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Bookmarks 2017 :) #4

Hello my wonderful people to the one before last post of Bookmarks 2017 :) an annual awards I am doing for the third time on my blog to talk about all my favourite stories and authors of last year :) once again I am doing them with my lovely sister J, which means that with each category, you will get twice as many great book recommendations :) win-win, am I right? ;) this time once again I have for you four new categories, before next week, when there will be the big finale, with announcing our favourite books of the year, and some honorable mentions that just didn't make the final cut... yeah, I have a lot of honorable mentions to talk about ;) but that's for next week :) let's jump into our categories for today :) oh, and as always, if I have a full review for the books mentioned in our answers, I will leave all the links below :)


A: Ok, before you say anything, let me explain why there is not one, but two winners in this category :) I always do my best to pick out each winner... it's the third time when I do these awards, and yes, there were a few close calls, but none as close as this one... I immediately new that my choice will be between V. E. Schwab and Amy Harmon... both amazing authors, with phenomenal writing styles... and I was struggling for days... #NoJoke... I was thinking about it for days before I had to reach the conclusion... that I just can't choose... it's impossible for me to say which one of them I love more... both of them have such unique voices... and I loved all their books I read this past year... so I decided to just tell you about them both :) it's my awards after all, damn it, and I can do what I want! ;) I am planning to read much more of them this year, so I expect that you'll be hearing those names next year during the time of the awards... ;)

J: I figured that this category is the best chance I’ll get to mention Bella Jewel and her amazing writing :) Maybe I don’t know all of her books, but based on a couple of them that I read, I can safely say, that you won’t be disappointed. I have to say that even though I’m a big fan of „Sons of Anarchy” (to those who don’t know it, it’s a tv show – you can google it) not every book about a biker gang is really a good one, at least in my opinion. But if you like that kind of stories in general, like me, or you want to try something new, then you should start with her series – The MC Sinners. It’s definitely not a fairy tale romance with hearts, flowers and rainbows… more like scary looking bikers, tattoos and violence. But don’t be afraid to give them a chance, they’re all so much more than you might think. Some of their stories are truly heartbreaking. Some of the characters still have hope for a better life. But all of them will capture your attention, with great chemistry and complicated relationships. So come on, hop on a bike, and let’s take a ride… But to those who are just not into that kind of stories, Bella Jewel has an answer – The Watcher. It’s a romantic suspense novel, but more accurately it’s a story you should not miss. It’s about Marlie, a woman who was kidnapped several years ago and survived. But now, when her sister is taken and her worst nightmare becomes reality, she has to trust Kenai - a world-renowned investigator. He’s the kind of man that she normally avoid - dark, brooding and dangerously handsome. But only he can help her save her sister. So not only amazing writing, that gives you chills through the entire book, but also a really great story. Great story but also super creepy sometimes, so maybe don’t make the same mistakes like I did and read it when it’s still some light outside, because you really don’t know who may be watching…


A: Soooo... my winner in this category is actually not a book, but a movie :) "Murder on the Orient Express" is based on one of Agatha Christie's most famous books, but believe it or not, I had no idea what is the explanation to the big mystery, until I was spoiled a few days before going to the movie theatre... anywho... ;) I absolutely loved that movie... :) I remember very vividly, that after me and J got outside, I asked her *does all mystery / detective stories are like that?* and she laughed at me :) because she has been reading those sort of books for years, and I never thought I might like them :) so I am giving this award this year to the movie, but be sure that next one will be given to an actual book... I already read one other Agatha Christie's book and am planning to check out her other work... and other those types of stories recommended by my sister :)

J: I love this category, finally I have a chance to talk about some of the most amazing books ever :) So my winner is the Jefferson Winter series by James Carol. I loved it from the very first book called „Broken dolls”. Don’t get me wrong, it was creepy, and disturbing and I loved every single page. It reminds me of my favourite tv series ever – Criminal Minds :) It’s definitely not for everyone, and for those with vivid imagination like me, the possibility for nightmares is pretty high. But I have no regrets, it’s so worth it! Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m afraid it’s not the best recommendation, but just trust me okay? I’m not weird, right? People like that kind of dark and creepy stories, it’s not just me? Ehh whatever #NoShame :) Ok, so a few words about the actual winner - „Broken dolls”. Jefferson Winter is mostly known as the son of one of America's most renowned serial killers. He was once a rising star in the FBI ranks, but now is a private consultant / profiler who can solve even the hardest and strangest cases. Like the one in this book – some creep is abducting and lobotomising young women in London. And Jefferson has to do something before another woman becomes a victim. So grab this book, but beware: you won’t think as innocently about dolls like you did before…


A: I read so many great contemporary romances this past year, that picking out the winner was quite hard... fortunately I will be able to talk about some of my runner ups in *honorable mentions* category next week :) ultimately I landed on "The hating game" by Sally Thorne :) which is very surprising, because on paper it doesn't sound like a story I would love as much as I did :) hate-to-love story... or at least a very strong animosity to love ;) and definitely more angsty than I like... but somehow it worked wonderfully with this novel :) I think the main reason was the absolutely amazing writing style :) and for a debut novel no less :) I am very curious to see what she will have for us next... :)

J: Ok, based on the winner in this category, which is “Dark hearts” by Micalea Smeltzer (book #3 in Light in the dark series) I can start this with only one way. So here it goes, are you ready? Confession: I love this book so much! If you read it, you’d know about why the word confession is so important to the story, as they say it’s the little things that matters. Honestly, this book was my second choice to favourite book of the year, it lost by this much (you cant’t see it but I’m holding my fingers really close together). Why is it so special? I’ll tell you, it has everything you might want and nothing that will annoy you. Captivating story, amazingly complicated characters with fantastic chemistry, people from previous books and new characters which are also pretty great and no unnecessary drama whatsoever. Just what I need :) So look no more, because you just found a perfect book! And remember that even though some people might think they have dark hearts, sometimes it’s only a mask. Besides we all need a little light in the dark…


A: I had to give this one to "Mother of shadows" by Meg Anne, book #1 in her The chosen series :) mainly, because of reasons completely unknown to me, I was convinced it's one of those urban fantasy / paranormal stories and it's soooo not like that :) it's this absolutely amazing fantasy story, with phenomenally entertaining writing style and I inhaled it... then I read the sequel and currently I am in agony waiting for book #3 ;) long story short, go read it ;)

J: I picked “Confessions of a reformed Tom Cat” by Daisy Prescott, it’s book #2 in Wingmen series. It really surprised me, because in book #1 Tom does not make a good first impression. He acts like the kind of guy who walks to you in a bar and serve you a line, and you just have to ask: does any woman ever fell for this shit? So, funny for a secondary character, but I was nervous with starting his own story, but boy was I wrong :) I liked it even better that the first one, it was hilarious, sweet and just a really lovely story. I know, I was also shocked! So maybe a little about the book, Tom calls himself, well I don’t really like to use this term, a manwhore. Supposedly he’s irresistible to women, like catnip – Tom Cat, you get it ;) but this is a story about breaking your own rules, following your heart and falling in love against all odds. And all of this because one woman - Hailey, best friend with his younger sister, what can go wrong…

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