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Bookmarks 2017 :) #2

Hello my lovely people to the second installment of my annual awards: Bookmarks 2017 :) we started last wednesday with three different categories, and today I have for you another four :) both me and my sister J are sharing with you our favourites, which means you get twice as many great book recommendations in one place... :) and since we both have a lot more to say, how about we jump straight into the winners... ;) as always, if I have a full review of the book one of us will be mentioning, I will leave them all at the end of the post :) be sure to check them out to know more :)


A: my winner in this category could be only one... :) "The bird and the sword" by Amy Harmon, book #1 in her The bird and the sword chronicles... it was my very first book that I read by this author and she mesmerized me with her absolutely beautiful writing style... it's an incredible world filled with unique magic, where our heroine is a girl who can't speak, who appears to be weak and vulnerable, but there is much more to her than everyone thinks... I was absolutely... from the very prologue, under a spell that Amy Harmon so skillfully made... if you haven't read it yet, you have to give it a try... even if you think you are not a fan of fantasy genre, this is unique enough to make you change your mind :)

J: I picked “Soulbound” by Bec McMaster, which is book #3 in Dark Arts series. What can I say? It was just magical, and I don’t say that because of actual magic and spells in it :) The thing I love the most about it, is the connection between Sebastian and Cleo. Actually, I was looking for their scenes since the first book in the series and just couldn’t wait for their whole story. And what a story it is… If I had to choose just one word to describe it, it would definitely be - heartbreaking, but not in a bad way :) I mean because of all the obstacles that they faced, but still despite all of that they had each other. This book has everything, internal struggle between light and dark in main character, heroine that is not what she seems, many secondary characters that we loved in previous books and a pretty spectacular ending. So if you’re in a mood for a little bit of magic, look no more and pick this one!


A: I haven't read that many novellas this past year, and from the ones I read, choosing a winner was pretty simple :) "Kissing Tolstoy" by Penny Reid is the beginning of her new Dear professor series :) oh come on... if you know me at all, you could have guessed that Penny will be the winner of more than just one category... she is my favourite author of all time for very good reasons :) this is a story about a relationship between a student and her professor... now, now... don't roll your eyes at me :) trust me, I am one of those people who don't like those kind of stories, but like with all Penny's books, she makes it work :)

J: I wanted to choose something totally different for this category (something that A would never pick… I think), don’t worry I didn’t cheat, it’s a novella, but it’s kind of a really long epilogue in a series of books. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you “Bikers and Tinsel” #3,5 in The MC Sinners by Bella Jewel. Why did I choose this one, some might ask... well let me tell you… First of all I’m a huge fan of “Sons of Anarchy”… okay let’s be honest a Charlie Hunnam fan, but can you  really blame me? Did you see King Arthur: Legend of the sword? If not, shame on you, go and watch it! Seriously, like right now, you’ll thank me later :) But let’s go back to the winner, “Bikers and Tinsel” is a story about Muff (ahhh the famous nickname… to those who know what it means, or googled it in urban dictionary right now - I know how it sounds but stay with me) and Janine, who we both met in previous books. About that, in a few words – the whole series is about a biker gang, shocking I know, so if you’re looking for a fairy tale or a slow burn romance just keep looking (on this blog you’ll find hundreds of them). But if you’re in a mood for something a little bit different, perhaps a hot and steamy romance, characters with more than one flaw or just want to try something new, this series is a great place to start :) So about the novella – it’s a Christmas story, that takes place in a few cabins in the woods (let me stop you right there, it’s not a horror story, nobody dies, so you’re not gonna be like: “Don’t go there!” or “Run, it’s a killer!”). We’re in a festive mood, celebrating Christmas (with 3 couples from previous books, which we love, I know I do), but with a little biker twist, so there is a game of truth or dare which ends up with some non-traditional carolling and dancing with Santa hats and maybe like only one sex injury, so not so bad, right? :) Anyway like I said, if you would like to try something new, maybe like a new year book resolution kind of a thing (I’m talking to you A), it’s a great place to start :)


A: I actually read a lot of collaborations this year, and picking the winner was very difficult... but ultimately I had to give it to "Man hands" by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby :) from the very first page it was such a hilarious story :) the writing style is phenomenal and the chapters just fly by :) it's a contemporary romance and the first one in a series :) sequel comes out any day now... ;) so, you know... perfect time to get your reading on with this one ;)

J: I have to confess that I don’t even know how many collaborations I read this year, but I know one thing… I read “Wedlocked” by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine. It’s #3 book and unfortunately the last one in PresLocke series and I just loved it! :) I mean when these two ladies write together, I swear - magic happens :) It’s those little things that are in a book, especially if it’s an ending of a series, that really matters. And those ladies know how to write them… I think they have a secret recipe, like: two cups of a great chemistry between main couple - check, a dash of too-hot-for-reading-in-public-transportation-scenes - check, four tablespoons of secondary characters from different books – check, a handful of awwwww moments – check. I really can’t tell more, just trust me and give Ace and Dylan a chance to show you their happily ever after :)


A: I read so very little historical romances this last year... *sighs heavily* and most of them were just ok... fortunately, the winner of this category is definitely amazing :) but I can never be disappointed by Lisa Kleypas when it come to this genre :) me and J actually chose the same author AND the same series :) just different books :) I'm talking about Lisa's new series, The Ravenels :) my winner is "Marrying Winterborne" :) with some delicate Beauty and the beast vibes it was pretty clear it's gonna quickly become a favourite of mine :)

J: Well that’s true, it was a hard choice, because I love both these stories. But since A has a thing for beauty and the beast vibe, I decided to go with “Devil in spring” :) Ahhh so many good things to say, so little time… Let’s start with a story about an eccentric wallflower (by choice), who is more interested in her board games business (board games - love it!) than dresses, balls or looking for a husband and a cynical rake (the son of Sebastian and Evie from "Devil in winter" #3 in Wallflowers series – also amazing book by the way). So… Pandora and Gabriel met in a slightly embarrassing situation, which lead to amazing love story, full of laughing, sweet and not so sweet moments if you know what I mean ;) and a little bit mysterious secondary characters, like Dragon (well it’s not his actual name but that’s how Pandora’s say it). So if you’re a little bit awkward, or a wallflower or kissing like a pirate just like Pandora (or totally different, either way) give this book a chance. You won’t regret it, trust me!

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