Friday, December 22, 2017

Review: "Licked" by Brooke Blaine

Author: Brooke Blaine
Title: "Licked"
Book 1 in series L.A. liaisons
Main characters: Hunter Morgan and Ryleigh Phillips

This story was soooo much fun :) I previously read only PresLocke series Brooke wrote with Ella Frank, and I absolutely adored it, so I was very curious to see how I will feel about her own books... and I have to say she did not disappoint :) I had such a blast reading this story, and since it's the first one in a series, I am very excited to read the sequels very soon :) don't worry, there is no cliffhangers in this one, each of the books concentrates on another couple within the same circle of friends :) so let me tell you a bit more about the story and our main couple :)

Ryleigh was a fantastic character... except for one thing she did, that she knew she shouldn't but she did it anyway, and that's the main reason why I rate this book 4,5 instead of full five stars :) but besides that, I adored her :) she was hilarious and original, with the way she looks and the business she owns... because Ryleigh owns an ice cream shop... filled with sundaes with names full of puns... naughty puns I have to add ;) I want to visit a place like this soooo badly... ;) she reconnects during a high school reunion with Cameron, a guy she had a crush on, but... let's just say they cannot catch a break :) soon after she meets Hunter... *sighs dreamily* I'm sorry, where was I? got distracted there for a moment thinking about him again... *sighs* ok, get a grip woman :) Hunter is a contractor with his own business, and he's actually Cameron's roommate, who offers to help Ryleigh when she's in a bind :) it's a much more complicated situation and I don't want to get into all the details right now :) she definitely catches Hunter's atttention and... well... it gets very interesting from there ;) please, don't be discouraged if you think this is a love triangle or some sort of unhealthy rivalry between friends about the same woman... none of that :) I can't explain it with more details, cause I would spoil you a lot of stuff, but just trust me :) I hate those kind of messy situations and I would not love this book as much if it would be something like that :)

The whole story is written from Ryleigh's point of view and I have to say that I really wanted to see Hunter's perspective as well... but the writing style was hilarious and so entertaining that I can't complain ;) Brooke introduced us to a group of friends I immediately fell in love with, and I cannot wait to read about their stories... at least the ones that are already published :) I had so many things to say about this book after I finished it, but unfortunately I waited a bit too long before sitting down and writing my review... bad A... ;) but it's because life's been prety crazy, with work and everything and just... ugh... but this book was defintiely a ray of sunshine, and I hope you can forgive my small in details review and still pick it up if you haven't already :) it's a phenomenally written story with such colorful characters that you will read chapter by chapter, cause it will be impossible to put it down :) you will laugh out loud reading about all the shenanigans and adventures and wishing you can be a part of that fantastic group :) I highly recommend you guys to give this series, and this author in general, a try if you haven't already :)



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