Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review: "A conjuring of light" by V. E. Schwab

Author: V. E. Schwab
Book 3 in series Shades of magic
Main characters: well, about that... ;)

This is the third and final book of the series... and wow... just... wow... I have no words good enough to describe how much I loved this conclusion... this whole series in general was amazing but the ending... *sighs dreamily* was phenomenal :) since this is the last book in a series where stories are extremely connected to one another and you really can't read them out of order... well, you can since I won't stand next to you and stop you if you really want to do it ;) but I highly recommend you to read them in order :) this definitely makes it harder for me to write this review :) so I will do this: the next paragraph will be about the whole series, characters and the world in general, without any spoilers whatsoever, so even if you are brand new to the series feel free to read it :) but the third and last paragraph will be filled with spoilers about the first two books... :) nothing spoilery about the book that is the centre of this particular review, but I cannot talk about it without sharing some major twists and surprises from those first two books :) ok, everything clear? than let's proceed to the total non spoilery section :)

Shades of magic trilogy is a series that took me a bit by surprise... oh, I heard the praises and the hype surrounding it, but... well, you guys know how it is... the hype is not always worth it :) but in this case... all those people were definitely right :) because these books are amazing :) it's a fantasy series set in a sort of alternate version of ours some time ago... I wanna say around early 1800s... but with a very interesting twist :) we have paralel worlds... with different countries and such, but all of them have a sort of London in the same place :) so there's Grey London, which is our world, where magic is basically nonexistent, there's Red London, where magic is thriving, White London, where magic is dying, and once there was also Black London... but magic got out of control there and consumed everything and everyone in its path... doesn't it sounds fascinating? and trust me, I am not doing justice to the whole world building, which is simply astounding in this series... I swear, V. E. Schwab is a master story teller... she woves such intricate pictures with her words... I felt like I was watching a movie... besides the amazing world, we cannot forget about the characters in it... *sighs dreamily* again, there are no words good enough to describe my love for them... all of them flawed and complex in the most beautiful and human way... making mistakes, but learning from them and accepting the consequences of their actions... I can name only two to avoid spoilers for those of you brand new to the series :) we have Kell, who comes from Red London and is an Antari, which means his magic is special and more powerful and allows him to travel between different Londons :) he's a messenger to the royal family of Red London, but his connection to them is much more complicated than that :) and then we have Lila, a thief from Grey London... clever, mysterious Lila... they meet when she steals something surprisingly valuable from him and... well... you're just gonna have to read the books to know more :) overall I have nothing but love for this series... the writing style is phenomenal... telling the epic tale, layered with complex characters and you all need to read it ;) don't even bother trying to predict where the story is going... I tried and gave up very quickly... because every time I thought I might know where we are heading, BAM! plot twist :) seriously, gasping with surprise was my main reaction during the whole trilogy :) so definitely go read it :) now that we have this spolier free part out of the way, let me tell you what I thought specifically about the conclusion :)

Ok, last warning people, spoilers from the first two books will begin right now :) I assume all of you who proceed read the other two stories, because I will be mentioning people and stuff without additional explanations :) ok, so we pick up right where we left of :) which is a good thing, and don't even get me started how happy I was to have the whole trilogy already on my shelf when I read that cliffhanger at the end of the second book :) we go back straight into the whole situation, with Kell trapped and dying in White London and Rhy dying back in Red London because of their connection... fortunately Lila helps save both of them :) unfortunately, it's only the beginning of their problems... Osaron, released thanks to Holland and using his body is out of White London and starting to take over Red one... the whole conclusion of the trilogy is concentrated on the efforts to defeat him... it's filled with action and surprises along the way... and it's definitely the one story that made me cry the most out of the whole three... *sighs* along with such serious conflicts there will be victims... and oh how my heart broke... I am still in denial about that one particular death... deep... deep denial... *sighs heavily* the character development was yet again fantastic in this book... I think my favourite ones were Rhy and Holland... Rhy, because he changed so much from that carefree prince from the beginning... and Holland... oh Holland... my opinion about him changed so much throughout this whole series... especially within the pages of this last book, where we got to see through flashbacks many parts of his story... I just wanted to hug him so much... his arch was my favourite one in the whole book... the whole novel was... again, I have no words good enough to describe how impressed am I by this story in particular and by the whole series in general :) I think it was an amazing conclusion to a fantastic series and I will definitely go back and re-read it many times in the future... you know, once I get hydrated again after all the tears I spilled while reading ;) I highly recommend this gem to all of you to get if you haven't already :)



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