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Bookmarks 2017 :) #3

Welcome back to Bookmarks 2017 you guys :) it's the annual awards I am doing to talk about all my favourites of last year... books, authors and such ;) this year I am doing them once again with my lovely sister J, so you will get twice as many great book recommendations :) and this year, I am implementing a little change, as in I am combining few categories into one post a week, cause it saves me a lot of time and it's so much easier to post :) as always, if I have a review for any books that are mentioned, all of them will be linked below, at the very end of this post :) so without further ado let's dive into the four categories I want to talk about today :) and this time I had to really up my game, cause last week J wrote her part in such an awesome way, that I needed to do better this time ;)


A: "The mech who loved me" by Bec McMaster is the sequel in her spin-off series London steampunk the blue blood conspiracy :) so to truly enjoy all the connections and relationships between different characters you really should be caught up on all the previous stories... that is also the reason why I can't really tell you what this book is about... but to tease you a bit, the main hero has a mechanical arm and the heroine seems shy and weak, but there is much more in her than that... *sighs dreamily* just my kind of a story :)

J: I chose a great story by Andrea Berthot, “The heartless city” is book #1 in The gold and gaslight chronicles. It has everything that a steampunk romance fan will like :) Personally, I love that it’s a completely different spin of a classic Jekyll and Hyde story. Here we have the Hyde, which is actually a drug, that affects people, changing them into something scary and not really human anymore. So if you’re in a mood for a dangerous London, and you don’t have to go outside in the evenings when it’s getting dark outside ;) this is a book for you! So go ahead and read about creepy creatures and real monsters who created them…


A: So to be totally honest I just listened to one audiobook this year :) "Beard science" by Penny Reid, book #3 in her Winston brothers series :) so yes, I made this category just so I can talk to you about this phenomenal book again... because some of you might remember that it was the winner of my favourite book of the year last time :) so I figured I already talked and talked and talked some more why this book is amazing and you all need to read it... ;) but I do feel like you might need an explanation about the audiobook thing... for the longest time... as in all my life up until this past year, I wasn't a fan of audiobooks... mind you, it's not like I tried one and was disappointed... nope, I just assumed I won't like them... I figured they would remind me too much of lectures and I would be just bored... oh, how wrong I was... :) I'm not sure who exactly changed my mind, I think I followed some discussion online and my very trusted group of online friends talked about the awesomeness of audiobooks of my favourite author... and I just decided to give it a try :) and damn... *swoons and melts on the floor* when I heard that voice in my ears... especially the guy, cause this book is written in 2 POVs, which means there are chapters from perspectives of both main characters, and two people narrate them... you guys... *sighs dreamily and melts again* I am in love... :) I already have a few more audiobooks lined up on my phone to listen to very soon :) so expect a repeat of this category next year :)

J: I feel like A scored twice in this category, first because she created it, to talk about one of her favourite books of all time and more important, she’s being typical sister and want to embarrass me a little ;) why would she do that? Because that’s what sisters do, okay? :) Well I should start with the fact, that I don’t actually read, well, listen to audiobooks, but I’m a huge fun of a podcast, which A recommended, and it’s called “My dad wrote a porno”. You see where I’m going with this? Yes, that’s right - my favourite audiobook is in fact “Belinda Blinked 2” a self-published erotic novel. Well if you would ask me about the story in this book, I would have to say I can’t really answer that because this book doesn't really have any. But seriously, I’m in love with these 3 wonderful people who meet together and read this book out loud, and more important – comment on it. When I heard the teaser for this podcast, I think that what bought me instantly was “private pussy area” and comment to this was: “Area? How big is it? From knees to hips?” or something like that ;) Wait, can I say it in here? Maybe A will edit me or something ;) All you have to know, is that I love it because it’s so weird, actually it’s so wrong that it’s exactly right! From the beginning they have so much fun, reading it, but later on Jamie adds an accents and I laughed so hard I had to pause it many times just to calm myself down. I have to add that I love them all, but my favourite is Alice, with her contagious laughter and women’s anatomy lessons :) So, if you’re looking for a total detachment from reality, you should definitely check out this podcast, and join me on #PornoDay, but do it in public only at your own risk ;)


A: I am actually surprised, because when I sat down to pick out the winner in this category, I realized that I read very few paranormal books... or to be more honest, very few books that could be the winner :) so naturally my heart gravitated to the installment in one of my all time favourite series, The league by Sherrilyn Kenyon :) and this time I'm talking about "Born of legend" :) this book is huge... I think it's the longest one so far, but for very good reasons... there is a lot of things that needed to be said, to redeem this character... at least in our eyes :) I can't tell you who I'm talking about, cause it would be to spoilerific, but I loved this story :) the whole series takes place in space, with different planets and species, and even though some people may say that the stories can feel repetitive, I adore them... they are always emotional and heartbreaking, but also uplifting and beautiful :)

J: Ok, everyone… before I tell you all about my winner I have to confess that I still don’t really get the difference between paranormal, fantasy and steampunk romance… laugh all you want, but I really don’t, even when A try to make me understand the difference, I’m like: just help me ok? A little dramatic I know ;) but when I said – can I just choose “Silver silence” and she said yes, I was like score! So my winner is the beginning of a series called Psy-Changelling Trinity, but it helps if you know the other series by Nalini Singh about this world, called, drumrolls please… Psy-Changelling, I know it will be hard to remember, right? But back to my winner, it’s a story about Silver, a psy still ruled by Silence, who we met in a few previous books, and a brand new character – Valentin, the alfa of the StoneWater Bears. He’s definitely not someone who you want to mess with, so when Silver’s life (a woman he considers his, even if she doesn’t know it yet) is in serious danger, she finds herself in the heart of a bear clan, with a powerful bodyguard. Seriously don’t wait too long, and read this amazing story, filled with wonderful characters, many awwwwww moments and hilarious (but not only) bears, but don’t believe me and see for yourself that they’re so much more than what they seem :)


A: There could only be one winner in this category... :) and not only because I read so very little last books in a series :) mostly because "A conjuring of light" by V. E. Schwab, the last installment in her Shades of magic trilogy was an absolutely phenomenal ending to a series :) it's this absolutely epic fantasy set of books, where each one just keeps getting better and better than the previous one :) again, since this is the last one, I can't really tell you anything about the plot without some major spoilers, so please check out my review below, there is a huge part of it completely spoiler free :) and definitely go read all three of them if you haven't already :)

J: For this category I went with something a little bit different. When I started “Kavanagh Christmas” book #5 in Kavanagh Legends by Sarah Robinson I expected to read some sweet story about a family holiday, but that’s not really what happened… Don’t get me wrong, it was a great story, but it wasn’t all that sweet. First of all, I really hope that someday we’ll get a chance to know the stories about two remaining siblings (well, one brother and a cousin), because this story just got me more interested in them, than I already was. But back to the Christmas and the Kavanagh family, we see again all of the couples from previous books, and it was just a really long epilogue for me, filled with beautiful emotions. Also, full of real life issues, but with an important message – that strength often comes with the support of your family. And as a cherry on top, at the very end of this book, we have an actual epilogue for every couple, few years into the future, and I challenge you not to cry (just give up, you now you’ll cry), but this book is so worth it, believe me!

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