun. I have high hopes for this one :) Because really, this many great actresses in one movie? Come on, we should all go and watch it! :)

Solo: a star wars story

A: say what you wanna say, but I am all for another Star wars story... :) I may not be a hardrock fan who knows all the little behind the scenes facts and all that, but I definitely enjoy the stories ;) and if you are giving me a prequel movie all about young Han Solo? uhm... yes please :) I know nothing else about it, but I don't need any additional informations to know that I'm gonna go see it ;)

Jurassic world fallen kingdom

J: As a big fan of the original trilogy I had high hopes for the previous movie with Chris Pratt, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m even more curious now, because what's not to love? Dinosaurs? Check. Exotic location? Check. Action and adventure? Check and check. Hot main character? Check. So the math is really simple people. I’m so there and so should you :)

Honorable mention, A's choice
The shape of water

I've been hearing about this particular movie here and there for quite a while now, but I never was interested enough to even watch the trailer until I heard from very trusted sources how amazing this story is... then I watched the trailer and now I need to see it :) I'm not sure if it's even gonna have a happy ending... or sort of one, but I don't care... which says a lot about how much I want to see it ;) fortunately it goes live in my country in a matter of days so I'm gonna be able to check it out very soon :)

Honorable mention, J's choice
50 shades freed

I know how it sounds and you can laugh or judge I don’t really care because I’m actually pretty curious about this movie. I enjoyed the previous two stories, so I’m definitely gonna see this one. Maybe not on the big screen, because I think that it’s better to watch it at home, but that’s just my choice ;) what I love the most about these movies is the music, it just clicks for me, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed :) well ok, music and Jamie Dornan, but can you really blame me? :)

I hope you guys enjoyed our very first #MovieMadness post :) if you have any comments or suggestions what you would like to see in the future let us know :) for the very end we have a little teaser about what will wait for you next month... we are gonna do sort of a review of movies from last year... the format is not yet determind, but we definitely have a lot to say about all we loved... and then some about other movies we didn't enjoy as much ;) so be sure to come back on the second wednesday of march to read all about it :)


A + J

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