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J says :) #7

Let’s talk about…
The other kind of family!

I think the best way to start this post is with a quote. If you know me, or read previous stuff that I wrote you know I love Temptation series by Ella Frank and these words are from book #4 called Tease. So here it goes: “Family: A group of people related to one another by blood or marriage. Scratch that… Family is love. Family is acceptance. Family is who you choose to surround yourself with. And those you can’t live without.”

See what I mean? For me a family is so much more than just sharing a blood type. It’s like they say: “Friends are the family you choose”. And I really couldn’t agree more :)

If we're talking about the other kind of family, the most important one… it can be many people. It can be a work friend, with whom you face many challenges together, but also know you can count on her… always, inside and outside of the office :) It can be your best friend, who you know from waaaaay back. And who’s so similar to you it’s scary, but different enough that make life more interesting. She can for example make you try new things, and has superpowers to talk you into pretty much everything, but don’t worry she uses her powers for good :) It can also be someone from across the world, but somehow you just connected. Don’t really remember how, or when it started but it happened, and that’s the most important thing. Thank God for the Internet, or else you might never met your soul sister from a land far away. My point is it can be anyone, who maybe shares your passions for reading books or playing boardgames, you never know :) But enough about me…

Today im gonna talk about a few examples of the other kind of family in books. Well, whole series really, because I think that only in them you can see the connections developing between characters throughout the whole story. Are you ready? Here it goes...

Rock kiss (by Nalini Singh)

It’s a story about a rock band, four totally different men connected by their love for music and attending a certain boarding school. It’s not gonna be a spoiler if I tell you that everyone of them gets his own happy ending, and isn’t that what were looking for in a book? I know I am :) Anyway if someone is part of a rock band, escpecially like Schoolboy Choir – so right at the top, life can be pretty hard. Troubling past, destructive behaviors and I’m not only talking about booze or drugs, those are common things. But what’s most important is the people that has your back, the ones who can help you overcome your demons. They are not only four guys in a band, they’re family, a still growing one, since in every book we can add someone really important… 

In death (by J.D. Robb)

It’s a story about a New York Lieutenant Eve Dallas, she works in homicide and she is the best there is. Every book has a different criminal case, and there are a lot o them. Anyway at the very beginning she works alone, we don’t know much about her or her past. But in time we meet not only her mentor, who's like a father to her, but also many more people. It’s a pretty unique bunch, if you ask me, and that’s the best part. We have her best friend – a singer/ former criminal :) a husband – Roarke is a mystery I will let you solve all by yourself, a butler – but not really, it’s hard to say and I don’t want to spoil a surprise, a couple of detectives and rookies, a coroner, a male escort, a doctor, a tech genious, a psychologist, a reporter and I could go on and on. The thing is I like the books with high priority cases, just so I can observe how they live and work together, it’s pretty amazing to witness…

Knitting in the city (by Penny Reid)

It’s a story about seven totally different women connected by wool :) I’m of course talking about their weekly meetings when they knit together and share pretty much everything they want to. It’s their safe place, and who doesn’t want that. A group of friends who share a hobby and can offer you advice while knitting amazing things, it’s a win-win situation :) Every one of them has their own story (which is great because their family is adding new people to it), but in each book we meet them all, and that’s the best scenes there are. When we can see their group dynamics and evergrowing friendship. It’s great to have friends that won’t let you do stupid things… alone, am I right? :)

Guild hunter (by Nalini Singh)

It’s a story about a whole different world. Well it’s New York, but here we have not only people but also vampires and most importantly – angels. There are actually two kind of families in those books: on one hand – Hunters from the Guild, even though their job is extremely dangerous, they really can count on each other, even or maybe especially on those who don’t work in the field like Sarah and Vivek. On the other hand – the Archangel of this teritory and his loyal Seven. I’m not gonna name everyone, because all you need to know is that everyone in this group is irreplaceable. And what’s even more great is that we can observe the very beginning and evolution of these two worlds, and it all started with Elena and Raphael…

Bride Quartet (by Nora Roberts)

