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Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) february edition

Can you guys believe it's been another month? seriously, where does the time goes by?!? :) I know I say something like that pretty much every time I'm writing these posts, but I am always shocked that another month flew right by me :) so how about I will dive straight into the four books I want to tell you about :) and these four *sighs* I want them in my hands like ASAP ;)

First, we have "The cad and the co-ed" co-written by the amazingly talented duo: Penny Reid and L. H. Cosway :) it's book #3 in their Rugby series and since I absolutely loved the first two, I am very curious to see what they will do with this particular story... :) especially since it will involve a certain trope I am usually not a fan of... but I am trusting these two to do it just right :) each of these sports themed contemporary romances can be read as standalones, but I highly recommend you guys read them in order, because then you can really appreciate all the connections between characters :) I am totally crossing my fingers, because there's a chance I will be able to get my hands on the ARC of this baby :)

Another book I want to mention to you guys is "Devil in spring" by Lisa Kleypas, book #3 in her The Ravenels series... and it's actually funny, because I still haven't read the first two books in this series :) so why am I mentioning this beautiful historical romance to you guys? well, because the hero of this story is the son of one of my all time favourite couples :) Evie and Sebastian from "Devil in winter" :) so imagine my excitement when I realized that :) it definitely helped me to bump this whole series much higher on my tbr #BookMountain ;)

The third story I want to mention is actally a book I already have on my kindle :) "Roman" by Sawyer Bennett is the newest installment in her Cold Fury hockey series :) and you guys know how I love those athletes :) I definitely cannot wait to read this story and see what she has for us with this new addition to a fantastic sports themed romance series :) I love her writing style so I'm always curious what's gonna happen in her books :)

Last but definitely not least is "Born of vengeance" by Sherrily Kenyon, the new installment in her The league series :) and yes, I am aware that I still haven't read the previous story :) *cue the gasps because it's one of my all time favourite series, so I don't know why I haven't gotten to it yet* ;) all the stories are always filled with adventure, action, surprising turns of events... not to mention a phenomenal writing style, characters to die for and sarcastic humor :) so more people need to read them and that is why I am mentioning this particular one even though I am not up to speed with the series... seriously, what am I doing with my life?!? ;)



Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite book

Oh my gosh you guys... can you believe we arrived at the very last category of #Bookmarks2016 ? I know, I'm a little bit sad too... but I saved the best for last :) you will get my favourite book of last year, and J's, my lovely sister, favourite book of all time :) although I don't have a review for her choice, cause I read it before I started this blog :) but when it comes to my winner... :)

Oh come on, we all knew this book would win :) if you have been following my reviews for some time, you could guess that "Beard science" by Penny Reid would be my choice :) book #3 in her Winston brothers series was a stunning contemporary romance that I fell completely in love with... ever since I read it in october, I knew no other book will be better and that this one will win this particular category... for the longest time I felt like no other book will ever be good enough... :) I still have those moments to this day :) yes, it was that good :) I could write you all about how an amazingly talented author Penny is, how her characters are always complex and different, and how her stories always go straight to my heart... I could tell you how empowered her heroines make me feel, how they are always strong, smart and flawed in the best possible way, which makes them feel more real and human... I could spend days telling you all the wonderful things about Penny and her books, especially this one, but we don't have that much time :) so be sure to follow the link below to at least read my full review of this gem :)

J: I really enjoy the majority of the books I read, but when it came to picking out my favourite, the choice was easy :) "Kiss of snow" by Nalini Singh, book #10 in her Psy-changeling series :) I won't go into details about the whole world this series is set in, I can just recommend you guys reading all the books in order, and let me tell you a bit more why I adore this particular story sooo much :) when I started this series I knew that Hawke's book will be my favourite and I was right :) it took me a while to get to it, but it was worth it :) I re-read it so many times already, and yet I always tear up during certain scenes :) the romance between main couple takes place over a longer amount of time, which is great, because it gives them time to make very strong bonds... especially since the situation they are in is not an easy one... I don't want to say more in case you are not caught up to this book or to this series in general :) there are some very serious topics and stories in this book, but they are balanced very well with somy funny ones as well ;) not to mention a whole lot of secondary characters we already love :) and if that wasn't enough, there is a romance between some secondary characters in this book as well :) I highly, highly recommend you guys this book, and this series in general :) now that I spent so much time saying how great it is I convinced myself to re-read it yet again... oh well... ;)

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Review: "Good boy" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Title: "Good boy"
Book 1 in series WAGs
Main characters: Blake Riley and Jessica "Jess" Canning

I got the ARC of this amazing book from the authors in exchange for an honest review :) and damn... just... GAH!!! this book was absolutely amazing :) I feel like I cannot express with words all the feels it gave me and how I truly loved every freaking chapter :) I can try, but since I can't go to each and everyone of you to shake you and ask *what the hell have you been doing with your life if you haven't bought this book yet?!?* I feel like even the bestest words will be inadequate to explain all the awesomeness of this story... :) but never fear, I will try and tell you all about it either way :) first, a little explanation... this is the start of a new series co-written by these lovely authors, but we met the majority of the characters from this book, in Him duology... mainly because WAGs is a spin-off series of that one ;) but worry not, it works perfectly well as a standalone... although I would recommend you to read Him duology because it's stunning ;) but back to the topic of this review... ;) now that we have this little thing out of the way let me go straight into all the good stuff... and by that I mean...

Blake Riley... *sighs dreamily* *sighs yet again because once is simply not enough to show you my love for this character* :) Blake is one of my all time favourite people ever... :) I mean... I adored him when he was a secondary character in "Us" but now??? no words will be good enough to explain how much I love this guy... he's like a puppy with ADHD ;) cute, adorable and annoying all at the same time... the way his mind works... not to mention his mouth and all the stuff he says... ;) is stunning... I could never predict what's gonna happen next with this guy, so very quickly I just stopped trying and enjoyed the story ;) and trust me... I could spend a few days telling you all about how amazing he is, how I loved him and his personality, but we don't have that much time... ;) so instead I will let you discover all of the awesomeness that is Blake when you read his story ;) so now let us jump over to Jess... ;) I adored he as well... not as much as I did Blake, because come on... let's be serious ;) but she was such an interesting character... I could really relate to her still not knowing what she wants to do with her life... struggling to find the path that will fullfill her... I was just as happy as she was when she found it :) I can't really put my finger on it, but I really liked her ;) also, I was very impressed by how long she kept resisting Blake, because damn... I would have give in much sooner ;) theirs was a relationship that started off with a bang... *wink wink* ;) but the book actually takes places over a span of quite a few months... which really works in this case... her whole life is changing, and it was refreshing to see a girl who doesn't just forgets that she has a life and responsibilities :) to be honest, I don't really want to say much more about their journey to be together, because I was actually surprised a couple of times along the way, and I kind of want for you guys the same sort of not knowing where is this going when you'll be reading it :) just trust me, it's a fantastic story... ;)

