Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekly wrap up #3 ;) januay 8th - january 14th

Hello again to my new series where I talk all about the books I read the past week :) I don't know if it's because of this new habit, when I keep track of all the things I read so much better than before, or maybe the less amount of pressure I put on myself to read specific titles or what... or maybe I always read as much just never really could see the actual number of pages, but I am reading like crazy lately :) and it's not like I'm not doing anything else... I am actually quite busy :) but I am enjoying myself immensly :) so let's jump into everything I read this past week, starting from the books I was in the middle of and was able to finish, then I'm gonna talk about the ones I read entirely, and finish with some of them that I just read parts of :)

"Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" by J. K. Rowling
from page 240 to page 360; finished :)

I was finally able to finish the sequel in Harry Potter series :) it's of course a re-read for me, but it's been years since I actually sat down and read the books... I remember quite a lot from the first few books, mainly because not a lot of stuff was cut away from them in the movies :) so I think the further I will get into the series, the more things will be that I don't remember, the faster I'm gonna read them :) but I will take a short break after this one, to finish another series, and then I will come back... more about it at the end of this post :)

"Hunting witch Hazel" by Heather Novak
from 1% to 100% -> 124 pages; finished :)

I read this story in one sitting... yes, it wasn't that long, but still :) I knew I would like to do it this way :) and it was the best decision ever, cause a lot of things happened in such a short story :) it's a paranormal romance with sassy heroine and phenomenal writing style, with twists and turns along the way ;) long story short, 4,5 stars, but if you want to know more, I already have a full review up on my blog -> READ ME :)

"Man card" by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby
from 1% to 100% -> 242 pages; finished :)

This is the sequel in Man hands series :) I had an absolute blast when I read the first installment, and even though this one wasn't as big of a hit for me, I still loved it :) it's a contemporary romance, that you can easily read as a standalone, but if you want more of my thoughts and opinions about it, I'm gonna be posting my full review a bit later today on my blog :)

"And then there were none" by Agatha Christie
from page 1 to page 215; finished :)

I knew that I will read this book over the weekend... I wanted to check out one of her books ever since I saw "Murder in the Orient Express" a few months ago and realized that I might actually enjoy all those mystery stories :) what I foolishly did not anticipate, is that I will not be able to put it down... yeah... rookie mistake, not gonna happen again :) I started it on saturday night, thinking I will read like half of it, and then the rest next morning... things did not went according to that plan... I stayed almost till midnight, because I couldn't put it down, until I knew who was behind all of it :) lesson learned, next week, when I will be reading another one of her stories I have from the library, I will start much earlier, so I can easily finish it in one sitting without losing too much sleep ;)                             

"Złodziej dusz" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 120 to page 207

I am making my way through this urban fantasy story about a woman who is a detective, but also a witch :) I don't want to say too much about it, cause it's by a polish author, and I am reading it in polish and it's not available in translation, as far as I know, so I won't tease you how good it is :) but I am definitely enjoying myself, and even though I still haven't finished it, I am planning to do just so next week :) the writing style is very entertaining and I cannot wait to see how the whole mystery will be resolved :)

"The titan's curse" by Rick Riordan
from page 56 to page 90

This is the series I am planning to finish before going back to Harry Potter :) I read only the first three books, and it was years ago, so I remembered some stuff from the first two books, this third one is the biggest blur, that's why I think I'm gonna read it very quickly... in fact my plan is to finish it next week and then promptly start the next one :) hopefully I will be able to finish the whole series by the end of the month :) since I had other reading goals to accomplish this past week, I managed to read just a few more chapters, but it will definitely change next week :) as with the previous two I am having the best time reading it :)

Total page count of the week: 

Yet again, I have to say that I am actually surprised by how much I actually read this past week... :) before I started counting I was sure that I read less... like about one hundred pages less ;) but it turns out I read quite a bit :) I also reached all of my little goals for the week: finishing Harry Potter sequel and reading the three books I finished :) I am a mood reader, so I always thought that planning ahead, doing monthly tbr piles and such, is not for me, but it turns out that if you break those things into smaller tasks, it works great :) so far I am enjoying planning ahead for the upcoming week what I'm gonna read and then reaching my little goals :) I don't know if it's that or what, but so far I finished six books this year :) not only that, but I am planning to finish another five this week :) we'll see how it will go :)



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