Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Review: "Wounded" by Abby Brooks

Author: Abby Brooks
Title: "Wounded"
Book 1 in series Brookside romance
Main characters: Liam McGuire and Bailey Schultz

When I was looking for small town recommendations in my trusted online group, this was one of the suggestions... :) I'm not sure why, but out of all of them, this one, along with a few others, captured my attention a bit more, so I bumped it higher on my list to read :) and it was definitely the right move, cause I really liked it :) it's the first one in a series, but ends without any cliffhangers whatsoever, so don't worry :) other books in it revolve around some characters we meet in this first novel, and I am definitely looking forward to read at least some of them :) but for now, let me tell you a bit more about this particular story :)

Our main characters... :) let's start with Liam :) he's a pop star... one of those where it doesn't matter what you sing as long as you look good doing it... his words, not mine :) so when accident lefts him with a scar on his face, his future gets shaky... hospital is actually the place where he meets Bailey :) she's a nurse, and definitely a one with don't-mess-with-me attitude ;) she's not charmed by him at all... :) she has a troubled past, with her parents dying in a car accident a few years ago, and not-so-great relationship with her brother, she's not easy at making friends... but somehow she ends up helping Liam stay in her town while he recovers in peace... I won't say any more details about that particular situation, cause I don't want to spoil you certain events and decisions, so let's just move on :) theirs is definitely a bit of hate-to-love relationships, which is usually not my thing, but here it was more of a witty and sarcastic banter, so I actually quite enjoyed it :) I don't really want to get into too many details about how they got together and what happened next, mainly because it would involve some major spoilers that absolutely surprised me along the way, and I want you to be surprised as well ;) so now I will jump into all the reasons why I gave this awesome story 4,5 stars :)

First of all, the writing style :) this one is written in my favourite way, which is 2 POVs, and that means we got chapters from both Liam and Bailey in this story ;) not only that, but the writing style itself is very entertaining :) I think that's the main reason why certain behaviour didn't bother me... because the author made me understand why those people acted the way they did... the banter between our main couple is hilarious, but if you think the whole book is light then think again... because I was blindsided by the emotional aspects of it, that made me cry on my way to work on the subway... a great read :) although I have to say that my absolutely favourite character was Lexi, Bailey's best friend and a single mom... she is the heroine of one of the books in this series and I am tempted to skip ahead and read hers out of order :) we'll see how that will go :) I really loved this book... yeah, it wasn't perfect, but the interactions between our main couple, how their relationship changed within the pages of this story... how each of them changed and grew... *sighs happily* it was a joy to read and I highly recommend you guys to give it a try :) I certainly will go back to read more stories from this series, and generally written by this author :)



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