Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Review: "Making faces" by Amy Harmon

Author: Amy Harmon
Main characters: Ambrose Young and Fern Taylor

When I read The bird and the sword chronicles by Amy Harmon earlier this year, I fell in love with her writing style... it's mesmerizing, enchanting, whimsical... beautiful is not good enough adjective to describe it... but since it was a fantasy series, I wasn't sure if her contemporary stories will have the same... quality is not the right word... I was afraid that the vibe will be different... but oh how wrong I have been... after loving that series I decided to try one of her other stories, and since I heard the most praises about "Making faces" I bought that one... it came, and then spent several weeks on my shelf, waiting for me to have the right mood to pick it up... until a certain saturday when I suddenly felt the need to read that story... and to read it in one sitting... it's been ages since I did it, mainly cause I am super busy and taking a few hours at once to read a book usually feels like I am wasting time that I could spend more productive... but we are not gonna talk about that right now :) and that saturday I knew I would be able to relax and take my time to truly appreciate this story... you can't understand, because I have no words good enough to describe my feelings right now, but it was the best decision I've made in a long time... I am sitting here, writing the original, pre-edited version of this review when the book is still sitting on the nightstand next to me, and the tears hadn't yet fully dried on my face, because I know... I just know I won't be able to do anything else... to just go back to my life before I spill all the thoughts and feelings that I have about it into words... I'm tempted to add a paragraph at the end filled with spoilery things, because I feel like I need to talk about them, but we'll see how it goes... don't worry, if I decide to do that, I will mark it very clearly, so all of you who don't want to know anything can easily avoid it...

So what can I tell you about this book and the characters in it... to be perfectly honest I wish that me saying that this book is perfection would be enough for every one who will read this review, to give it a try... I knew very little... next to nothing really, before I picked it up... and this way it made an even bigger impression on me... I did not expect this story to unfold over that amount of time... I did not expect certain characters to be as important or as dear to my heart as they were... and I certainly did not expect to get so emotional... to feel so overwhelmed by everything I was reading about, that I end up sobbing curled in my reading chair on a saturday eveing, crying so much that my eyes were puffy and I was afraid I would get dehydrated... so I am not gonna be sorry for being vague, and not sharing as much as maybe you would like to know... you can always check other reviews for that... that's why I decided within the last few minutes since I wrote that earlier sentence, that I won't have any spoilers in my review :) so worry not and read it till the end :) in fact, there will be just one more paragraph, filled with my spoiler free thoughts and feelings, where I will try and add at least some details about characters and the plot, without giving away too much...

Putting this book only in the *romance* category is a huge understatement... trust me, there's nothing wrong with books that are *just romances* and I have no problems with them, but it's a subject for a whole other post... :) this book, this story is so much more... it's a tale of love, yes... but also of friendship, loss, change, what it means to be brave... what it means to be beautiful... filled with multidimensional characters that you immediately fall in love with... I see a lot of myself in Fern, the heroine... or maybe I would like to see a lot of myself in her, because she is such a wonderful person :) her light and goodness shines from every page... and Ambrose, the hero... my heart ached for him... but the one who truly stole my heart was Bailey... he's Fern's best friend... who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy... he made me laugh and cry, a hidden gem I so unexpectedly found within the pages of this novel... I could tell you that the book starts when all of them are in high school... I could tell that it takes place over the span of a few years... I could tell you more about certain events at least from the beginning of the story, to paint you a better picture what it's about, but I won't do it... I am still shaken and utterly impressed with this book and it's partially because I knew next to nothing going into it... I did not expect to love it as much as I did... I did not expect to cry my eyes out and laugh out loud and sigh happily, but I did... I am still processing everything and honestly... I cannot find adjectives good enough to describe how much I loved this novel... how beautiful the message in it was... how phenomenal the writing style was... so please, just go and read it... if you follow my blog and my reviews for a while and trust my opinions, go read it without any additional questions... if this is the first review I wrote that you are reading, take a leap of faith and go read that book... because it needs to be read by every one... I am not kidding... those words, this story... will change you for the better... just be sure to pick it up when you have the time to read all of it in peace... because you won't be able to put it down... I just finished it and I already want to re-read it, but I am not emotionally ready to do it... but I will go back and find some of my favourite quotes, cause I was so swept away when I read it, that I did not mark anything down... and some of those quotes... *sighs* they moved me deep within and I need to remember them... so please, go get this amazing gem... read it, and let yourselves be better...



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