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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #90

Yankee candles obsession
So-big-I-am-not-even-gonna-count-them-all book haul

Hello my lovely people and welcome back to my #RandomRamblings series :) do you have some time right now? and by some I mean quite a lot, cause as you can see from the headlines, it's gonna be a long one... a really, really long one :) so make a beverage of your choice, pick up some snacks and sit comfortably, and let's jump into them :) in order this time, so we can leave the best for last... *sighs dreamily* all those books :)

First, I want to tell you guys about this new thing me and J will be doing on my blog :) every last thursday of each month we will have for you #TagThursday :) it's gonna be a brand new series, where me and my lovely sister J will once a month do a book tag :) it might be an already existing one, or one that we will create, but it will be something new for us :) it will definitely give you lots of new recommendations every time we will do it... but don't take my word for it, the first ever post is gonna go live this thursday :) be sure to check it out :) I will give you a little clue about the theme for this first one... are you ready? ;) *birthday* :) everything will be explained in the intro to that post, so be sure to come back on thursday to know all about it :)

Another thing I want to share with you guys is my newest obsession :) I recently discovered Yankee candles and I am soooo in love :) I went a little bit overboard when it came to ordering samples, but on the other hand, my room smells absolutely wonderful :) we all have different tastes, but the ones I tend to choose are fruity scents, like cherry or strawberry and sweet ones, like vanilla or carmel :) I have quite a few than I am loving so far, but I want to talk about my three favourites as of right now :) Black Cherry and Berry Trifle, which are both pretty self-explanatory when it comes to how they might smell ;) and Summer Scoop, which smells like strawberry ice cream and makes me hungry every time I light it up ;) that list may become a bit longer, because I ordered a few more samples to try out so you never know... I might find a new favourtie amongst them :) I don't know why, maybe my tastes are changing, cause I wasn't the biggest fan of candles in general for the longest time, but recently... the smell is soothing and makes my feel cozy and peaceful every time I light one of them :) I just want to curl under a blanket and read a good book... and speaking of books... ;)

Those first two paragraphs were a bit shorter, but that was definitely on purpose... I have sooooo many books to talk to you guys about... :) I honestly have to say that I went a bit crazy... but there's a reason for all that... you know how some uf os tend to eat more when they are stressed out or sad or something? it's also true in my case, but I have a second coping mechanism as well... I buy books... yeah... as you will see by the amount of books acquired by me in the recent weeks, it's been a very stressful time... sad and stressful... hopefully what's worst is already behind me... and no, I won't go into any more details, they are way too personal... but to make myself feel better I allowed myself to get books... and it did help at the time so I have #NoRegrets :) but currently I am on a self imposed book buying ban... well, it's more like no-more-binge-buying-but-you-can-buy-one-or-two-new-releases-from-time-to-time kind of a ban ;) it's definitely gonna be a while before I will have another book haul for you though ;) so sit back and enjoy all the awesome books I got :) I found most of them through recommendations on BookTube and since I am leaving the links when I talk about them, I won't go into too many details about the synopsis and such :) this post will be way too long without that ;) so let's begin, in a totally random order :)

The abyss surrounds us duology by Emily Skrutskie is definitely very high on my reading list :) I mean, come on... sea monsters who imprint on their trainers and they're suppose to fight pirates? it sounds super cool :) and if that wasn't enough, this is an FF romance, which means we have two women falling in love... I've never actually read this kind of a story and I want to try a couple of them very soon... which you will see some more in this haul ;) it's definitely a story I'm gonna dive in within the next few months :)

"Daughter of the burning city" by Amanda Foody is a fantasy novel about a girl who travels as a part of a unique circus... she has the ability to create illusions... but not just regular ones... hers feel real to everyone... people can touch them, they even have their own personalities... but they are still illusions... or so everyone thinks, until one of them is murdered... dun dun duuuunnnn :) I am gonna leave you with that very tempting cliffhanger, so you can join me in getting excited to read what seems like a very original story :)

"Scrappy little nobody" is a collection of essays by Anna Kendrick and I had my eye on this book ever since I knew it was gonna be published :) I really like her sense of humor so I am very curious to see how I'm gonna enjoy this book :)

Seven realms series by Cinda Williams Chima is an epic fantasy series that I've been hearing about since I feel like forever ;) get ready to hear that sentence a lot, cause it will be a recurring one throughout this book haul ;) basically all I know about this one is that the main characters, at least in the first book, cause I don't want to be spoiled about anything, are: Han, a refomed thief, and Raisa, a princess heir :) and that this series in general is full of all kinds of awesomeness :) I checked the free sample on Amazon, and liked it so much that I decided to get all four books at once :) sometimes when I do that, I have such a good feeling about a series, that instead of getting just the first installment, I get all of them, cause I know I'm gonna want to read them one after the other :) the last time I had that feeling *coughs* Shades of magic trilogy by V. E. Schwab *coughs* I ended up loving the hell out of those stories, so now I am going with my gut every time ;)

