Monday, December 11, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #87

Working on balance and order
That Avengers trailer
Ups and downs of my recent trips to the movie theatre

Hello my awesome people :) can you believe we are already in the middle of december?!? :) I know... me neither ;) christmas is coming and fortunately I already have all of the presents at home, just ready to be wrapped... *sighs happily* I hate leaving it for the last days, because the amount of people in stores... *shudders* so we usually order most of it online about a month in advance and everyone is happy ;) I cannot wait for christmas and those few days off from work to really relax and unwind... and speaking of...

Lately I've been wound up pretty tight... a lot of little and bigger things added together to me feeling that way, but those previous months definitely took its tool on me... fortunately things are slowing down, both at work and with my blog, and I can finally take back control over stuff that are happening around me... :) so I've been definitely implementing some order and balance around myself... since I had so many things on my mind and so little time to actually do it, well... lately it's been chaotic... and the longer I am living in that sort of environment, the harder it is for me... I am definitely one of those people who thrive when there is order and balance around them... so I am back to working on achieving just that... I don't know, maybe it's the end of the year that's coming closer and closer that put me in that mood, or maybe it's just the right time for it but believe it or not, it's been super relaxing :) for example, I spent quite a few hours this past weekend, putting my kindle books in order :) I removed all of the old ARCs and books I've read and I know I won't read again... I made lists of different genres to find my next book... :) before, I had different lists of books that I got through NetGalley, or from authors and such, but it made more difficult for me to find my next read when I was in certain moods... now if I'm gonna want to read for example a fantasy story, I have a list of all the books on my kindle within that category, with little asterisks next to some of them, marking the most interesting ones to me :) it took me hours to make, mainly because I had to check a lot of those books on Goodreads, but I found so many hidden gems... :) *squeels with excitement* if I could I would read all of them at the same time ;) but that's just the beginning of changes all around... I will share some of them once I actually successfully implement them into my life :)

I don't know if you heard or saw, but the very first full trailer for "Avengers infinity war" finally dropped recently :) and it looks sooo good :) I swear you guys, Marvel is on a roll recently... with a phenomenal "Thor Ragnarok", "Black panther" coming at the beginning of next year and then "Avengers infinity war"... :) I am sooo excited to see those new movies... I already saw the new Thor movie twice, sooo... ;) moving on :) if you missed it, I have for you that trailer below... :)

Speaking of going to the movie theatre, I've been a very frequent visitor there recently :) and I have a very long list of movies I want to see in the near future as well ;) like I mentioned, I saw "Thor Ragnarok" twice... *sighs dreamily* I would go even more, but there are too many movies I want to see and not enough time :) I also checked out "Bad moms 2" and had a blast :) it was sooo much fun :) I went to see "Justice league" as well, and it was definitely better than I expected, so I went to see it again with my sister J... or at least that was the plan... yeah... get ready for the *down* part of the paragraph... we were watching it, until suddenly, a bit more than halfway through the movie, the screen went blank and emergency lights came on... the movie theatre lost power... at this moment I should mention that it was friday evening, after a very long week, and the movie originally started around 7.30 PM... they said it's just a minor issue and the movie will begin shortly, so we waited... and waited... and waited some more... after 45 minutes everything was repaired... or so we thought... the movie did start again... almost from the beginning... ugh... at this point we were both so pissed that we just left... it was really late and we were both tired... but coming back to the ups... :) I saw "Murder in the Orient Express" :) believe it or not, I did not know the resolution to the mystery... well, at least until someone spoiled it to me a few days before I saw it... I think he didn't believe me when I said I don't know who was the killer... :) but even though I was spoiled, I thoroughly enjoyed myself :) in fact, I loved it so much, that when me and J got out of the movie, I asked her: "are all mystery / detective stories like that?" :) she laughed ;) I never was a big fan of those type of stories, but seeing the movie definitely inspired me to check some of them out :) so I decided to get a couple of Agatha Christie's books from my library :) and we see how it will go... :) if I enjoy them I will definitely ask J for some recommendations :)

Ok you guys, that is it for today's #RandomRamblings post :) be sure to come back in two weeks, to read my last #RandomRamblings post this year, because there will be lots and lots of news to share :) in the meantime, be sure to reach out to me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I love connecting with you :)



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