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Bookmarks 2017 :) #5

Can you guys believe this is the last Bookmarks 2017 post? I know! me neither ;) it's been so much fun sharing with you my favourite books and authors from last year, especially since once again I did it with my lovely sister J :) so to finish off the third time I am doing these awards, I have for you guys some honorable mentions today, which are books that were very close to winning certain categories, but even though they didn't, I still loved them and want to share them with you :) as always, if I have a full review of any book mentioned here, I will leave the link at the end of this post :)


This particular category will be a bit different from others... :) I'm gonna write just a few sentences about each of my honorable mentions, mainly because I have full reviews for each of them, and they will all be linked below :) I just want to let you know about some of those hidden gems, maybe some of them will catch your eye :) ok, are you ready? cause I have nine books to talk about :)

"Hooked" by Brenda Rothert was my second option to win sports themed romance category :) I mean, can you blame me? you should know by now that I have a huge soft spot for hockey players... and if the story involves a smart heroine and a whole lot of chemistry between them, what more do you want? ;)

"Keep" by Rachel Van Dyken was one of the most hilarious books I read last year :) Zane, the main hero is a musician and a one that just can't keep his mouth shut... or his clother on ;) he meets the heroine when her very helpful friend pushes her to fall at his feet... what can go wrong with that? ;)

"Abounding might" by Melissa McShane is a delightful mix of historical and paranormal vibes... we are talking about people with very interesting gifts and talents :) I was surprised by how much I adored this particular installment, it's hard to explain in just a sentence or two so be sure to read my full review below ;)

"Ready to fall" by Daisy Prescott was a strong contender in the favourite contemporary category, like most of my honorable mentions to be honest ;) absolutely charming writing style, and adult characters acting like actual adults and talking with one another made this one a fantastic read... I am definitely gonna continue on with this series soon enough :)

"Desert rains" by Jana S. Brown is the only book I ever read that I can say is a mix between sci-fi and western :) intrigued enough? cause you should be :) I loved the story as well as the main couple, and the secondary characters caught my attention so much that now I am eagerly awaiting the sequel :)

"Managed" by Kristen Callihan was one of those phenomenally written stories that captured my attention from the very first chapter :) with the main couple that couldn't be more different from one another but with a sizzling hot chemistry it's a story you will fly through :)

"Pull me close" by Sidney Halston surprised me... amazing contemporary romance that touched upon some very serious subjects but did it in a very thoughtful way... I loved the main couple and the relationship between them :)

"Licked" by Brooke Blaine was one of the most hilarious stories I read this past year :) the writing style was absolutely fantastic and I had a blast reading about the owner of an ice cream shop with the most naughty pun names ;)

"Hour of mischief" by Aimee Hyndman was one of the very last books I read in december, but I'm very glad I did it :) who wouldn't fell in love with a story full of adventures about a teenager leader of thieves with a prosthetic arm? :)


Well I don’t really have actual book recommendations for you, but whole series really. Well that’s because they were all so different from each other yet still great, but of course I have my favourites and yes, I’ll share them with you in a minute, but really you should give them all a try. So let’s begin, shall we…

Hot in Chicago series

As you can guess from the title, at least I did, this series (written by Kate Meader) is based in Chicago… Right, but that’s not it, I wanted to say that it’s about firefighters, whole family of them. Well, they’re foster siblings but really who cares, right? Family is family. So this amazing bunch not only saves lives on a regular basis but they also give back to the community. And I’m talking about posing for the firefighter calendar… with animals (if I remember correctly) and who can resist hot guys with animals, I know I can’t :) so that’s when it all begins in book #1 called “Flirting with fire”. Here we have a quick-tempered Luke, who kinda gets into a bar brawl with a police officer, and what can go wrong with that? Apparently a lot, but don’t hold that against him just give him a chance, because… enter Kinsey new assistant press secretary to Chicago’s dynamic mayor, and that’s when it all begins... And since we’re talking about mayor, I have to point out that he’s really charismatic and handsome, and that’s a potent combination. And his story is in book #2 “Playing with fire”. So you have to understand that Alexandra (by the way only he calls her by her whole name – and yes, it’s hot) never liked him, or maybe that’s what she was telling herself. But when she, the only female firefighter at Engine Co. 6, saves Eli’s life, it’s just the beginning of their story. With a little push she agrees to help him with his campaign, but they know nothing can happen between them, not really since he’s (as mayor) technically her boss and there are rules. But you know what they say about rules… I just have to mention one short story, really quick I promise, it’s called “Melting point” and yes, it’s that hot, so you’re gonna melt. So we have Gage, fun and easy going firefighter, and we have his exact opposite – Brady, former marine turned chef. But we all know that opposites attract…