"Eliza and her monsters" by Francesca Zappia is a standalone YA story about Eliza, the creator of a hugely popular webcomic series but no one knows her true identity, since she publishes it under a pseudonym :) then, one day, the most popular fanfiction writer of her series transfers to her school and... things progress from there :) since it is YA, I expect some unnecessary angst / drama, but I heard so many praises about this story, that I am willing to get over that little fact ;) who knows, maybe I'm gonna be pleasantly surprised ;)

"An enchantment of ravens" by Margaret Rogerson is a standalone fantasy story about Isobel, a painter, who is a highly sought out artist by fair folk, who cannot create art themselves... she gets entangled in a complicated situation with Rook, the autumn prince, and even though I heard some mixed reviews about this debut novel, I am very curious to see what I will think about it :)

"Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell is one of those books I've been seeing everywhere for quite some time now :) and I decided that it's finally time to check it out for myself :) it's a coming of age story about Cath, who's starting college and suddenly has to be a lot more independant that she previously thought, since her twin sister don't want to be her roommate anymore... there's supposed to be lots of fanfiction love and humor, and after hearing so many opinions about this story, I cannot wait to dive into it :)

Graceling realm series by Kristin Cashore is a trilogy of loosely connected fantasy books that I've heard nothing but amazing things about :) the first one is about Katsa, a girl with a very unique talent for killing people :) that's all I know ;) and since I'm all for those stories with secrets and mysteries and kick-ass female characters I am so ready for this story... and the sequels as well, even though I know nothing about them... I'm afraid to read the synopsis in case they will spoil some stuff if for example they would take place some years after a significant event from the first book :)

"Heartless" by Marissa Meyer is a prequel story, telling all of us how Catherine became the infamous Queen of Hearts... she was a young girl when she met Jest, the mysterious court joker, and even though we all know this particular book cannot have a happy ending, I am very curious to see how much I will enjoy it :) I absolutely love her other series, The lunar chronicles, so I want to see if I will adore her writing style in a different story :)

His fair assassin trilogy (at least for now cause there are more books coming in the future) by Robin LaFevers is yet another fantasy series with kick-ass female characters :) the heroine of the first book is Ismae, trained at the convent to serve as a handmaiden to Death :) and if that doesn't sound cool, I don't know what will ;) things get complicated during one of her missions and I am dying to know what will happen next :) all three books follow different heorines, but I think that other people make appearances throughout the whole series... will see once I read them :)

"How to make a wish" by Ashley Herring Blake is a standalone YA story about Grace, who struggles to balance her life with her single mom, constant moving and trying to achieve her own dreams... until one night she meets Eva, a girl with troubles of her own, and their start to grow closer to one another :) it's another one of more diverse books that I want to read more this year :) very curious to see what I'm gonna think about it :)

"Girl logic" is a collection of essays by Iliza Shlesinger :) I absolutely adore both of her comedy specials that can be found on Netflix, already watched them a few times, so when I discovered this little gem, I just knew I need it ;) can't wait to dive into it to see how her sense of humor and everything else translates into the written word :)

"Illuminae" by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman is the first book in a series, but I was a bit afraid to get other book in it straight away... mainly, because of the very unique writing style... it's all in a format like e-mails, reports, interviews... you get the point :) don't get me wrong, I think I might really fall in love with this sci-fi story, but in a small chance that the style won't *click* with me, I decided to just give the first book a try :) for now at least ;)

"Jane unlimited" by Kristin Cashore is a... the only way I can describe it, is that it's a very unique book... not only because of the writing style but also because of the story itself... I don't know much about it, but it was highly recommended by a few very trusted people, so I want to give it a try :) again, I don't know much about it... can you already see the theme of this haul? ;) Jane, the heroine of the book, recently lost the aunt who raised her... when she receives an invitation to a mysterious island, Tu Reviens, she takes it... what she doesn't know is that the island will offer her different choices that can change her life forever :)

Six of crows duology by Leigh Bardugo is another one of those series that I saw everywhere :) and everyone seems to love them :) set in the same world as her Grisha trilogy... that I still need to read by the way :) I read the first one months ago and don't remember much of it, so I will have to read it again :) I already have all three books on my Kindle, hopefully now that I  have this duology on my shelf I will be more motivated to pick the original ones faster :) all I know about these is that they tell a story of an impossible heist that a group of six misfits is trying to pull :) that's it... that's all I know... well, that and that apparently it's amazing ;)