When it comes to secondary characters... well, there's plenty of people we know and love... and a one or two completely new... and in both cases I see sooooo much potential for future stories... :) you have no idea how happy I am that this is the beginning of a series :) but worry not, if you are new to these people, and you'll be meeting them for the first time in this story... well... all the explanations are there so you won't be confused, but you'll definitely want to read all about them later ;) I don't knwo if this explanation made much sense, mainly because I am currently overwhelmed with love to the whole Canning clan ;) Jess's family is absolutely amazing... I adore the whole bunch, and how protective and loving they are... how openly they welcome new people to their family... *sighs* I just want to hug them all :)

So if you haven't gotten that already, let me say it again very clearly... I LOVED this book :) you all need to read it :) it's written in 2 POVs, which is only like my favourite kind of writing, when we have chapters from both our main characters points of view... ;) and I was not ready for the awesomeness of Blake's head... ;) I am still amazed how well these two work together, because the story flows effortlessly and I had to remind myself that TWO separate people wrote it :) these two really are magical together :) although I feel the need to warn you about reading this book in public places... it will give you all the feels, and I almost cried on the bus one time... those vows at that wedding... *sighs* I know, mysterious much? ;) but I can't tell more... :) well, technically I CAN it's just that I don't want to spoil you anything ;) plus, this book is sooooo hilarious, it will make you laugh... as in laugh-so-hard-you-will-snort-in-public-places laugh ;) there were a few times when I read it on my commute to and from work and I almost fell to the floor of the bus from laughing so hard ;) #TrueStory #NoShame ;) so go... go get this amazing gem and read all about Blake and Jess... because we all need them in our lives... :)



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Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite new author

Are you guys ready for the one before last category of #Bookmarks2016 ? :) I know, we are almost at the very end... I can't believe it either :) I feel like just yesterday I wrote for you guys the first post announcing a winner :) but on the other hand, these awards have taken over a lot of my free time, so I'm kind of looking forward to more free time as well :) but for today, let us concentrate on the winners, because you will get mine as well as my sister J's one :) so here's my choice :)

Ok, this category was by far the hardest one for me... mainly because I discovered soooo many new and amazing authors last year :) I started wroking with different PR companies and publishers and it really increased my possibilities to get new books written by authors that I might not have found otherwise... :) so when it came to picking out my favourite new author... damn, it was hard :) fortunately for me, some of them won other categories so you heard about them either way :) ultimately I decided on the lovely Cora Cade :) she is just the sweetest person ever :) I reached out to her after reading and absolutely loving one of her novellas, and she offered all the rest of her books :) she has such an entertaining writing style, and even though her books are novellas, at least so far :) she creates characters so interesting and stories so rich, that you can't help but fall in love with them :) I will have a link down below to all the reviews I did of her books :) trust me, whichever one you choose, you can't pick wrong :) I am already dying to see what will she publish next :) I will also have a link to all the reviews I did of J's winner, but first, let her tell you all about... :)

J: Sherrilyn Kenyon :) I had to choose her, mainly because of her The league series :) I discovered it last year, and by discover, I mean I finally gave up after A kept pestering me to read it :) she kept saying how amazing this series is, and how much I would love it, and I was like *really? a series set in space? that's not really my thing* ;) but she was right :) so I'm gonna officially say it here: sis, you were right, these books are awesome :) she has an amazing writing style, and ability to create such different characters, so I'm sure each of you will be able to find someone you'll love, but my personal favourites were the stories of Darling, Talyn and Dagger :) all three books broke my heart, but ultimately had such beautiful endings, so they were worth it :) but it's just another sign of how brilliant she is as an author, no matter how dark and horrible moments there are during the book... you know the ending will bring only tears of joy :)

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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #49

No Bookmarks 2016 runner ups
My new music obsession
The biggest book haul yet

Hello my lovely people :) welcome to the beginning of a new week :) since I have tons of very fun stuff to share with you guys, let me just get straight to it :) and this time, we will go with the order of those headlines :)

Sooooo... we are very near the end of #Bookmarks2016 :) they are awards that I started doing last year on my blog, when I name my favourite books / authors and such in different categories :) you can read all about them if you follow this tag right here -> Bookmarks 2016 <- :) I had so much fun picking out winners, although in some cases it was very hard to do :) before I started posting each category, I said that I will tell you more about runner ups in some categories later on in my #RandomRamblings posts... and I had every intention on doing just that at the time when I wrote it... but then, after thinking some more about it... I decided against that idea... :) hear me out :) trust me, it was hard enough to choose a winner... although if were being totally honest I created certain categories just so I can talk about a specific book or character ;) but in a few cases, I struggled for a long time... but once I landed on those winners, I realized I don't really want to go back and talk about the *almost ones* and besides, if you guys follow my reviews I'm sure you can always tell if I loved certain books / authors a little more than others... after all, not all 5 stars books are equal :) but that's a subject for a whole different discussion :) I just wanted to explain this little thing for you guys :)

And since we're following the headlines, let's talk about "La la land" :) I saw it last week and... I just can't stop listening to the soundtrack ever since... :) I loved the movie as well... in fact, the more time passes from me seeing it, the more I'm falling in love with it :) I can't relly explain it logically, but it just really got to me... :) and the music is simply beautiful :) if by any chance you have no idea what this musical is about, I will have a trailer for you below :) but I just have to add, that I was truly surprised by my reaction to that story... on paper it doesn't really sound like something I would like to re-watch, for reasons that I can't share with you because of spoilers, but somehow... this particular story went straight to my heart and I loved it :) definitely something for you guys to consider if you're thinking about going to see it :) I personally can definitely recommend it

Last but not least, we get to the best part of this post :) but you already know how much I like to share with you guys my joy with the books I get :) and this time I have for you 20+ books to share :) why so many? trust me, it's an unusual situation :) you may or may not know, but I gave myself a monthly book budget, so I don't spend all of them on books... because that would totally happen ;) and in the last two months I was in a peculiar situation :) usually I buy my books once a month and for the last few of them I kept making these monthly book hauls in my #RandomRamblings posts... but since I was not allowed to buy books in december because I knew I would get some for christmas, I bought my december books very late... so very soon after, I bought mu january books and I figured I would wait for all of them to get to me before hauling them for you guys :) additionally, I got a bit of extra money in december because I had to work on a saturday, and I decided to reward myself for that by spending all of that money on books :) and since BookDepository got around the time I was buying books some sweet sales... well, one thing led to another and here we are :) so since it will be a pretty long post let us get straight to the books :) there is no particular order in which I am sharing them with you, so let's start with...

