Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Review: "Storm of desire" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Book 2 in series Legends of the storm
Main characters: Haakon and Ardis

I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this book :) this is the sequel in an absolutely fantastic fantasy series by one of my all time favourite authors ever :) but don’t worry if you haven’t read the first one… though you really should, cause it’s amazing :) nonetheless, this one actually works really well as a standalone… although if you are planning to read them out of order, you will be spoiled about certain things, especially the ones connected to the main couple in this installment… ok, hopefully that made sense… I can’t be sure, since I am fighting a cold of some sorts, and I’m not at my full capacity to form coherent sentences… yeah… this should be fun :)

First, let me tell you a bit more about the world this story takes place in general… we are in Iceland... Norway... generally, within that area ;) in the late 1800s… well, it’s an alternate verison of our world, since there are a few magical creatures living amongst humans… dreki being the most powerful ones :) and whatever you do, don’t mistake them with dragons… ;) yes, there are similarities, but it would just make them angry… dreki have the ability to shapeshift into human form, but they remain very powerful, wild and untamed… each book focuses on a different couple, but that definitely doesn’t mean that we won’t see some familiar faces along the way ;) not to mention that certain events have far reaching consequences, or that I am still waiting for resolutions to very intriguing teasers and clues left along the way by the author ;) anywho... let's talk more about our main couple in this particular story :) Ardis and Haakon... oh, they have quite a history together... :) I don't really want to go into too many details, in case you are new to the series, but since some of it is in the synopsis, well... here goes :) Haakon, a human, thought he lost his wife a few years back to one of the mighty drekis, until very recently he discovered that the beast he thought kidnapped her, is actually his wife... yeah... whatever you think his reaction to that piece of news might be, you are underestimating it... now, when they meet again, all of that turmoil will lead to some very interesting interactions... that's all I'm gonna say :) I'm not gonna go into too many details about what exactly happens between them, because their story is a one you really should experience for your own... so let me jump into my still spoiler free thoughts and opinions about this book :)

I loved it :) I know, what a shocker... but to be honest, I am a bit surprised... not because I thought I would hate it... I adore Bec's writing style way too much to think I would hate one of her stories... but after getting to know a little bit about these people within the pages of the first installment, and thinking I sort of know where their story might be headed... let's just say it's not my favourite type :) these second chance romances usually are not my cup of tea, so imagine my surprise when the more I got to know our main couple, the more I fell in love with them and their story... both Haakon and Ardis had these amazing character development arcs that really impressed me... growing into your own skin and finding out who you truly are, and what you're capable of to defend what's important to you... falling in love with the person... the whole person, flaws and all, and not just the person who you thought they are or should be... those are very important and beautiful messages that are very present throughout the whole story :) besides the surprisingly wonderful main couple, we also have some very tempting teasers about the main couple from the next book and oh the agony... :) I need that one like yesterday :) #NoJoke... you'll understand it when you read the book, cause I am definitely NOT spoiling that one but oh... #TheStruggleIsReal ;) I have this feeling, that it's gonna be one of those stories... that type of a story that I love the most... fingers crossed :) I just finished the book like less than an hour ago, so all my thoughts are still a bit chaotic in my head, so I may forget to mention a thing or two, but what you need to know is this: this book, as well as this series in general, is an absolute gem that you all have to read... there's no doubt in my mind that more people have to know about Bec and how talented she is... each of her stories, no matter how different they are from each other... when she writes dystopian, action packed romances... paranormal / steampunk romances full of dangerous creatures or fantasy romances that blow my mind... all of them are absolutely phenomenal :) and "Storm of desire" is no exception to that rule :) even though I did not expect it, this novel absolutely stole my heart, and the beautiful story of Haakon and Ardis will stay with me for a long time :) go get this gem immediately :)



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