Hello goodbye series

This series by Sarina Bowen, well two books really, is just amazing. They have everything you might be looking in a book: heartbreaking story, great but not flawless characters with spectacular chemistry, not only hot and steamy scenes, but also many awwwww moments and of course a happy ending. Here’s just a couple sentences about stories in those books. First one called “Goodbye paradise” is about Joshua and Caleb. They’re both cult survivors, and just trying to make a living outside of the compound they called home for 20 years. Second book called “Hello forever” is about Axel and Caxton (I know, the names in this book, right?). They were caught making out in a forest on a church camp, so you can imagine what hapenned next, but several years later (because of a one basketball game) they have another chance. But they’ve got to risk everything. Remember that most stories are about fighting for love, these are also about a chance to be yourself, so don’t miss it, they’re definitely worth your time...

Sons of Texas series

This series by Donna Grant you definitely should read in order, just saying, it’s really connected. We have here not just a regular romance but mystery, action and danger. It all started with a kidnapping, father of three soldiers is missing, and who can save him if not his sons with more than a little help. So we have three fantastic books: #1 “The hero’”, #2 “The protector” and #3 “The legend”, three amazingly hot soldiers – Owen (highly-decorated Navy SEAL), Cullen (Marine Force Recon captain) and Wyatt (Delta Force Colonel), and three kick-ass heroines – Natalie, Mia (ex-Air Force pilot) and Callie (expert sharpshooter and renegade hacker). They’re all completely different and I loved it, everyone will find something for themselves. I enjoyed them all, but my favourite book is definitely “The Legend”, but that’s just me, I like the silent types and Wyatt was always hiding his feelings, especially from Callie, you can guess why, but when they’re forced to team up, all bets are off…


A: As soon as I finished "Making faces" by Amy Harmon I knew this would be my favourite book of the year... I just knew that nothing would surpass this absolutely amazing story... and I was right :) oh, how much I loved this novel... *sighs dreamily* it's a standalone contemporary romance, but also... sooo much more :) it's a beautiful and emotional story, filled with heartwarming characters that will steal your heart... I cried my eyes out on this book... like I haven't in the longest time... it was... just... gah! I have no words good enough to describe it right now :) I did better in my review so be sure to check it out the link at the end of this post :) but this book... the writing style was... it hit me in all the feels :) there were so many breathtakingly beautiful quotes in it, but I want to share with you guys one in particular... it resonated with me sooooo much... and it's just one of many examples of how truly enchanting this story is... if you haven't already read it, do it as soon as possible :) and here's the quote:

“I think people are like that. When you really look at them, you stop seeing a perfect nose or straight teeth. You stop seeing the acne scar or the dimple in the chin. Those things start to blur, and suddenly you see them, the colors, the life inside the shell, and beauty takes on a whole new meaning.”

J: My favourite book of the year is, without question, "Edible" by Ella Frank. It’s book #3 in her Exquisite series, and yes it was definitely worth waiting for. I met Cole and Rachel in Temptation series first, and was super curious about their story, especially since Logan was always making fun of them for marrying after like 2 weeks of knowing each other. And I was like, whaaaat, no way? I got to check it out! And I was not disappointed. I can’t tell you if they actually married that fast, that would be a spoiler and this is a safe place :) So about the book, we have an interesting couple, on the one hand Rachel, out-going, funny and sweet dessert making genius / florist and on the other hand we have Cole, charismatic, smart and handsome lawyer. But is that all they are? I think not ;) There’s definitely more to them than you might think… So not only interesting couple with hot chemistry, but also many characters from previous books that you like, great story, no unnecessary drama and maybe couple inspirations for you ;) Personally I think caramel is great and all, but library scene, come on, I just love books, don’t you? So don’t wait any longer, this book is delicious, come one, take a bite…

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