"Truth or beard" and "Grin and beard it" by Penny Reid, the first two books in her Winston brothers series :) she is definitely one of my all time favourite authors, and her writing style is absolutely amazing :) this particular series is my favourite of hers :) and now I have all the books in it available at this moment :) also, there is a very sweet story behind me getting "Truth or beard" :) I have one of my #BookBesties to thank for it :) so thanks again K :) when we talked on Facebook one time, she mentioned she can't find anywhere this one edition of a book that would match others in her series... I had no troubles in finding it, but apparently it was unavailable to get in her country, so I offered a #BookExchange :) I would buy this book and send it directly to her, and she can get me another book in exchange :) so now I know she will have a lovely gift from me, and I will always hold this particular story a little bit closer to my heart, because it was a gift from a friend :) side note: those books are fantastic and you all need to read them :) but I can say that about pretty much all the books I buy :)

Another series I want to talk about, that I was able to complete, is Stage Dive by Kylie Scott :) I already owned one of them, my favourite ;) so now I got the remaining three :) "Lick" (book #1) "Lead" (book #3) and "Deep" (book #4) are gonna look sooooo pretty on my shelf :) it's a series about the members of a rock bank and all of them are absolutely hilarious :) another fantastic recs if you need something with great writing style and characters to die for ;)

Let's switch up genres a bit, and let me tell you about "Forevermore" by Kristen Callihan :) it's the seventh and final book in her Darkest London series and these covers are just stunning :) seriously, look them up on Amazon UK :) I read all previous books in this series, and I am very curious how everything will end... although each book in this paranormal / steampunk-ish series focuses on a different couple, there is a bigger story arch there... I just hope I will be able to follow the plot, even though I remember very little from this world and these characters... fingers crossed ;)

Remember when I told you there was a big sale on BookDepository? this is the main reason why I was able to get soooo many Nalini Singh's books within my budget :) I got the first three books in her Guild hunter series :) which is set in an alternate version of our world but with angels, archangels, vampires and such :) it has paranormal / urban fantasy themes in it and I love it ;) but I am just a huge fan of her writing style in general, so that can't be a shock for you :)

I was also able to get another five books from her Psy-changeling series :) it's definitely one of my all time favourite series as well, so I jumped at the chance to get those books cheaper than usual :) it's also set in an alternate version of our world, where people in it can be divided into three: regular people, Psy with mental abilities and changelings, who are all sorts of shapeshifters... trust me, this is a huge simplification of a very complex series, where each book concentrates on a different couple, but there are much bigger stories that span more than a few books :) I love it :)

Can you guys believe this is my FIRST Sherrilyn Kenyon paperback? AND my fist The league series book on my shelf?!? I cannot believe it took me this long to buy one :) because I absolutely adore this series :) it's one of my all time favourites and I would love to get all of them, but I started from "Born of shadows" because it was on a great sale :) it's a complex series, set in a futuristic world, with all sorts of different planets and races and it's filled with sarcastic humor, action and characters that you'll love :)

I also got "Our forever" by Elena Matthews, because it was one of my favourite books last year :) it won favourite contemporary romance category of Bookmarks 2016 :) this absolutely sweet story stole my heart and I just had to have it on my shelf... so I can pet it whenever I want to :) because we all do that to our books, don't make me sound weird ;)

Another great books I got, was the last two in Off-campus series by Elle Kennedy :) I still haven't read that last one, but I heard only great things about it from a very trusted sources, so I figured why not spoil myself a little and get actual paperback editions so I can have it in my hands while I read and I can turn page after page... :) it's a new adult sports themed series centered about hockey players in college and I adore it :)

There is actually a bit of a story with "When he was wicked" by Julia Quinn :) I had it for quite some time now :) I bought it years ago when I was still reading and buying books in translation (I live in a none-english speaking country) but this one book was nowhere to be found :) and since I needed to read ALL of the Bridgertons stories, I bought the original edition :) I recently found it, and decided to put in on my shelf, especially since I'm planning to get all the rest of them at some point :) they are on the #Wishlist ;)

One more historical romance I got is "A wallflower christmas" by the lovely Lisa Kleypas, the last... or should I say the additional story in her Wallflowers series :) I absolutely adore her writing style, especially in her historical romances... they are always full of sensual seduction and witty banter and this particular one is very close to my heart :)

We have only two more books to go, so stay with me ;) the one I want to tell you about next is "Rae of sunshine" by Micalea Smeltzer, the beginning of her Light in the dark series :) I read the books in it out of order, starting in the middle, then going back to read this one... because I actually already read it, by the way ;) I will have a full review for you guys this week, so keep an eye on that, because I loved this new adult story centered about two college students who help each other overcome some hard stuff from their pasts... I loved this slow building romance :)

The last, but definitely not least, book I want to mention is "Managed" by Kristen Callihan, the sequel in her new VIP series :) I have very high hopes for this contemporary romance, mainly because my lovely sister J already read it and she claims it's a story written specifically for me :) apparently it has everything I love in books :) and since she was right about these kinds of predictions in the past, I definitely believe her... :) I am saving it for a special occasion... ;)

And now that I rambled on and on about all the books, are you ready to see my shelves? as in plural and everything, because I finally have enough books that I need two shelves for all of them :)

Since you can't really see the books, I have pics of each shelves for you as well :) so here is my paranormal / fantasy one :) and yes, I realize it's mainly just one author for now, but that will change in the future :) plus, I absolutely love her soooo #NoRegrets ;)

And this is my contemporary / historical one :) as you can see I own more of those types of books :) but don't get too attached to the way they look now, cause with new books coming in the upcoming months, I have a feeling I'm gonna keep changing stuff... like, all the time ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope all of you, or at least the majority, stayed with me to this end :) as always, I love connecting with you guys so be sure to reach out to me here, on my Facebook page or my Goodreads account, cause I'm there every day :)



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Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite collaboration

Just a few more categories before us in #Bookmarks2016 :) and today I have for you guys such a fun one, with two absolutely amazing book recs, because I have great reviews for both my winner, as well as J's :) J is my awesome sister and she is picking out winners with me this year :) and this particular category is double the fun, because each book was written by two authors :) so without further ado, let me share with you guys my winner first :)

