Monday, January 1, 2018

Weekly wrap up #1 ;) december 25th - december 31st

Hello my wonderful people :) welcome to the very first post of the new year :) not only that, but it's also the first post in my brand new regular series :) #WeeklyWrapUp, which will be posted every monday, is gonna be all about the books, or parts of them, that I read the previous week :) I'm always gonna start with the books I was in the middle of... and by that I mean I've started them, that I finished during said week ;) then add the books that I read entirely throughout the week... if there will be such ;) and at the end there will be books that I started during the week but did not finish :) of course I may not have all three types of books each week, but you see where I'm going with it :) so let's dive in :)

"A conjuring of light" by V. E. Schwab
from page 251 to page 666; finished :)

This is the conclusion to the epic Shades of magic fantasy trilogy and it was a phenomenal ending... I cried, laughed, gasped in surprise, which was my main reaction during the reading of all the books in that series ;) *sighs dreamily* and even though I am still in deep denial about one event, I very highly recommend the whole series to all of you :) I posted the review for this installment last week, so if you want feel free to check it out, but if you are interested in reading all of them, you can find my reviews -> HERE <- :)

"Stars & ashes" by Teagan Kearney
from 1% to 100% -> 144 pages; finished :) 

This was a new to me author, and I actually read an e-book of the story :) it was send to me by the author :) that's why you have percentages to show my progress :) I just found the equivalent in pages, so I can add them up to my weekly count :) more about it below :) this was a shorter story, but still with plenty of action :) it's a sci-fi book about Kia, who is enslaved after her planet is conquered and what happens to her after that :) I was surprised by how mych I actually loved this story :) you will understand more once I post my full review within the next two weeks :) safe to say I already have the sequel... which I will be reading very soon ;)

"Reign of ash" by Meg Anne
from 1% to 100% -> 245 pages; finished :)

Originally I planned to read the sequel in The chosen series as my first book of 2018 :) yeah... I just couldn't wait any longer... especially after the ending of that first installment :) it's another great fantasy series filled with magic, complex and interesting characters and quite a few surprises :) I will have a full review of this one on the release day, cause once again I was very lucky to get an eARC from the author :) but if you are interested to know more about it in general, check out my review for the first book -> READ ME <- :)

"Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" by J. K. Rowling
from page 109 to page 192

The sequel in a beloved series, that everyone and their mother already read or at least are aware it exists :) I read the books years ago and for the last few months I've been wanting to get back into that world... so I decided to finally re-read the whole series :) I wanted to actually finish this story before the end of the year, so I could start 2018 with a fresh, clean slate but... well... as evidenced above, I read something else instead :) but it all goes perfectly with my new philosophy of not pressuring myself to read... it's a subject for a whole another discussion :) anyway... I am really loving my re-read :) I think it's going slow, because it's another installment where I remember a lot of things and I will read them faster when I get to the books with more informations that I forgot about :) although I will say that I am hoping to finish this one in the first week of january :)

"The sea of monsters" by Rick Riordan
from page 85 to page 121

Another sequel in a series I decided to re-read after a very long time... years ago I read only the first three books and I remember very little of them, so I am having so much fun reading them right now :) you think I wouldn't enjoy a story about a young boy and his friends, but I'm having a blast :) especially since it's hilarious and full of adventures :) it was another book I planned to finish this past week, but... oh well :) although like with Harry Potter, I want to finish it as well this first week of january :) we shall see if I can actually make it ;)

Total page count of the week: 

This was a really good week :) I read a lot, mostly because I worked just two days out of the usual five :) christmas break and some additional time off I took to enjoy the holidays resulted in a lot of pages read :) and what's even more important, I absolutely loved everything I read during that time :) it's not gonna happen every time, so I am definitely enjoying it now :) we'll see how the upcoming weeks will look like, mainly because there will be a lot going on here on my blog... yes, it's january, which means it's time for Bookmarks 2017, my annual book-ish awards :) you will learn the first winners this wednesday, so be sure to come back and check it out :)



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