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Bookmarks 2017 :) #1

Hello my wonderful people :) yes, the waiting is over, because it's this time of the year again... time for the BOOKMARKS 2017 :) if you are new to my blog, it's the annual awards I am giving to my favourites of last year... :) this time I will do it again with my lovely sister J :) so you will get twice as many amazing book recommendations :) but this year, I am changing the format a bit... instead of posting each category individually, I am gonna combine them... mostly because it will save me a lot of time :) but it will give you more fun stuff at the same time so it's a win-win situation :) we are starting today with three categories, then each following wednesday you will get four more, and the last wednesday of the month you will get a special post: with some honorable mentions, as in books that were very close to winning certain categories but lost, but are still so fantastic that I need to tell you about them :) and announcing the winners of the last category: favourite book :) with each category you will get my winner and then J's winner, with both of us explaining why we picked certain books / authors :) and I will link at the end of each post all the reviews mentioned that day, as long as I have them on my blog, because I haven't read some of the books J will mention :) so without any additional delays, let's get to the first category :)


A: I had no problems picking out the winner in this category :) "Heart of fire" by Bec McMaster is the first installment in her brand new Legends of the storm series about dreki, mythical creatures that are definitely NOT dragons :) close, but not exactly :) with Bec's amazing writing style it was yet another story that pulled me in completely from the start and I am more than thrilled to know there is a lot more coming in the future :) she has yet to come out with a story that I didn't like :) filled with magic, kick-ass characters and surprises at every corner "Heart of fire" is the perfect introduction to a new world you can't wait to go back to :)

J: I’m gonna go with another series written by Bec McMaster, which is Burned lands and the first book in it is called “Nobody’s hero”. When A recommended it to me, she said “You should read it, it’s like Mad Max – Fury Road!”. I was sceptical at first because she loves this movie waaaaaay to much ;) but when she said that there were shapeshifters in this book I was like… hmmm interesting, you got my attention there :) so basically if you’re in a mood for some kind of dark (and sometimes a little scary) adventure in a whole different world, but with great chemistry between main couple with a little beauty and the beast vibe, you should look no more, and read this book now! :)


A: this is a category created specifically by J because she needed something special for her winners :) I agreed, because it's one more amazing book I can talk about :) so for the winner in this one I picked Beau and Shelly from "Beard in mind" by Penny Reid, book #4 in her Winston brothers series :) this contemporary romance took me by surprise... not because it was good :) Penny is my current favourite author of all time and I adore everything she writes... :) it surprised me because I did not expect to love those main characters as much as I did... they turned out to be much more complex than I originally thought after meeting them in previous installments... and Beau and Shelly together... *sighs happily* it's a beautiful story you all need in your lives :)

J: I have to confess that creating this category was very important to me, because I wanted to share my love for Tate and Logan from Temptation series by Ella Frank, with all of you. Mostly because they are some much more to me than some characters in a series of books, and I wanted to emphasize it :) So… I don’t know how to describe it really, my feelings for them are so strong, love is the best word for it, but sometimes I feel that it’s not enough… There are some books (or couples like in this case) that just sticks to you, and you think about them like they’re real, like they’re standing right beside you (know the feeling?). You feel like you know them really well, so you laugh with them and cry with them and just live with them… And that’s how I felt when I read about Tate and Logan and their lives in Temptation series. But what I love most about their relationship is that they grow as a couple (and individually as people) together. It can be beautifully sum up with a simple quote “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow…”. I have to say that they had great chemistry since the first moment they’ve met, and in those books there’s actually some of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read, but in time they evolved to something even better. But don’t believe me, see for yourself. I dare you to try…


A: when it comes to this category me and J chose very similar winners... as in two books within the same series :) mine was "Good boy" co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, the beginning of WAGs series :) this hilarious story was absolutely fantastic :) I loved Blake, the main hero, a lot before, but diving into his mind... :) it was better than I anticipated :) it's a perfect story if you need something to cheer you up, cause I laughed out loud many times... :) even in public places ;) #TrueStory :)

J: and my choice was “Stay” from the same series :) honestly, maybe I don’t remember every detail from this book, but I remember enough to say, that it was really great! It will make you laugh, it will definitely make you blush and I can guarantee you will say awwwwwww to yourself more than once :) and my personal favourite bonus – no unnecessary drama between main couple whatsoever - so with a clear conscience I can recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a fun read, so go and do it! :)

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