"Mad Max fury road" is one of the two comics / graphic novels I bought recently :) if you follow my blog for a while now, you may already know about my totally illogical and impossible to explain love for the movie :) so when I discovered that there is a comic book with four prequel stories about the characters from the movie? yeah... you cannot imagine my joy :) I know nothing about it and I don't need to... I already can say I will like it ;)

Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson feels like one of those epic fantasy series that everyone should read at some point :) at least that's all I've been hearing about it... everyone is very stingy on the details why and what it's actually about... :) apparently it's one of those you-have-to-read-it-for-yourself-to-truly-understand-it kind of books... yeah... :) normally I would be more hesitant, but I heard great things from trusted sources so the whole original trilogy is now on my shelf... I say original, cause there are more books, but set many years after the events of these three... :)

Monsters of Verity duology by Victoria Schwab is a series I can't wait to read :) set in a world where violent acts actually results with creation of monsters our two main characters come from the opposite of it... Kate is a human and August is a monster... the only other thing I know about this duology is that it's not a romance :) that's all I need... to be honest all I need is the author's name on the cover, cause after absolutely falling in love with her writing style in Shades of magic trilogy, I will read whatever she will publish :)

"Moxie" by Jennifer Mathieu is yet another YA standalone contemporary I got :) it's the story of Vivian, who writes a feminist zine and distributes it anonymously throughout her high school and inadvertently starts a girl revolution :) after hearing all the amazing things about this book I can't wait to read it :)

"My lady Jane" by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows is a not-at-all serious or accurate historical fiction book loosely based on a real character :) normally it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy, but after hearing nothing but praises about how hilarious and awesome it is and then absolutely loving the free sample, I decided that I have to have it :)

Nemesis duology by April Daniels tells a story of Danny, a transgender teen, who one day, very unexpectedly, gets the superpowers of the city's main hero, Dreadnought... and those powers also transformed Danny’s body into what she’s always thought it should be... I've heard nothing but praises about this coming of age story with a superhero twist, so this one is very high on my tbr list as well :)

"Nimona" by Noelle Stevenson is a graphic novel about Nimona, who is a shapeshifter and a sidekick to the supervillain Lord Blackheart :) all I've heard about this story is that it's epic and hilarious and I have to read it :) based on the first chapter or two I skimmed when it arrived, I tend to agree with those people... I have a feeling it's gonna be a quick read :)

Red rising trilogy by Pierce Brown... at least the original trilogy, cause there will be more books available in the series... #4 is already out, but I'm afraid to read what it's about in case I will be majorly spoiled :) but the original trilogy is a sci-fi / dystopian story about Darrow, who works like a slave to make the surface of Mars inhabitable again for future generations... until he discovers that they've been fed lies for a long time... and people already live on the surface and he and others like him truly are their slaves... can you feel the revolution coming? :) it sounds sooooo cool :) and based on how much I loved the writing style in the free sample I read, and all the praises I heard about this series from trusted sources, you knew I had to get all three books at once ;)

"Ready player one" by Ernest Kline is another book that I am planning to read very soon... as in within the next two months or so :) mainly because the movie comes out and I want to read the book before I go and see it :) it's sort of a dystopian story set in the future, where majority of the population spends their time in a virtual world called OASIS... within the game there are hidden clues left there by the creator, and if you can find them all, you will... I wanna say sort of become the new owner of that virtual world, but I may be mistaken :) I heard some mixed opinions about this book, but I want to make up my own mind before seeing it on the big screen :)

The remnant chronicles by Mary E. Pearson is a fantasy trilogy about Lia :) Lia is a princess who runs away on the day of her arranged marriage to a guy he never met... she settles in a small village, but then two mysterious strangers arrive... one is the assassin sent to kill her, and the other is the prince she left at the altar... :) that is all I know about the first installment, and although I heard some mixed reviews about this series, it was named one of their all time favourite series by some of my very trusted reviewers, so I decided to give it a try :)

"Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda" by Becky Albertalli is probably the next paperback I am gonna read :) it's a YA contemporary standalone about Simon, a not so openly gay teenager, and what he will do when someone will blackmail him over his secret e-mails with Blue, a mysterious boy... :) again, the movie is just a few weeks away and I want to read the story before I will see it on the big screen :) not to mention that I heard nothing but amazing praises about Becky's writing style :)

Snow like ashes trilogy by Sara Raasch is another fantasy story that I know basically nothing about :) I wanna say that the magic is connected to the seasons... or maybe just names after them ;) but the kingdom of Winter was conquered a while ago, and now the last remaining survivors discovered the way to bring back their magic and claim back their throne... or something like that ;) again, it was highly recommended by trusted sources, plus I really like the premise of it, so I decided to go for it and got all three books at once :)