It was a very hard choice... trust me, I was going back and forth between a few books, including J's winner :) but I had to give it to "Aced" by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine, book #1 in PresLocke series :) this amazing contemporary romance totally blew me away :) more so, because both these authors were new to me, so I DID NOT expect to fall in love with this story :) I inhaled it soooo quickly and can highly recommend this hilarious, hot as hell and yet vulnerable in most surprising moments book :)

J: I also had a very tough time picking out the winner, but I decided on "Hustler" co-written by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince :) I mean, what's not to love about a book that revolves around a professional poker player who looks like Nick Bateman in Vegas? ;) it's definitely more fun and lighter story, full of sarcastic interactions not only between the main couple but also their friends, and lots of chemistry... ;) seriously people, fair warning, you WILL need to fan yourself while you read it, so maybe don't do it in public ;) I really hope they will write more stuff together, especially since we have some very fun teasers about possible future stories in this book :)

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Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite fantasy romance

So when it comes to this particular category of #Bookmarks2016 we all know that for me there could only be one winner... ;) because when I read that particular book I could not shut up about it :) J's winner on the other hand is one of my all time fave stories, and I read it quite a few times already, unfortunately all those times before I started my blog, so there won't be a review below :) so how about we start from my winner? :)

You guys KNEW it had to be "The tower must fall" by S. E. Bennett :) come on... it was obvious ;) although the romance part of that story is definitely in the background :) I loved absolutely everything about this amazing book... the dark retellings of fairy tales we think we know, the interesting characters, thrilling story and the writing style to die for... :) I fell in love with this book from the very first chapter and my love only grew from that point :) I wrote a very enthusiastic review for it, so I'm gonna recommend you to follow the link below to know all about it ;)

J: I'm gonna cheat a little and name two books, but since it's one story about one group of characters just told in two separate books, it's ok ;) "The shadow queen" and "Shalador's lady" written by Anne Bishop are technically part of her Black jewels series, but work as standalone as well, since familiar characters appear in episodes and the main story is centered around a whole new group :) I love the world and all its rules Anne Bishop created and can highly recommend this story :) it takes place over the span of a whole year, and it shows beautifully how much the main characters change over that time :) go check it out ;)

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Review: "To love and to cherish" by Lauren Layne

Author: Lauren Layne
Book 3 in series The wedding belles
Main characters: Logan Harris and Alexis Morgan

I got my hands on the ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley ;) I honestly have to say that I really enjoyed the conclusion to this lovely series ;) although if I’m being completely honest, each book in it, CAN be read as a standalone ;) but I highly recommend you to read them in order ;) that way you will get the most out of each story, because the core characters appear in all of them ;) and all the scenes with them will have that much more meaning if you know the history ;) I was going back and forth with my rating for this book, but ultimately decided on full 5 stars ;) because of soooo many reasons that I will now try my best to explain to you guys, without spoiling you anything ;)

Naturally, I have to start with our main couple… and by that, I mean I have to start with Logan… ;) *sighs dreamily* oh, he was definitely one of my main reasons to give this story five stars… ;) british, with glasses… every time he called her „darling” I just melted… ;) not to mention his personality… aside from the more physical side of him that certainly wasn’t lacking… ;) he had this calm facade, but he could be pretty confident and seductive, when he felt like it… ;) all in all, I was completely in love with him ;) we got glimpses of Logan in the previous books, but nothing that would prepare me for the full awesomeness of him ;) Alexis on the other hand… well, I had some issues with her… something that happened in her past, kept her solely focused on her business as the co-owner of The Wedding Belles… with Logan as her silent partner and accountant ;) and she purposefully refused to see what was pretty clear to everyone else… that Logan had some serious feelings for her for quite some time… but even though her blindness and refusal to acknowledge her own feelings for him, that she constantly ignored kept bugging me… I sort of understood where she was coming from… some of us do need a few tries to finally learn some lessons and move forward with our lives… so I couldn’t really stayed mad at her after my realization… and yes, I’m talking from personal experience ;)

Theirs is a relationship that’s pretty hard to describe ;) on the one hand, you can say it’s a really slow build romance, because they met about eight years ago, and there was definitely attraction between them… although certain someone *coughs* Alexis *coughs* pretended otherwise ;) but they became friends instead… ;) on the other hand, the final resolution and shift in their relationship happened in just a few weeks… after Logan got an offer to come back to London and take care of the family company, he had some tough choices to make, and decided to go for it and finally make his move with Alexis… which is easier said than done… ;) she is a complicated woman after all, and very stubborn… ;) I don’t want to say too much about his plan or what DOES exactly happen in this story, as well as what made Alexis the way she is now, because all those things are way too spoilerific, but what I can say, is that I would be seduced much more easily if Logan would go after me like that… ;) that is all… #NoShame ;)

When it comes to the secondary characters… ;) well, I feel the need to, again, recommend you to read the previous books ;) because there aren’t any new people introduced in this story… or to be exact, there are a few, but we are talking about Alexis’s family, so they give us a better understanding why she is the way she is… but all the other, well, couples at this point ;) are sooo much fun in this book ;) so if you DO know them, all those group scenes will have that much more meaning… ;) but if this will be your first dive into the series, I’m sure that they will make you even more curious about reading their stories, so why not start at the beginning? ;) I know I’m being totally vague and mysterius about those people, but I just want to make you curious enough to want to check them out without actually saying anything… ;) hopefully, it worked ;)

This is yet another book written by the lovely Lauren Layne that I had the pleasure of reading, and it’s just another proof, that I just love her writing style ;) it’s always engaging and entertaining, and even though I don’t always agree with the choices her characters make, it does not change the fact, that her stories are always really fun to read ;) and this one was no different ;) I adored that all the characters I grew to love over the course of their own books were still very much present in this one ;) it was absolutely wonderful to see them all happy and moving forward with their significant others ;) and Logan… *sighs happily* he was definitely my favourite reason for loving this book ;) if you guys are looking for a contemporary romance with a great writing style, characters that are real and flawed and a story that will melt your heart in certain places, then I hope you will definitely give this book, and this whole series a try ;) I can highly recommend it ;)



Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite quote

Well... when it comes to this category, we have a very peculiar situation... ;) not only did me and J, my lovely sister, both chose quotes written by the same author... we also chose different books from the very same series :) what's even more interesting, is that this author won the same category last year... ;) but once you see who it is, you'll understand... mainly because she has the most amazing writing style and I adore her :) so here is our winner :)

