Thursday, January 4, 2018

J says :) #1

Let’s talk about…
The Idea!

Well, to be fair I have a million of them, but since it’s just a start, let me say about how this madness actually began… It was cold and rainy Tuesday, ok maybe it wasn’t actually raining or even cold outside, but it sounds better than just Tuesday, am I right? And who doesn’t like some kind of mysterious atmosphere at the beginnig, you can admit it, I know I love it! :)

So back to the topic of this post – The Idea! – it really was Tuesday, like 2 days ago. I was having dinner with my sister A, who you may already know, she likes books a little bit… You know, reading them, buying them, sniffing them, you get it, right? It’s totally normal, we all do it :) So anyway, we were having dinner, and she was like: maybe you would like to write something on my blog. That was it… it took her only 2 minutes to do it. I swear it was like this movie with Leonardo di Caprio “Inception” but much shorter ;) She just took an idea, and planted it in my brain. I was eating dinner, minding my own business and BAM! Well maybe not BAM, because she didn’t hit me or anything, but you know what I mean.

I always thought that this blog was her thing, right? And I didn’t know that she would like me to be a part of that, well, a bigger part of that. It’s stupid, I know, but I don’t have to be always smart, ok? Anyway she asked me to think about it, and I did, it was that famous 2 minutes :) and I was on board! Basically I think it was such an easy decision, because I had waaaaay too much fun writing my answers to this year's Bookmarks awards, and did a great job, according to A – but she’s my sister so she kind of have to say it. Now we had to brainstorm about what I wolud write, and that’s why there is this thing called “doing the dishes”, basically we thought that book reviews and recommendations are her things, because, well she’s my #BookDealer after all. So I though maybe something like her “random ramblings”, and that’s when “J says” was born! :)

We had to figure out when do I start this thing, so January is kind of perfect, don’t you think? Since it’s the beginnig of the year, and stuff :) ok, let me be clear, it’s not a New Year’s resolution, I don’t do them, never did, never will. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against them, many of my friends do them every year, at least try to do them, but not me. We have a saying, my best friend and I, it goes something like this: “new year, old me, still awesome!”, I recommend it to everyone, it’s a great way to start a year. But in the spirit of new beginnings, fresh starts and something new, January 2018 “J says” here we go! And see you next week :)


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