Thursday, December 21, 2017

Review: "Kissing Tolstoy" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 1 in series Dear professor
Main characters: Luca Kroft and Anna Harris

I have to be honest from the very start... Penny Reid is my favourite author ever :) I always adore her stories, because they are smart, unique, with interesting and complex characters and they never go when I expect them to :) that being said, it's no surprise that I loved "Kissing Tolstoy" as well :) this is a story, something between a novella and full lenght novel, that started as a bonus for Penny's newsletter subscribers... she sent a new chapter each month within her newsletter, and it concluded this month :) the published version have a few additional chapters, but what I love the most about it, is that all of the profits she makes go to the charity :) in november it was one thing, and I was sure it would last only during that month, so imagine my joy when I discovered that in december, she chose a new charity, and all the profits from that month will bring a lot of joy to people as well :) it makes me want to buy that book all over again, so be sure to remember this little tidbit of information ;) since this is not a very lenghty book, my review will be a lot shorter than my other reviews of her books, cause I refuse to spoil you anything :) in fact, I will mainly focus on my thoughts and feelings about it instead of the plot ;)

If you think it will be like all other student / professor sort of stories, think again... at least I never read a book like this one, so there is a chance that similar stories are out there... :) if so, let me know, I would love to read them :) Penny always writes complex characters, and even if the story is shorter than I would like, she still makes me fall in love with them... :) additionally, it was the first book in what feels like forever, when the heroine is named like me :) not just similar... exactly like me... so trust me... whenever Luca said her name, I was a puddle on the floor... ;) already can't wait for the audiobook to actually hear that voice in my ears ;) speaking of writing... :) as always, it was that phenomenal and unique blend that is so Penny... :) we had chapters from both of our main characters points of view, but definitely too little from Luca... :) although don't get me wrong, I more than enjoyed Anna's inner monologues :) to be honest, I don't want to tell you anything else about the story, because the less you know, the more you will be surprised when it will sweep you of your feet, so just trust me on that one, and go read it :)



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