I chose a quote from "Neanderthal marries human" by Penny Reid, the only book from her Knitting in the city series that can't be read as a standalone... :) well, you can read it however you like, it's not like I'm gonna stand next to you and take the book away from your hands ;) but I highly recommend you read the first one, or maybe even the first two in the series before reading this one :) since I'll leave the link below to the review of my winner as well as J's, I won't go into what this book is about :) the only thing you need to know is that Penny has an amazing writing style, and the more books written by her I read, the more I fall in love with the stories and characters she creates... :) this is just a small example of her awesomeness :) so here's my favourite quote, made into this beautiful teaser, as always, by my lovely sister J:

J: I chose a quote from another story in that series, and my favourite one of them, "Beauty and the mustache" :) I love it for sooo many reasons that I can't even begin to tell you now, or else we would be here a few days... ;) besides, A have a pretty good review about it, so if you want to know more, be sure to follow the link below to read it ;) so without additional delay, here's my favourite quote, although it was very hard to choose, because this book alone has soooo many wonderful ones:

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- Beauty and the mustache -> READ ME <-



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Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite contemporary romance

I had some troubles picking out the winner of favourite contemporary romance category of #Bookmarks2016, mainly because I read a lot of truly amazing books in that category last year :) not to mention that I still haven't read J's winner ;) J is my amazing sister and she is doing the categories with me this year :) so I will have only one full review linked at the bottom for you guys, but trust me, both books are definitely worth your time :) but first, let us concentrate on my pick, which is...

I had to pick "Our forever" by Elena Matthews, an amazing standalone story, that truly surprised me :) because I did not expect to fall in love with those characters and their story as much as I did... I inhaled that book and loved every minute of it :) it was hilarious, sweet, sexy and emotional in all the right places... I laughed and I cried... and immediately after finishing it, I started recommending it to everyone I know :) and since I have a pretty good review of it, if I may say so myself ;) just follow the link below to read all about it :) and now I will let J tell you all about the fantastic book she picked :)

J: I chose "Managed" by Kristen Callihan, sequel in her VIP series :) I read quite a few books that fit in this category, but this one is pretty fresh in my mind, and... well, it made quite an impression :) after loving the first book in this series, I expected the sequel to be good... but not this good ;) I loved that there was no unnecessary drama and that the main characters actually acted like adults :) and it takes place over a bit more time than usual, so it was truly amazing to see how the relationship between our couple grew and evolved :) not to mention, because all the characters are pretty much in the same place, this book is full of amazing interactions between all sorts of people :) it's a book that will make you laugh and cry... it's definitely one of those drop-everything-you-are-doing-and-read-it-NOW books ;)

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- Our forever -> READ ME <-



Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite scene stealer

This time I have for you one of those categories that I created specifically so I could talk about a certain character... ;) #NoShame :) J, my lovely sister, also picked out a fantastic winner, but you'll get just one link to my review below, because I read the series she chose a while back, and I don't have them written down :) hopefully in the future when I'll re-read them I will remedy that situation :) but for today, let us concentrate on my winner first... :)

It could only be Blake from "Us" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy :) he was the funniest character in that book, and he absolutely stole my heart from the very first time I met him :) he's hilarious, unpredictable... as in you NEVER know what's gonna come out of his mouth next, AND he's a hockey player... only like my favourite kind of athlete to read about... don't ask why, because there is no logic behind that love :) I have yet to see a game, live or on TV, not to mention understand all the rules ;) but I looooove reading about them :) and Blake... *sighs* oh how I love him :) as a bonus information, I can share, that I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of his own book that comes out next week ("Good boy") and it was phenomenal :) so keep your eye out on that one... and my full review as well, in the very near future :)

J: when I hear *scene stealer* the answer can be only one... :) Lady Danbury from Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn :) all the books in this series of historical romances are phenomenal and unique and I adore each and every one of them for many reasons :) they work as standalones, but I highly recommend you read them in order to get the most out of all the interactions between the characters :) and Lady Danbury is present in all of them, although she appears the most in Hyacinth's story ;) just FYI ;) she's an old and sarcastic woman, and before you can see her, you can always hear her walking cane tapping on the floor... and that's the sound that can scare even the bravest men ;) she does and says whatever she wants and is a perfect example of humor that all this series if full of :) I really hope that if you haven't read them yet... and if that's the case, have you been living under a rock?!? ;) you'll give them a try :)

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- Us -> READ ME <-



Review: "The last true hero" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Book 2 in series Burned lands
Main characters: Adam McClain and Mia Grey

I got the ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) you guys... I thought I knew what I should prepare for, after reading and loving the first book in this series, but boy was I wrong... :) in the best possible way of course :) that first story was full of action and surprising turns of events that I did not see coming... like, at all... ;) so I thought that maybe this time I would be better at predicting some stuff... nope, not even close :) but oh how entertaining it was :) even though it's a sequel, this story works as a standalone as well, but I do feel the need to warn you, that you will be spoiled about certain things that we discovered in book #1, particularly when it comes to the main character in this one... but when it comes to the world and rules, everything is explained :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple and the world they live in :)

First of all, this whole series gives me the biggest "Mad Max Fury Road" vibes :) and I am mentioning only this one movie, instead of the whole franchise, because it's the only movie I saw so far ;) save the gasps, I will see the rest at some point ;) but back to the topic of this review, which is this amazing book :) it's set in this postapocalyptic world where a lot of people live in Wastelands... or Badlands... or other appropriately named places ;) there are of course other areas, but so far we haven't really explored them :) and the way Bec McMaster describes this world... oh how truly talented she is... :) you feel like you're in the middle of an action movie, packed with surprising turns of events and visually stunning images... don't get me wrong, this world is bleak and harsh, but the way Bec describes it... I honestly felt like I was watching a movie this whole time :) this story takes place about a year after the end of the previous one, when Adam, who we met before, is staying for a bit longer in one place... mainly because Mia is there... ;) he is a bounty hunter with a very dark secret... and yes, that secret is one of the major and surprising spoilers from that first book you will encounter if you skip the previous story... and she is a bar owner in one of the little settlements... both of them had some events in their pasts, some darker and harder than others... but I love how strong each of them are... you have to be, to survive in that world... they flirt a little bit, but nothing more comes out of it... until, that is, when her sister, among some other people, is kidnapped... and he joins Mia and others to help them rescue those people... I know I'm being vague, but I cannot possibly spoil you anything... I want you to be as shcoked as I was at certain things when I read this book :) theirs is definitely a fast paced relationship, that evolves a bit in the background of all the action that they are involved with... but I loved it just the same :) it really worked with the world and stories that Bec creates for this series :) I already can't wait to read another one... and speaking of it... ;)

