Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Review: "Definition of flawed" by Lia Peele

Author: Lia Peele
Book 0,5 in series Definition
Main character: Scarlett Trent

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is a prequel novella to a new series, so my review won't be as long as usual as well, but I definitely enjoyed this story :) although enjoy feels like such a simple word to describe the complexity of everything that happens in it... so I'm gonna tell you a bit more about the story, and then my main thoughts and feelings about it, cause I want to avoid spoilers and giving away where this whole story might be headed... a small part of that is because I think I may be wrong in my predictions ;) so let's get into it :)

We meet Scarlett when she's finishing up college / university and working part time at a coffee shop :) that's where she meets Paul, who is quite a bit older than her... they hit it off and soon after get pretty serious... that's when she meets his son, Dev... and that is pretty much all I can tell you guys about the actual plot of the story :) since it's a novella, I don't want to spoil you certain events... so now I'm gonna change the subject to my thoughts and feelings about this story :) I gave it 4 stars... it was a really good beginning to a series... introducing us to the main characters, only scratching the surface of how complex they truly are... just in this novella I already saw characters grow and develop... yes, they were flawed and made mistakes, but it's only human... we are not perfect... I have to say that I absolutely adored the writing style... it was raw, honest and definitely left an impression... and it's a debut author, so that's even more impressive :) there are so many more things I want to tell you, but I have to stop myself from spoilers... so I'm just gonna add, that I highly recommend you to read this novella :) with really engaging writing style, great insight into the main characters, it's the perfect introduction to what shapes up to be a very interesting series... I am definitely intrigued, and can't wait to pick up the next installment as soon as it's available :)



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