It’s a story about four women who started a wedding business together. So we have Mac – a photographer, Emma – a florist, Laurel – a baker, and Parker – mastermind of the whole operation :) This group of best friends not only live in one big mansion, but they have special breakfast – when they share with each other so called – sexy breakfast stories :) Also they’re so much more than just friends, they support each other, definitely can count on each other and just love each other. When we add to this crazy wedding world – a teacher, a contractor, a lawyer and a mechanic… magic happens! I love when in couple of stories we have whole different characters and yet they’re making it work :)

The League (by Sherrilyn Kenyon)

It’s a story about fighters, warriors and outcasts. Nothing is simple and easy, they have to fight for everything, even a chance at happiness. They all have their strenghts and weaknesses, but together they’re unstoppable. It’s not a holding-hands-while-talking-about-their-feelings family but they don’t have to be. All they have to know is when they need help, all they have to do is call, and everyone of them will come…

Wallflowers (by Lisa Kleypas)

It’s a story based in Victorian London, we have four young women looking for a better future. And something like a sisterhood is born. So they make a pact that together they’ll find each other respectable husbands. Of course it’s just a plan, because we all know that the best man for a wallflower is a reformed rake, or not so reformed at the beginning ;) I would like to add that one of my favourite quotes in this series goes something like this: “You won’t have to be anything other than what you are. You’re not a wallflower. But you have my permission to hide in corners, my sweet, so long as you take me with you“. Any woman would like to hear that, am I right? So in these books we have four different women, connected by a common goal, but what started by the wall at some ball, ended with lifetimes of friendship.

The MC Sinners (by Bella Jewel)

It’s a story about members of MC, obviously :) So it’s definitely not a fairytale, it’s more of a modern day biker romance. So not a prince on a white horse, but a scary looking dude on a bike :) But even though there’re not a regular kind of family, you can’t say they won’t be there for each other. Maybe not in a typical sense, but who wouldn’t want a pack of guys in leather at your back. They can definitely get the job done, pretty much just by looking really scary ;) So maybe sometimes a little bit dysfunctional as a family, but they mean well and they’re always there for you and that’s something…

Shades of magic (by V.E. Schwab)

It’s a story full of adventure and magic, not only because there are four Londons ;) All you have to know is that everything started when a certain thief stole something she shouldn’t have. But I’m not here to tell you a love story about Delilah and Kell, I’m gonna explain why a certain traveler is so close to a prince. So Kell was sort of adopted, but not really, by a royal family. Because of his magic he was supposed to be like a special kind of guard for Rhy and I suppose in some way he was. But nobody could predicted that it would work both ways. Either one of them is willing to risk his life for the other. So, they’re both -  brothers and best friends :)

Chesapeake Bay Saga (by Nora Roberts)

It’s a story about three men adopted years back by a wonderful couple, now they have to join forces to help raise a young boy, when their father dies. So we have Cameron, Ethan and Philip, they’re all changing their life to help Seth. They move together and start a family boatbuilding business. As a bonus we get a story about Seth – years later, when he’s around thirty and coming back home after years of traveling :) so it’s like a one big epilogue, so sweet. Anyway my point is that they had to be a family by chance, since they were all adopted, but they stay that way because of love, and that’s what matters :)

Psy-Changelling (by Nalini Singh)

It’s a story about humans, Psy and Changellings. I feel like I can’t tell you more without spoilers, so you have to read the books :) I really couldn’t write a post about a different kind of family and not mention about this series. Because a changeling pack is definitely like a family. It’s loud, chaotic and totally wonderful, with all of them living close to each other we can observe many interactions :) I have to add that in a pack it’s not all changellings of course, they’re open to other races, and that’s what makes it more interesting. Both DarkRiver – a leopards pack and SnowDancer – a wolf pack are unique, because of the people in it. But real fun begins when we get one cat and one wolf and see what happens :)

There are lots of different examples in this category but of course I had to pick just a few of them, so I choose the ones that popped right into my head. But maybe someday I’ll share more of them with you…

Right here, at the very end of today’s post, I would like to say thank you and love you :) to those people I consider my other kind of family. If you’re reading this you know I’m talking about you, right? Anyway I think you should do it too, guys. We should all let them know how much they mean to us, so lets do it now, ok? There’s no time like the present, so go on, don’t waste any more time and do it! :) I’ll see you next week *she said hopefully* :)


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