Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tag thursday #1 ;)

Welcome, welcome all... to a brand new series :) #TagThursday is gonna be a monthly thing, where every last thursday of each month, me and my lovely sister will do a book tag :) if you don't know what that is, basically it means we will recommend you some books based on a specific theme :) we well be doing already existing tags as well as the ones we create :) for the very first one, we decided to pick a theme :) which was super easy, and let me explain why :) we went with *birthday*, and why was that choice so easy? because ladies and gentlemen, my lovely sister J is celebrating her birthday today :) once again, very happy birthday sis :) so we chose a few good books to talk about :) sit back and enjoy our little tag :) and one more thing, if I have a full review of a novel we will be talking about, I will leave them all at the end of this post :)

Birthday gift
a book that you would like to give everyone

A: I had to go with "Beard science" by Penny Reid, part of her Winston brothers series :) I think that I've been telling you about this book so many times already, that you all know what it's about :) and if not, you can always check my full review (link below) :) so what I will say instead, is that this is the first book I recommend... like, always and to everyone :) this one is the answer to all the questions :) a phenomenally written contemporary, with complex and absolutely amazing characters, surprising turns along the way and the romance... oh, be still my heart :) I adore the main couple in this story ;) if you haven't already read it, definitely go do it... like, right now :)

J: First of all, I was going to pick something contemporary, I really was. But then I thought that people really should try different things in life, and so I picked a historical romance. Not all of you are a fan of this sorts of books I guess, but I would give it to everyone and said: read it, read it now! And I’m talking about “Devil in winter” by Lisa Kleypas (book #3 in Wallflowers series, and my favourite of them all, by far). If you ever want to try historical romance, start with the best :) and it’s definitely one of those. I loved everything about it, the story, personal growth of the characters, chemistry between the main couple… It was a book full of surprises, sweet and funny moments with some steamy scenes in between. Just picture what could happen if one day shy, young wallflower comes to a house of a famous rake with a certain proposal… All I can say is that you definitely need to read a story about a pair like Evie and Sebastian, you won’t regret it :)

Candles on the cake
a book with a steamy romance

A: I had to cheat a little, but for very good reasons :) my choice is a duology, that tells the story of the same couple, so technically it's just one book divided into two ;) Him duology by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy is such a great story :) and don't even get me started on the sizzling hot romance... I dare you to read it in public... ;) *fans myself* don't worry, there's plenty of sweet scenes in there as well ;)

J: A recipe for a hot and steamy romance? What about a dangerous adventure on a desert, amazing chemistry between main couple, case of forbidden fruit and a full moon? Look no more, because it’s all in one book people, and the tittle is: “Nobody’s hero” by Bec McMaster (it’s the beginning of her Burned lands series). But you don’t have to belive me, you can see for yourselves what will happen when a young woman stays out after dark, when monsters come out to play. And why kidnapping Riley was the worst posible decision Luc ever made. So a love story that starts with a kidnapping, what can go wrong? ;)

Surprise birthday party
a book with a surprising / shocking twist

A: I am gonna cheat a little bit again, but only cause I absolutely cannot pick only one of the three books in Shades of magic series by V. E. Schwab :) this whole trilogy is filled with so many surprising twists and turns that I stopped guessing and predicting what might happen next very early on :) it's an amazing fantasy story, so if you haven't read it already, be sure to check out my reviews below and then read all the books ;)

J: I decided to go with “Archangel’s legion” by Nalini Singh (book #6 in Guild Hunter series), of course I can’t tell you about this great mystery, because it’s a spoiler free zone, you’re all safe here ;) But what can I say is this: suprising twist or not, this book, like any other really, about Elena and Raphael, is worth reading. They’re one of my favourite couples in history of books. The dynamic of their relationship, the whole story full of sacrifices and just everything really… Seriously, there are no words… But since this is all about the suprising twist, all I can say: it’s all started with a mysterious mark on someones face… and that’s it, if you want to know more, just read the book :)

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