Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly wrap up #2 ;) januay 1st - january 7th

Welcome my awesome people to the newest #WeeklyWrapUp where I talk about all the books I read the previous week :) it's a brand new series I started this year and I have to say I enjoy myself immensly keeping better track of what I'm reading :) so let's dive in into everything I read recently, starting with the books that I was in the middle of and I finished them, then books I read entirely during that week, and then books I only started :)

"The sea of monsters" by Rick Riordan
from page 121 to page 279; finished :)

I had a plan of finishing both this one and the Harry Potter sequel this past week, but it did not happen for many reasons... :) mainly because I had quite a long eARC to finish (more about it below) and I went out three out of the seven afternoons so my free time shrinked considerably... with work and blog related things something had to give :) but back to the book :) I really loved it :) Rick Riordan has such an entertaining writing style... I read bost the first and second book in this series super slow, probably because I remembered a lot of details... hopefully the rest of the series will go by much faster... especially since I read only three books and it was years ago :) and I forgot pretty much everything about that third installment... but more about it also below :)

"Inseparable" by Siobhan Davis
from 1% to 100% -> 450 pages; finished :)

I completed this story because it was an eARC and the deadline for my review is today, so I wanted to finish it in time for me to write down my thoughts and opinions in peace and with at least a day to spare ;) it was a very emotional book... sometimes even very hard to read... but it's because it discussed a few dark and serious topics... to know more about my thoughts and feelings about it, go read my full review, it will be posted a bit later today :) long story short: 5 stars

"Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" by J. K. Rowling
from page 192 to page 240

Well... I had a plan of finishing this sequel along with the Percy Jackson one, but unfortunately it did not happen :) I just managed to squeeze in a few chapters, but I am definitely finishing it next week :) I have to, cause I've been dragging it way too long already :) plus, I am really excited about reading further installments, cuase I remember much less from them :)

"Złodziej dusz" by Aneta Jadowska
from page 1 to page 120

I'm not gonna say too much about this book, mainly because it's in polish and not available in translation, as far as I know, so majority of you unfortunately won't have the opportunity to read it... it's an urban fanasy story about a woman who is a detective and a witch... she's friends with a devil and has to solve a paranormal mystery :) I was hesitant bfore picking it up, cause I am not the biggest fan of polish literature, but it was recommended to me by a co-worker and I have to say I am enjoying it so far quite a lot :) besides, the whole series is available in my library, so that's definitely a plus :) planning to finishing this one next week :)

"The titan's curse" by Rick Riordan
from page 1 to page 56

Since it wasn't until very late saturday night when I finished the second book, I only started this third installment on sunday, so I read just a few chapters, but I can already say, that since I remember sooo very little about this story, I am gonna read it much faster than the previous two :) already can't wait to read the final two books :)

Total page count of the week: 

wow... to be honest I'm quite impressed by the amount of pages I read this week... like, seriously :) I was expecting a lot less, especially in comparison to last week, when I read only a hundred pages more... and I had two more additional days off from work that week... and I didn't have as many plans in the afternoons... again, good job A ;) who knows, maybe I usually read this amount... it will definitely be curious to keep a better track of everything :) I pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to, with one exception... I did not finish Harry Potter sequel... oh well, we can't have it all :) I have a pretty ambitious plans for next week, so I'm thinking I might surpass this amount... and the one from last week... :) although I have no idea when I'm gonna read all that since I once again have a few other obligations besides reading... we shall see ;)



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