When it comes to secondary characters, I really loved that we met a whole bunch of new ones... :) as much as I adored people from that first story, I was very excited to expand my knowledge of both this world and people in it :) especially since all of them were complex and not easy to put into just one category... none of them were perfect, each and everyone of them flawed and with mistakes in their lives... but that's what made them human... I appreciate how Bec always writes complicated characters that you can't help but sympathise with or to root for them, even though they are not always considered to be *the good guys* :) now I am dying to get my hands on book #3... and no, I won't tell you guys who will be the main couple, although we get to know those informations at the end of this story, but it's definitely too spoilerific to put in my review ;) #SorryNotSorry :) what I definitely hope for, is actually that this series won't end as a trilogy... mainly because there is one person in particular that we met in this book... I'm not gonna even say if it's a man or a woman, that I absolutely NEED TO read about :) fingers crossed I will get my way... and trust me, you'll know who I'm talking about when you read the book and then we can hope for that story together :) not to mention the fact that it's such a vast and complex world, that there could be many... many stories ahead for us :)

I adored every part of this book... I could not put it down... I kept reading it whenever I had free time... which was not a lot... stupid adulting ;) but I read it whenever I could... and like one time when I really shouldn't... ;) but it was sooo good... #NoRegrets ;) I inhaled it surprisingly quickly... ;) mainly because there were tons of surprises along the way that kept me glued to my kindle, reading chapter after chapter, because I simply had to know what's gonna happen next :) but like I mentioned before, I was completely unprepared for those surprises along the way ;) yet again I was gasping like a lunatic in the middle of the bus on my way to work... but I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't really care about anything else besides reading the next chapter ;) this story was full of action... we are thrown right into the middle of it from the very start, and the tempo does not slow down... but worry not, there's plenty of character development as well :) so even if the book itself does not take place over a very long amount of time, you get to see our characters grow and change :) this book and this series in general, is definitely one of those drop-everything-and-read-it-NOW types of stories :) I would love to tell you more about the characters and events in it, but it's gonna be sooooo much better if you guys just trust me how amazing it is and see for yourselves... and then we can fangirl about it together ;) you can thank me later... now when that third book is coming out...? ;)



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Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite paranormal romance

Are you ready for a brand new #Bookmarks2016 category? ;) and do I have an interesting one for you today... ;) paranormal romance is definitely a very vague description, but that's what I love about it... ;) cause a lot of great books can be counted as this one ;) as always, at least this year, you will get my winner and then J's pick as well :) J being my lovely sister :) unfortunately I don't have a full review of the book she chose, and the later books in that series I do have reviews for, can be too spoilerific, so you're just gonna have to trust us, because it's an amazing series worth reading :) but first, let me share with you guys my winner :)

Well... if we're being completely honest, "The deathsniffer's assistant" by Kate McIntyre is not really a *romance* ;) the beginning of The Faraday files series definitely has some romantic plots, but they are way in the background of all the other awesome stuff happening :) it's this steampunk-ish world full of amazing paranormal elements, with main characters that blew my mind :) it also has a mystery in each book, like a criminal case, and some overall bigger plots that will keep you guessing ;) the friendship between our main characters and their interactions definitely remind me of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson dynamics, except in this case Sherlock is actually Olivia Faraday ;) for more details about this phenomenal book be sure to follow the link below to my full review :)

J: for me there could really only be one winner... :) "Archangel's kiss" by Nalini Singh is the sequel in her Guild hunter series and I love it :) the whole series in general, but this book specifically ;) it takes place in an alternate version of our world, but with angels, archangels, vampires and a few unique creatures in it :) and since it's a sequel I can't really discuss it in as many details as I would like to why I adore it :) so let' just say that our main couple is in a very new and different place with their relationship, and that's very exciting to read about :) plus, we already know the world and the rules in it, so it's that much easier to dive straight into the story :) and since the action takes place majorly in one place, a new place for us to see by the way, there are quite a few new characters introduced and a whole lot of great interactions between them all :)

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Review: "Royal scandal" by Marquita Valentine

Book 1 in series Royals in exile
Main characters: Colin Sinclair and Della Hughes

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) I am shocked people... shocked I tell ya!!! ;) by how much I absolutely ADORED this book :) it was only my second story written by the amazingly talented Marquita Valentine and it's another one that I completely fell in love with :) now I cannot wait even more to check out all of her other work :) but let's go back to the actual topic of this review, which is the beginning of a brand new series :) so how about I will tell you a bit more about our main couple and the situation they are in :)

Soooo... Colin is a prince... a literal prince :) with a country and castles and everything... or to be more precise, he HAD all that.. because after the assassination of his parents, he and his siblings were forced to leave their home... and now they've been living in the US for about ten years :) Colin, being the oldest and most responsible of them all, is also definitely the most serious one of them all as well :) he takes care of everyone, assuming the role of a father for his two youngest brothers... but I will talk a bit more about the rest of the siblings later :) even though he's this serious guy, he also has a bit lighter side :) he's very honest... or as honest as he can be when it comes to certain facts that he can't share... :) not to mention that he uses only like my favourite term of endearment ever... *love* and I just melt every time I hear it... ;) especially since I know he says it with that sexy british accent... seriously,,, I'm in a puddle all over the floor ;) #NoRegrets ;) so naturally I loved him :) but what's even more surprising is that I loved Della as much as I adored him :) she loves Disney, and I can sooooo relate to that ;) and has this amazing sense of humor :) I swear you guys, the internal dialogues she has with her hormones are just hilarious :) I don't really want to say too much about how and why they actually get together, besides the obvious they-get-married-because-of-political-ish-reasons-but-it-is-in-the-synopsis-so-it-is-not-a-spoiler :) because I truly think that you will enjoy this story sooo much more without too much details ;) but what I CAN say is that I adored their interactions... they've been friends first, for years... not knowing they actually have feelings for each other... so when that friendship starts to grow into something more *fans herself* sparks fly ;)

Now about those other siblings... ;) I'm not gonna mention the two youngest brothers, although they are quite adorable :) instead I will focus a bit on the other three, because if I'm assuming correctly, all of them will get their own stories ;) and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for all of them :) so we have Theo, the younger brother and a total playboy / player... ;) he seems like this easy-going character, but there are little glimpses here and there about how much more there is to him... and I am very curious who will catch his attention for longer... ;) and then we have the twin girls... Imogen, the future queen and Charlotte :) Imogen is the more crazy and brave one, doing whatever she wants and Charlotte seems like the more timid one... and since she is the heroine of the second book, after seeing that very interesting little teaser at the end of this book about her and... well, I'm not gonna spoil you on the hero of her book, but let me just say... damn... ;) I need it like ASAP :) all of them are different and I liked them all for different reasons, which only makes it that much harder to wait for their own stories... :) so you should read this one as well and then we can suffer together ;)

