Thursday, December 7, 2017

Review: "Ready to fall" by Daisy Prescott

Book 1 in series Wingmen
Main characters: John Day and Diane Watson

I had this author on my radar for quite a while now, but I just couldn't pick up her books... don't ask me why, cause there's no logical reason... ;) but recently I asked my trusted online group for recommendations about small town, very low angst, preferably slow burn romances, and this series was one of the very first responses... :) so I figured this is the perfect time to give it a try... :) and I absolutely adored this story :) it's the beginning of a spin-off series, but worry not if you are not familiar with other books by Daisy Prescott, cause it was my very first novel by her, and I enjoyed it immensly without the knowledge about any of her other stories... although fair warning: you absolutely will want to go back and read those other books :) but for now, let's concentrate on the topic of this particular review :) I'm gonna start with our main characters :)

What can I say to you about John and Diane? :) John is this tall, bearded, manly... *sighs dreamily* where was I? sorry, got distracted there for a moment thinking about him :) moving on :) he lives on a small island, and works, or possibly owns, cause I don't remember that particular detail at this moment and I didn't write it down in my notes ;) for a logger company :) he's friends with Maggie, his next door neighbour... side note: she already has a book about her and I am definitely reading that one soon ;) but now that she's somewhere else for a few months, she rented her cabin to Diane :) Diane is finishing up a divorce and looking for a quite place to stand back on her feet... what I adore about them is that they are both in their thirties and actually act like adults... :) you have no idea how infuriating this is for me, when I read about characters who are supposed to be my age or higher, and they act like teenagers... ugh... it's one of my book-ish pet peeves... so every time I find a book like this one, it's like a breath of much needed fresh air, that makes me smile all the time :) what's even better, John and Diane start out as friends... truly, just friends :) he's actually involved with someone else at the beginning... :) and I adored that dynamic... seeing how it changes over the course of time she spends on the island... how they get to know each other better.. *sighs happily* it was a wonderful story :)

This was my first read of a book by Daisy Prescott, but it will definitely not be the last ;) I already have on my kindle the second novel in this series, about Tom, the perpetual flirt, and I am very curious to see him as the main hero :) my sister J already read it and she says it's amazing as well, so my expectations are high :) but back to this story :) it was definitely right up my alley :) a slow burn romance, with adult people who acted like adults, and a phenomenal writing style that made chapters just flew by... :) what's even more interesting is that the whole book is written from John's perspective, which is actually very unusual... or maybe I just haven't read more books like that :) but I very much enjoyed it :) it was definitely unique, and in my opinion done really well :) I loved the relationship between our main couple, the honesty, how they started as friends... I inhaled this book... because of the fantastic writing style, I finished it before I knew what was happening... I just couldn't put it down :) and since recently I was in some sort of reading slump a bit... when I am not really sure what I want to read, but also because I am super busy and stressed out at work, it's hard to unwind at home... but this book definitely helped with that situation :) so if you are looking for a charming romance that will make you smile all the time, and you haven't read this one yet, definitely give this gem a try :) I highly recommend it :)



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