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J says :) #5

Let’s talk about…
Psy-Changeling series!

Hello everyone :) today I want to tell you something about Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh. First of all, if you haven't read it already, it’s one of those drop-everything-and-read-it-now series. I mean it, do it now! Well maybe not right this second, you can finish this post and then make the arrangements :)

Why I love it so much? The answer is simple, when I think about this series one word comes to mind, and it's – perfection. Not only each book individually is amazing, but when you read all of them in order, eveything makes sense. I love when author has an idea, a storyline she thought beforehand and knows exactly were she’s going with it. And here we have exactly that. When I re-read some of the books (ok maybe most of the books, ok practically all of them) I notice details that were left as a clues to where this would go in the future. The first time I read the books I was clueless of course, but the second time I was like: ok, I see what you did there! Nice job! But it’s not only amazing storyline throughout the whole series that kept me reading, it was all the little things in every book, like: secondary characters that make apperances in many books, many group scenes (I loved interactions between them, especially funny or sarcastic comments), excellent combination of hot and steamy scenes with awwww moments. Also there’re so many different types of main characters, from open and easy-going to silent and mysterious, that everyone will find someone close to his own heart. For me it was great to observe the change in many characters, how they evolved not only as a couple but most of all individually as people. You know, I could write and write about it, so maybe I’ll just stop right now and you can just trust me and read it, maybe you’ll love it for different reasons, but I guarantee, you’ll love it just the same!

For those unlucky people who didn’t read this series yet, or maybe very lucky, because they will have the chance to read it for the very first time and bonus – all the books are available, you won't have to wait to see what happened next. Here’s a little something about the Psy-Changeling world… We have 3 races: Humans, Psy (ruled by Silence) and my personal favourite Changelings (many different types but mostly leopards and wolves). I wanted to describe it all for you, but Nalini Singh did that perfectly in the first book, so actually I’m not gonna even try, sorry, you just have to read the first book :)

Even though I love the whole series, just like everyone I have my favourites. So to not bore you too much, here are my top 5 books in Psy-Changeling, and I have to say it was a hard choice…

5th place
Slave to Sensation (book #1 in the series)

It’s a wonderful begining to the whole series, you can just dive into this amazing world and all the rules in it :) Here we meet Sasha (Psy), who thinks about herself as flawed, but it turnes out she’s just really unique. She knows exactly how to conceal her feelings, but it all changes when she meets Lucas (DarkRiver). He’s an alpha, and both parts of him – human and animal – are fascinated by her. I love it, becaue it’s not only great romance, it’s also about working together to find and stop a killer. Besides in this book we meet so many more characters, that’ll get their own stories, so it’s just a beginning, and you’ll just want more and more, believe me…

4th place
Caressed by Ice (book #3 in the series)

Jude (Psy) was an Arrow – elite soldier, all his life, but know even though he lives in the heart of wolf territory, he's still described as ice-cold. It all changes when he decides to help Brenna (SnowDancer) deal with her traumatic experiences from the past. What I love the most about this story is character development. They both change so much throughout the book, because of their relationship. Maybe it’s not easy for them, but they’re both willing to try…

3rd place
Branded by Fire (book #6 in the series)

Here we have something a little different, and by different I mean awesome. So hear me out: two changelings, two dominants, what could go wrong, you may ask? I’ll tell you, one of them is a leopard and the other is a wolf :) That’s right, you heard correctly! So Mercy (DarkRiver sentinel) and Riley (SnowDancer lieutenant) are quite the opposites, but you know what they say – they do attract! But since they’re both dominants, let’s just say that they’re both used to being on top :) It was definitely a fun read, full of suprisingly sweet moments. You should check it out and see how the two of them will find out that submitting to one another is actually not a bad idea…

2nd place
Heart od Obsidian (book #12 in the series)

I love this book! But since it’s really late in the series I can’t tell you pretty much anything about it. It’s all very mysterious, a dangerous rebel on a most important mission of his life, finding her… a woman whose existence has been erased…and a love story so dark, it may end the world as we know it… I can’t tell who and why, but I can say it was worth waiting for…

1st place
Kiss of Snow (book #10 in the series)

I must confess I was waiting for this story from the very first book, and let me tell you why – Hawke! I was so curious about him, and since we could all guess who will end up with him, I was curious even more. So Hawke (SnowDancer) as an alpha knows what he wants, or so he thinks. Enter Sienna (Psy) who changes all the rules. I loved their story, not only because of the romantic courtship and lovely surprises, but because of how stronger they got being together. They were pretty bad-ass before, but supporting each other, even more. Their relationship can by describe as epic! And I should say that in this book, another couple got together, but I’m not gonna tell you who. All the more reasons to pick up this book and read it! I think I might do just that, like right now…

Sometimes if I really want to visit this world again, but don’t have the time for a whole book, I decide to read a novella. And this series got quite a lot of them, so I picked my top 3 just for you, you’re welcome…

3rd place
Beat of Temptation from Wild Invitation

It’s about Nate (DarkRiver sentinel) and Tamsyn (DarkRiver healer) and how they’ve become mates. Actually we meet them in the books already as a married couple with twins so it’s great that we have a chance to go back in time and enjoy their story. And what a story it is…

2nd place
Secrets at Midnight

It’s a story about Bastien (from DarkRiver and yes one of Mercy's brothers) and Kirby (human teacher). But is she who she says she is, or maybe she’s something different alltogether, something more… It’s definitely a mystery you should solve…

1st place
Partners in Persuasion from Wild Embrace

This one really suprised me, don’t get me wrong I knew it would be an interesting story but I didn’t expect to love it that much. It’s definitely my go-to-novella. It’s about Felix (a submissive SnowDancer) and Dezi (a dominant DarkRiver), so not only a combination of leopard and wolf, which I love but also opposite situation with dominance. But even though Felix is kinda shy, don’t think he doesn’t know a thing or two about how to surprise his future mate…

So, that’s all for today :) I shared my love for this series and my favourite stories. Did I make you want to read it just a little bit, piqued your interest maybe? If so, my job here is done :) maybe you read it already, but now want to do it again? No need to thank me :) but enough about me, I would like to know what was your favourite book/novella? Come on, don’t be shy, you can tell me :)


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