I cannot find words good enough to describe how much I adored this story :) I can't really find any bad things to say about it :) it was written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from Dells's point of view as well as from Colin's :) and they were written so well... this whole book was written in a fantastic way if we're being honest :) I was absolutely entertained :) the dialogues were hilarious, the interactions were hot or sweet or emotional... depending on the scene of course :) I am absolutely in love with those people and I'm very eagerly anticipating new additions to this series :) I can highly recommend you guys this absolutely fun and sweet story and I hope you will give it a try :) especially if you are in need of a book that wil make you laugh out loud and brighten your day ;)

I haven't done that in a really long time, but I just had to put some of the quotes from the book in my review... ;) you will understand when you will get those few glimpses into the awesomeness that awaits you in this story... trust me, there's much more where these few came from :) happy reading :)

Part of the conversation between Colin and Della when he explains everything :) a part with one of her internal dialogues :)
"'I guess you can try to explain to me why you have a sudden need to confess your secrets and propose.'
Why do I care?
Because in your dreams, he was always on one knee and holding up a diamond ring.
That's ridiculous.
You're ridiculous.
You'll get no argument from me."

Part of that same conversation, just a little bit later :)
"'Still seems weird that you're a prince.'
'If if helps, you don't have to call me by my title or Your Highness.'
She rolls her eyes. Weirdly enough, I'm relieved by that. It means she still sees me as Colin and not a crown prince. 'I'd have to be high before I call you that.'
I chuckle. 'I know this is a little out of the box, but it can work.'
'Out of the box? There is no box.'
'There is, however, a tiara. Might I interest you in that?'"

Part of yet another conversation between them after a bit of a... well, more heated moment ;) Della first :)
"'I mean that you don't look like, or even breathe like, we were at the beginning of a huge make-out session.'
'Trust me, my body is one hundred percent aware of what we were doing. I don't think I need to show you how hard I am for you... unless you don't believe me and need to investigate for yourself.'
My fork almost slips from my hand, but I catch myself in time. 'I believe you.'
'Too bad because I'd looked forward to your inspection.' With a slight smirk, he takes a drink and all I can think is What have I gotten myself into? followed by Who cares, you know you wanted to see his royal appendage. Tell him you'll be happy to see if he measures up to your royal measurements.
This is why I don't consult my hormones when it comes to Colin. Ever.
They've never been reasonable.
I bet he's royally endowed."

And the last one when he takes her to a castle his family owns :) Della first :)
"'And we're staying there?'
I glance at the castle again, it's looming larger and larger the closer we get to town. 'Is there a dungeon?'
'Not anymore.'
'A moat?'
'Not anymore.'
I give him a look. 'Are you sure this is a real castle?'"



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Bookmarks 2016 :) favourite beginning of a series

Hello again my lovely people to yet another category of #Bookmarks2016 ;) and this was another one where I really had troubles picking out my winner... because I started surprisingly a lot of series last year... and quite a few of them were really fantastic ;) you'll get a bonus book rec from my awesome sister as well, who discovered one of my beloved series last year ;) but first, let me start with the winner of this cateogry... drumroll, please, because this book is so amazing it deserves this.. ;)

"The emperor's edge" by Lindsay Buroker is the beginning of a series named the same :) and I will be forever grateful to my lovely #BookBestie K for recommending me this amazing series :) because I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard as I did on these books... I read so far only two of them... #TooMuchBooksTooLittleTime ;) but I loved them both immensly :) it's such an entertaining mix of steampunk and fantasy vibes, with such an unusual group of characters at the center of it all... *sighs* you all need to read them :) I will have a link to my full review below, so be sure to check that out for many reasons why you need this story in your lives :)

J: I had to pick "Truth or beard" by Penny Reid, that starts her Winston brothers series :) when I met those guys in one of her Knitting in the city books... there will be A's full reviw of this book below where you can find all the details about which book I'm talking about, I immediately fell in love with that whole family :) so I was very curious about this sort of a spin-off series... so imagine my joy when I read this first book and discovered how truly amazing it is :) with each book I read about them, I love them even more... if that's even possible ;) it takes place in a small town and it's full of such entertaining interactions between all the siblings... trust me, you all need it :) what more can you want? only more books about them... ;)

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- Truth or beard -> READ ME <-



Review: "Wondering sight" by Melissa McShane

Book 2 in series The extraordinaries
Main character: Sophia Westlake

I got the ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review :) it was my second book ever from this author that I had the pleasure of reading... and the pleasure was definitely all mine ;) I adore her writing style and I'm definitely looking forward to checking out her other work... ;) but maybe for today, let us concentrate on the topic of this particular review, which is the sequel in her new series :) but don't worry, even if you haven't read the first book, this one works perfectly well as a standalone :) you get all the informations and explanations necessary to understand the world and to follow the story, so if this one interests you more, you can start here... although I highly recommend you to start at the beginning, because that first story was amazing as well ;) ok, now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the world and our main character :)

This is an alternate version of our world... it's set in the past, around the time of war with Napoleon... but it's not your average historical story... oh no... it has some very cool paranormal elements :) how cool? oh I'll tell ya ;) some people have Talents :) and even fewer people have Extraordinary Talents, which means they are even better and more unique :) each book in this series, and there are going to be eight in total, will revolve around a different woman with an Extraordinary Talent :) I don't want to say too much, but I will give you a few glimpses / examples :) you can be a Scorcher, like Elinor, the heroine from the first story, which means you can start, and extinguish if you're an Extraordinary Scorcher like her, fire :) you can be a Seer, like Sophia, which gives you an ability to Dream about the past and the future, or have Visions connected to certain objects :) or you can be a Bounder, which long story short, means you are a teleporter :) these are just a few examples, and trust me, I am simplifying the hell out of every Talent, because I am not qualified to explain it as lovely and thoroughly as the wonderful Melissa does in her books :) so trust me, you'll understand everything while you read the books :) now that you know a bit more about the world, how about I will tell you something about Sophia, our heroine :) and a few other important people in this story :)

