Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Review: "Valen" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Title: "Valen"
Book 3 in series Portal's gift
Main charactes: Valen and Elizabeth

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) I am a little bit sad at the moment, because we are at the end of the stories set in this world... at least for now, cause who knows what the future holds... ;) but as of today, this is the last book of a spin-off series of another series... :) I know, it sounds complicated, so I will explain everything below, share some general informations about the world and then tell you about my thoughts and feelings about this story :) but fair warning, it's definitely gonna be a shorter review than my usual ones, but since this is a novella, it shouldn't be a total surprise :)

So starting at the beginning, to truly understand all the connections and details about the world, cause it is a fantasy story... :) you should start with the original series: The chronicles of Erla :) each book revolves around a different woman who was transported through a transdimensional rift into a fantasy world of Jiva, full of kingdoms and queendoms, and all of them are connected to one another, especially because a lot of secondary characters appear throughout all of them :) after that one ended, we got a little bonus with Portal's gift series :) which consists of three novellas, telling a happy ending to certain secondary characters we met in that original series and fell in love with :) and this story, is the third and final installment in that second series :) and taking all that into account you can see there's really no way that I can tell you any details whatsoever about this particular story without spoiling some surprising twists and events from both series in general :) so let me jump into my thoughts and feelings about this one :)

What I think I love the most about Kat's stories, is that they are full of strong women :) and I don't mean that just in a physical way, although there are definitely some kick-ass warriors among them :) but there were also different type of strong women along the way, and each of them can bring something valuable to the table ;) and this one was no exception :) what I really loved about this novella is that we got to know a bit more about yet another new country in that world :) and even though the romance between our main couple was super fast... and you know me, I love when it takes some time to build ;) I liked the second big plot of the story... that I am not gonna spoil for you obviously ;) all in all, I gave this one 4,5 stars and highly recommend you guys to check out this author in general ;) her entertaining writing style and interesting characters always make such fun reads for me :)



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