Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Review: "City of lies" by Victoria Thompson

Book 1 in series Counterfeit lady
Main character: Elizabeth Miles

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) this was definitely a vey different read than what I was expecting... don't get me wrong, it was a good book and I liked it, but it definitely took me a while to reset my mind a bit :) cause what I expected was a romance, and what I actually got was... well... I'll tell you all about it in a moment :) this is the first book in a new series, but can be read as a standalone without any cliffhangers whatsoever :) this was also my first book ever written by this author and I will definitely go back to check out some of her other novels in the future :) so now let me tell you a bit more about the story and our main heroine and then share my thoughts and opinions about it :)

When I say that it's not really a romance I don't mean that there is none in the book... but it's definitely not the main focus :) let me explain from the start :) this story takes place in 1920s in United States, where we follow Elizabeth... she's very young... I wanna say 21 or 22, but don't remember precisely :) but she's very mature for her age... mainly because of all the things that happened in her life... because Elizabeth is actually a grifter, which basically means she's a con artist, and part of a bigger crew actually... the book starts when they trick a man into losing quite a lot of money... what they don't realize at the time, is that he's much more dangerous than they thought... so when something goes wrong, Elizabeth has to run... and since she's very clever, she decides to join a protest of women before the White House... and here's the biggest part of the plot in this book... a lot of things are revolving about women fighting for their right to vote :) so we follow Elizabeth and her journey with the women she meets and the romance is just a smaller subplot happening in the background... I don't really want to say any more details as to not spoil you on some twists and turns, so let me jump straight into my opinions about this story :)

You should probably know something about me as a reader before I get into my thoughts and feelings... I'm a romance reader... what that means is that basically I need a romance in a story to really enjoyed it... but recently I've been thinking about starting to broaden my horizons a bit when it comes to reading... :) and I think that this book was one of the reasons why :) I liked that Elizabeth and her actions was the main focus of the story... I didn't always liked what she did, but every time I understood her motivations... she was such interestingly flawed character... always concentrated on her survival, because that's what life taught her, I loved seeing her form new friendships with the women she met :) how they changed her and influenced her behaviour... the romance part was definitely in the background, and then it was resolved pretty quickly at the end... a bit too fast in my opinion... but the rest of the book was really good, that's why I gave it ultimately 4 stars :) I adored all the secondary characters in this story... as in all the women Elizabeth met along the way :) I am definitely very curious, since this is the beginning of a series, who will be the main heroine / hero of that second book... :) so if you are looking for an original read about strong women, and trust me... some of the things they had to go through in their fight... those scenes broke my heart... then definitely give this book a try :)



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