Monday, January 8, 2018

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #89

That tribute
All the movies 
All sorts of new goals and plans

Hello my lovely people to the very first #RandomRamblings of the year :) new year, new beginnings, right? :) and speaking of... instead of talking about nothing, let us jump straight into those headlines ;) out of order this time, so we can start at the very end :)

So let's talk about some new plans and goals... :) as always when the new year starts, I have a lot of motivation to implement some changes into my life :) most of the time they do not stick, but I am determined more than ever this year :) to help me with that I am gonna use one of the presents I got for christmas: a planner :) it's actually a beautiful notebook that I turned into a planner / bullet journal sort of a thing :) I wanted a clean notebook so I can adjust all the schedules, lists and tables to my liking :) in the past I tried doing this sort of things on my phone or computer, but I learned that actual writing on paper works best for me :) it helps me keep everything in order :) and I am slowly gonna incorporate more things into my schedule once I got a better handle on the ones I am currently involved in :) when it comes to book-ish goals and plans :) I want to have a bit more structure on my blog :) more regular posts and all that :) so this is my plan: on mondays you will always get my #WeeklyWrapUp :) it's a brand new series I started this year, when I talk about all the books, or parts of them, I read in that previous week :) then every two weeks, also on mondays, you will get a new #RandomRamblings post :) it will still be a post when I babble on about all sorts of things :) then during january every wednesday you will get new winners in Bookmarks 2017, which are awards I do annually to talk about all my favourites of last year :) and here comes some changes... :) every thursday you will get a brand new *J says* :) what is it you ask? oh I'll tell ya ;) it's a weekly post I convinced my sister to write for all of us :) you can read all about the idea in her first one here -> READ ME <- :) as usual at the end of the month you will get my new *Books I can't wait to get my hands on* post, about all the upcoming releases I'm excited about :) about the regular reviews... I will try to concentrate them just to tuesdays and wednesdays... unless it will be a part of the blog tour or something like that and I will have a specific date I have to post my review :) this way the majority of things will be happening monday through thursday on my blog, which will give you something new to read on a regular basis and on the other hand, it will give me more free time to work on blog related stuff over the weekend :) it's a win-win situation :) but wait, that's not all :) I am working in cooperation with my sister J on a brand new monthly post :) I will tell you all about it in the next #RandomRamblings so be sure to come back and read about it :) we may or may not also think about doing something else... but for now it's still on the thinking-about-the-possible-ideas step of the way ;) when it comes to reading goals... :) I set up my Goodreads challenge on 52 books, as in 1 per each week :) I know I'm gonna read a lot more, so I could set it up higher, but then I would feel the pressure to read more, or read shorter books instead of longer ones I really want to read so I don't fall behind... which is stupid because it's not like there's Goodreads police and if you fall behind you are banned forever... ;) I'm happy with my decision :) I want to read more diverse books this year, try out some other genres... I actually have a few unique books on their way to me right now, so expect to know more in two weeks, where in my next #RandomRamblings post I will share some of them :) and last but not least, let's talk readathons :) if you don't know what they are, it's those events, when you try to read as many books as you can within a certain amount of time... they can have different themes or challenges, for example read a book with red on the cover :) I am thinking about doing my own readathons this year :) because the ones already existing... the dates usually don't work with my schedule :) so the two types I want to try this year are: 24-hour-readathon :) it's when you try to read as much as you can from midnight to midnight... without sleep :) so there's only so many occasions during the year when I can try to do it :) I'm thinking about vacation time... or when I'm gonna have a few additional days off from work :) because normally I get up at 5 AM during the week, so I cannot do this readathon during regular work week :) so the one I am probably gonna give a try sooner is 24 in 48 hours readathon :) it's when you divide 24 hours of reading over two days :) I will try to do it over one of the weekends... when my schedule will allow it :) but I'm thinking the next couple of months... ;) do you guys have any plans / goals, book-ish or otherwise? feel free to share it :) I'd love to hear them... :)

Now let's go back to the very first headline :) I got to see a Tribute to Dirty Dancing last week :) it took place in one of the theatres and it was amazing :) there was a band that played live music and sang the songs and a group of about 30 dancers to perform live with them :) I expected just some dance routines, which would be absolutely amazing :) but it involved a bit of acting as well :) all in all I had an absolute blast watching the whole performance, so if you will at any point have an opportunity to see it, definitely go for it :)

Now last but not least, let's talk about all the movies... and when it comes to this topic I have two things to share with you :) first of all, I trimmed the hell down the amount of movies I own :) it's all part of a much bigger plan to de-clutter and organize my life, but I got rid of a bit more than a half of them :) and I feel so much better now that it's done... at the same time I bought all the movies that were on my wishlist for quite a while now and they all look so pretty right now :) I still have to organize those shelves, but let me know if you would like to see a pic, I can totally make that happen ;) the other thing I want to talk about is all the movies I want to see :) it's another one of my new goals to support as much as I can artists whose work I enjoy :) I think I will go and see about 8 movies in the cinema this month and so I want to share with you trailers for some of them :) if you watched them already, let me know what you think :)

Ok, that is a wrap you guys :) I hope you enjoyed all my #RandomRamblings :) be sure to connect with my on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I love talking with you :) happy reading to you all ;)



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