"Spellbook of the lost and found" by Moira Fowley-Doyle is a standalone fantasy-ish story about two friends who start to lose things... first, small ones, and then much more important... until they find a mysterious book with spells to help get the lost things back... but can it be as simple as that? I know it's not the best synopsis, but I don't want to know more going into this book :)

"Stalking Jack the ripper" by Kerri Maniscalco is the beginning of a series with the same name set in the victorian era :) the main heroine, Audrey, is secretly trying to fullfill her dreams of studying the forensic medicine... as the title suggests, her interests will bring her closer to the case of a serial killer, and that's all I know ;) apparently there are twists and turns along the way, but I don't want to read too much, in case I will be accidentally spoiled :)

"The star-touched queen" by Roshani Chokshi is a fantasy standalone book :) well, there is already a companion novel about a minor character from this story available, but I know nothing about it yet :) to be completely honest, I know basically nothing about this one as well :) what I do know, is that the main heroine, Maya, is cursed with a horoscope that promises a marriage of death and destruction... so when her father arranges her marriage for political reasons no one knows what to expect... :) that's all I have :) but again, I heard nothing but praises about this story, so I am very curious to read it ;)

I finally got the last two books in Temptation series by Ella Frank :) I still haven't finished the original trilogy... but am planning to read book #3 very soon, but just in case I already have the new trilogy on my shelf :) all the books tell a story of Logan and Tate, and I adore the writing style... :) my sister already finished all the books and she says they are amazing... just keep getting better and better :)

"The archived" by Victoria Schwab is the first book in one of her series... :) I originally bought the second book in it as well, because I am absolutely in love with Victoria's writing style... so much that I don't really know what the books are about ;) but it was lost in the mail :/ yeah... fortunately after contacting the site where I bought it, they are sending another copy... but I will just include that one in another haul :) all I know about this is that it's creepy and amazing :)

"The subtle art of not giving a f*ck" by Mark Manson is... sort of a self-help book :) as it says in the title, it's about a counterintuitive approach to living a good life :) I've heard nothing but amazing praises about it, and from what I glanced after skimming a few pages, it's a book I very much need in my life right now ;)

The queen's thief series by Megan Whalen Turner is a fantasy story, where we follow different characters in each book... some of them appear more often than others :) this was another one of a very highly recommended series, and all I know about the first installment is that the main character, Gen, claims to be the most skillfull thief of his time :) after checking out the free sample, I fell in love with the writing style and that's why I decided to get all books available right now :)

"Under rose-tainted skies" by Louise Gornall is a YA standalone contemporary about Norah, who suffers from a few mental heatlh issues, including agoraphobia... when she meets Luke, and their friendship starts to grow into something more, she will have to make decisions that will affect her life... that's all I know about it... and also that it's apparently a great story :)

"The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue" by Mackenzi Lee is a sort of historical fiction book about Monty, a young man who embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe before he is supposed to settle down into his role in the society... he is accompanied by Percy, his best friend who he has a crush on, and Felicity, his younger sister :) again, that's all the details I have, but I heard from multiple, very trusted sources, how amazing and hilarious this book is, so naturally, I had to get it :)

"Vicious" by V. E. Schwab is a story about Victor and Eli, two friends and roommates from college, who shared an interest in certain experiments... ten years later Victor escapes from prison and is on a mission to find his now enemy, Eli... it all sounds very mysterious, but what drew me the most into this story... besides the author of course ;) is the comparison to the story about Magneto and Professor X :) and I was sold :)

"Wonder woman: warbringer" by Leigh Bardugo is, as you can guess from the title, a story about Wonder Woman :) I don't even know the plot, to be honest, but after absolutely falling in love with this character after watching the movie last year... and knowing the great writing style of Leigh Bardugo, I just knew I had to get this book :) my love for this character can be also seen in the fact I am currently wearing my WW t-shirt ;)

"You are a badass" by Jen Sincero is another one of those sort of self-help books I got :) as you can see in the tile, it will help you stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life :) so again... a book I really should read right now ;)

"You're welcome, universe" by Whitney Gardner is a YA standalone contemporary about Julia, a teenage deaf graffiti artist :) that, and the recommendation from a very trusted source was all I needed to hear to get this book :) I am very excited to read this story and see what all the hype is about :)

Ok, that is finally a wrap :) are you guys still with me? ;) hopefully you didn't fell asleep somewhere in the middle ;) phew... that was a lot of words... ;) but I just wanted to share with you guys my joy about getting all those beautiful gems :) did you read some of them? if so, let me know what you thought, and maybe which book I shuld make a priority :) no pics of book shelves today cause I am still not entirely sure if I will keep them in a way they are organized right now :) the best way to contact me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) talk to you guys some more very soon :)



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