Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review: "Hunting witch Hazel" by Heather Novak

Author: Heather Novak
Book 1 in series The Lynch brothers
Main characters: Grayson and Hazel

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) I inhaled this story in record time... :) and not only because it's not a full lenght book ;) but mostly because of the fantastic writing style :) but first things first... ;) since it's a mix between novella and a novel, my review won't be as long as usual... I don't want to spoil you half of the book ;) I will say a bit more about the plot and our main characters and then I will say all my praises ;) so here we go :)

This is a story set in a paranormal version of our world, with magic and all sort of supernatural creatures... :) our heroine, Hazel, is a witch, who's doing the best she can with everything that life has thrown her way... I absolutely adored her... :) she's sassy and smart, my favourite type of heroine :) even though she's young, she acts in a very mature way... Grayson is a... I can't tell what exactly he is, although it is discussed very early in the book... but still :) he has an ulterior motive to try and get close to Hazel... life of his kidnapped brother depends on his ability to take away Hazel's power... dun dun duuuuunnnnn... sorry, but the moment needed a musical theme ;) the whole story takes place over the span of just a few days, but a lot can happen in such a short time... trust me... A LOT ;) that's all I can say about the actual plot, so let me jump straight into my thoughts and feelings about this book :)

It was a great 4,5 stars read :) I loved the writing style, which is always the thing I'm the most afraid about when I try out new authors... cause the premise for the story might be interesting, but if you can't execute that idea... yeah... fortunately, Heather absolutely can :) her characters, and I am not talking only about the main couple, are amazing... it's even more impressive, when you think about how short this book actually is... she created such an eclectic group of... well, you can't exactly call them all just people... ;) it's the best supernatural gang of friends ever :) to be honest, I want to know more about all of them... not only other Lynch brothers, as the title of the series suggests... and there is that one delicious teaser close to the end of the book about those future couples... how is she gonna pull that of? I have no idea, but am very excited to get my hands on those sequels :) but besides them we have some couples already together that I need to know more about... give me anything... prequel novella, short story, greeting card... I'll take anything ;) trust me, you'll understand once you meet some of them... *coughs* Frankie *coughs* that's all I'm gonna say, and he's just one of them ;) this story is written in 2 POVs, which means we get chapters from Hazel's perspective, as well as Grayson's and it's my favourite writing style :) and in this case it's such an entertaining style as well... Heather created a vivid world filled with interesting characters, and I already can't wait to dive into more of it soon :) so if you haven't read this book already, definitely give it a try :)



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