Sophia... it's really hard to describe her in just a few sentences, and we don't have a whole day for an in depth analysis ;) she's an Extraordinary Seer and, well... she can be very stubborn ;) she has an analytical mind and the whole book revolves around her wanting justice and revenge for someone who wronged her... I know it's a bit vague, and I know that there's a bit more about this whole situation in the synopsis, but I feel like that's all you need to know about that situation ;) she's a very complex character, and even though I didn't agree with some things she did or said, ultimately I couldn't help but like her... she's flawed and human in the best possible way... I don't know how and when exactly, but I grew to really adore her over the course of the book :) so again, I don't want to say too much about her, because I think it's better if you guys just go with an open mind into the story and make up your own mind about her :)

Before I go into my overall thoughts and feelings about this book, I want to mention to you guys a few people that I adored :) and I will leave my fave person for last ;) we have Cecy and her husband Lewis, Cecy is Sophia'a best friend and I adored how much they care for each other... they forgive the mistakes and support each other in hardships and it was just so nice to see a friendship like that :) there is also a certain gentleman, I won't share his name, but trust me... you'll know him when you see him ;) that warmed my heart... although the romance part of this story was waaaayyy in the background, I adored every little scene between him and Sophia... :) and of course Daphne, my favourite person in this story ;) she's an Extraordinary Bounder and such a fun character ;) you have no idea how happy I am that she will be the heroine of the next story... I cannot wait to learn more about her and see what awaits her in the future :)

I was thinking hard after finishing this book how exactly to rate it, but ultimately I decided on full 5 stars... even though I enjoyed the first book a bit more, I realized this one also deserves 5 stars :) I mean... the world building is absolutely amazing, I loved getting to know more details about different Talents... meeting new people, and absolutely falling in love with them ;) not to mention that Melissa's writing style is... just... *sighs* so beautiful :) people, descriptions and all dialogues... *sighs again because once is not enough* ;) her writing style pulls you in and let's you immerse into the book... and before you know it, you're reading the very last chapter ;) and don't even get me started on the story... don't even try to predict what will happen next, because there were quite a few surprising turns and twists that made me gasp so hard I almost hyperventilated ;) #NoJoke ;) I highly recommend you guys this book, and this whole series in general, because it's a fantastically written world with a unique and interesting premise and complex characters, that will pull you in immediately ;)



Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #48

Almost book haul
All the stuff
Great movie rec

Hello my lovely people :) are you ready for the start of this new week? I hope you are, because I'm definitely excited for all the things happening in the near future ;) and since I've been, and still am, super busy recently, how about we go straight into the good stuff ;) and once more let's not stick to the order of those headlines... organized chaos is my nickname recently, so it works perfectly ;)

So I will start right in the middle ;) and first of all, let me explain, because the words *all the stuff* can mean pretty much everything ;) but it was the shortest way of describing how busy I've been lately... and it's still gonna be a while ;) why am I sooo busy? oh, I'll tell ya ;) first of all, my job :) I am getting more and more responsibilities there, which is a good thing, because it means they trust me to actually be good at them ;) I'm not gonna go into details, but let's just say I'm glad I have such a big desk there... ;) because the amount of papers on it just keeps getting bigger and bigger ;) the stuff on the blog front is also going well :) I am around the middle of announcing to you guys the winners of #Bookmarks2016 :) there are quite a few interesting categories before us, so if you want to make sure you won't miss anything, just mark this tag right here -> Bookmarks 2016 <- :) not to mention all the lovely books I have on my kindle, sent to me from publishers and authors *sighs happily* and now that I am not drowning in books I HAVE TO read before a certain deadline, I actually read more than I used to ;) when I can choose and skip as I please between genres, authors and series, I am discovering the joy of reading all over again... but me reading more equals more work on the blog, writing and editing reviews for you guys ;) so now I am in the middle of working out a good balance between reading and actually writing reviews before I forget what I read about ;)

Now let me skip back to the beginning of those headlines... do you guys remember when a few weeks back I told you there's a HUGE book haul coming your way? it's almost here :) I am waiting for just one more book, and it's on the way :) well, I am technically waiting for two books, but that second one will get here in the second half of february, so I will haul it with my february books for you :) I am predicting that my last book will get to me this week, so hopefully I can share with you guys all the awesome books I got in my next #RandomRamblings post :) but since I can't control myself, I wanted to share with you guys a little teaser of at least the amount of books I got :) I can't wait for that very last one to come, because then I will be able to put all of them on my shelves and it's gonna be sooo pretty :)

Last but not least, I want to share with you guys a movie recommendation :) I went to see "The great wall" on friday with my family and absolutely loved it :) it was visually stunning, full of action and adventure and I enjoyed myself immensly :) if you are looking for a great entertainment, definitely go check it out on the big screen ;) I have a trailer for you guys right below if you don't know what it's about :)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed my little #RandomRamblings post :) I will see you very soon with all sorts of amazing reviews and #Bookmarks2016 winners, because trust me... it's gonna be a very busy week ;) as always, I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account cause I check those every day :)



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Bookmarks 2016 favourite musician

Today I have for you guys a category that had one of the easiest winners this year :) and that is... favourite musician :) J, my lovely sister will share with you guys her pick as well :) and after that we will take a short / weekend break and come back to all the good stuff on monday :) I read both books mentioned in this post when I already had my blog, so I will leave both links to my full reviews below :) that being said, without additonal delay, let me get straight into... ;)

If you know me a little and / or you've been following my reviews you guys probably could guess that Mal would win this... ;) I mean, come on... I have been saying only the bestest things... and yes, that is totally a word ;) about "Play", book #2 in Stage Dive series written by the amazing Kylie Scott :) Mal, the hero of that story, is just... *sighs dreamily* he says the most unpredictable and deliciously innapropriate things... ;) he's hot and hilarious, with a surprisingly vulnerable side... but again... the things he says... :) they will make you either laugh out loud, or blush... or both at the same time :) I highly recommend you this book, and this series in general, if you need a fantastic story with excellent writing style :)

J: I really tried to pick different winners than A in every category, and saying that I am perfectly aware that A picked him as the winner for this category last year... and even though I read plenty of books about musicians so I should be able to choose someone else... when I hear the words *favourite musician* my mind goes straight to Noah St. John :) so I decided not to fight myself on this one :) he's the hero of "Rock redemption" by Nalini Singh, book #3 in her Rock kiss series and... well... his is a story that breaks my heart every time... Noah and Kit... I can't even begin to tell you how many times I cried on that book... the scene with the teddy bear always make me tear up... theirs is a relationship with a lot of obstacles, but they care about each other too much not to give it a try... and Noah... oh how he broke my heart... this whole book is just so heartbreaking, but in the best possible way, with a beautiful happy ending, and it has a special place in my heart... :)

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