Monday, December 25, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #88

Bookmarks 2017
Changes... changes everywhere
Reaching book-ish goals

Welcome my lovely people to the very last #RandomRamblings of 2017 ;) don't worry, there will still be four other posts this week, every day till friday, so plenty to read for you :) and this one... well, it's filled with all sorts of informations, so just keep on reading and I will tell you all about it :) let's start with...

Bookmarks 2017 :) it's the annual awards I am doing for the third time this year here on my blog :) if you haven't heard about them, or you are new, or new-ish, to my blog, let me explain :) throughout january I unveil all my favourites from the previous year... books, authors, series... the categories vary every year, because I adjust them to fit the books I read and loved :) there won't be any negative ones, because I like to focus on the good books I read... that's the main reason why all my categories are named "favourite..." for example: contemporary romance and so on... not "the best" just favourite for me :) and J, my lovely sister will do them again with me this year :) I am not sure how many categories there will be exactly, cause it's still #WorkInProgress, but I know there will be one new addition this year :) at the very end, right before I announce my favourite book of the year as the last category ;) I will tell you about some "honorable mentions"... as in books that were truly amazing but just missed the winning place by this much... you can't see me, but I'm holding my thumb and forefinger very close to each other... :) so they were super close to winning some categories, unfortunately I loved other books / authors a bit more, but ther are still amazing and you need to hear about them :) we'll see how many will fit that category :) I am also gonna have a specific dates of posting them, it won't be completely chaotic this time :) but it all fits into the second thing I want to talk to you guys about so just keep on reading to know more :)

I am planning to make some changes here... as in on my blog ;) no worries, nothing major :) BUT you will get back a weekly monday post :) not #RandomRamblings :) this will stay as an one-every-two-weeks kind of a post... mainly because it gives me more time to think about what I can talk to you about besides books ;) and speaking of... starting next monday you will get the very first #WeeklyWrapUp post :) I don't always have interesting things to talk about, but I do read all the time, so I will always have book-ish things to say to you guys :) so I am starting a new series, where I will tell you a bit about all the books I read, or partially read throughout the week :) I will post it each monday, and it will be all about the previous week :) that way I will have the time over the weekend to prepare it, and you will have a regular post from me :) going back to Bookmarks 2017 :) instead of doing each category separately... especially since I think I may have really a lot of them this year, I decided to do it differently this time :) each wednesday you will get a post with some categories... the first four, cause there are five wednesdays in january :) will include almost all winners, and the very last one will talk about the honorable mentions and that very last category, "favourite book" :) this way it will be easier for me to prepare and post everything and you will get lots and lots of great book recommendations in one place :) after january the only regular posts will be #WeeklyWrapUps every monday, #RandomRamblings every second monday and my #BooksICan'tWaitToGetMyHandsOn post at the end of each month :) I was thinking about maybe doing a more regular schedule, like review every thursday or something like that, but it won't work for two main reasons... #1 the majority of the books I'm signing up for from authors and publishers have very random dates, so it would be hard to keep that schedule... and #2 I recently discovered that restrictions when it comes to posting don't really work for me... when I have specific dates when I have to post, I have to read a certain amount of books to preapare reviews and it takes the joy out of reading for me... so I decided to not do this and just post reviews as the mood strikes me ;) there are weeks when I read so many stories that you will get a few of them... and there will be weeks where live will get crazy and busy and you will get just one review :) and we are all gonna be ok with that ;) and speaking of restrictions, plans and goals... ;)

Let's talk about the book-ish goals I did or did not achieve throughout this year... yeah... :) so I definitely reached my Goodreads goal :) I set it on 104, as in two books for each week of the year and I actuelly passed it somewhere in spetember :) overall I am gonna read 130+ books... I don't know the exact number, because we have still one week left in the year, and I will definitely finish some more novels... :) but next year I am going smaller... I am gonna set 52, as in one book for each week, although I know I am gonna reach it easily... I would probably reach 104 again, and more, but... these last few months I realized I'm getting into these small reading slumps... they last for a few days... a week at the latest, when I don't feel like reading at all.. and I want to give myself to take that time off from reading when I need it :) that is also connected to the fact that I did not achieve my other book-ish goal for the year... I wanted to read all books I got through NetGalley, at least the ones from 2016, and the ones I got from authors... and I failed at that goal horrendously... mainly because I firmly confirmed that I am a very mood reader... that's why monthly to-be-read lists don't work for me... I need freedom to be able to pick out whatever I'm gonna be in the mood to read at any given moment :) so I decided to stop signing up for books... I have a bunch of authors that I will always have time for, but not much else... this will give me time to go back and reach into that huge #BookMountain :) but instead of having lists for NetGalley books, or the ones I got from authors, I made genre lists :) I wrote down all my Kindle books into four categories: contemporary, historical, fantasy and paranormal :) I also put little asterisks next to the ones that I find most interesting, so that instead of stressing out and trying to choose between books only from authors, I will pick them solely based on what's the story is about :) it will definitely work much better for me :) I am already super excited about a bunch of them... I can't tell you how many hidden gems I discovered on my Kindle that I totally forgot about :)

That's it for my last #RandomRamblings of the year :) do you guys have any book-ish goals that you achieved and want to brag about? any plans for the next year you want to share? :) let me know on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, it's the easiest way to reach me... :) happy holidays :)



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