Monday, November 13, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #85

Finally seeing "Thor Ragnarok"
I take it ALL back
That time I almost peed my pants

Hello helo my awesome people :) I hope you are doing wonderful on the day when you are reading this :) or, you know... however you want to feel, no pressure ;) I have quite a few interesting things / stories to share with you today... as you can see from those intriguing headlines, so how about we jump straight into them, in order this time, cause I'm sure you all are very curious ;) and even if you're not, don't tell me that and burst my bubble ;)

So I finally saw "Thor Ragnarok" :) well, technically when I am writing this it's still weekend, and I am going to see it on monday, the day when I will post this #RandomRamblings post, but I have to have everything ready before, cause I'm gonna be home late and won't have time to prepare anything when I get back :) I was supposed to see it a couple of weeks ago actually, but knowing my luck, I caught a cold... yeah... good times... :) so my family went to see it without me... they all claim it's awesome... and that's pretty much the only opinion I hear about it, so I'm pretty sure I will love it as well... :) edited to add my super short review after actually watching it: no surprises there, but of course I LOVED IT!!! :) so if you haven't already seen it, let's watch together the trailer once again ;) and since I can't decide, I will share with you guys two trailers :)

To fully understand that second line of the headlines you need a bit of an explanation... so long story super short, it's all about audiobooks :) now for the slightly longer version... ;) I was never a fan of audiobooks... I always thought they will be like listening to lectures and I would not be able to actually listen to the story... like when I was in college and professors kept droning on and on... I just zoned out sometimes ;) I'm not sure why I thought that audiobooks would be just like that, since I haven't actually tried one before :) but lately I've been thinking more and more about actually giving one a try... it's definitely a more convenient way to read a book when you are busy and have lots of things to do, because when you listen, your hands are free to do other stuff :) plus, I've been hearing from very trusted sources some amazing praises about particular stories... so I decided to try out "Beard science" by Penny Reid, which was my favourite book of last year... if you want, you can read my full review of it  right here -> CLICK ME <- :) I just started my first re-read of that story, and figured out that since I'm in the mood for it, why not make it my first audiobook? especially since there are chapters from both main characters perspectives, which means we have a male and female voice narrators... I am only just a few chapters in, but I can already say... I TAKE IT ALL BACK ;) how could I have ever said that audiobooks are boring?!?!?!? :) *sighs dreamily* I can wholeheartedly agree with someone who once said to me, that audiobooks are like your favourite characters whispering to your ear... :) I'm already melting and I haven't even reached the good parts... as in all the love confessions or something like that :) but I can already tell you all... I'm definitely gonna listen to some more audiobooks in the future :)

Last but not least, let's get into the last headline... this particular story is also connected to listening to something... :) do you see a theme here? :) it's just a mood I've been recently... but I decided to check out some podcasts... :) I've been slowing down with my reading lately, and I am super ok with that :) in fact, I have only like two more books I have to read this year... as in I have deadlines for my reviews, but they are both due in december, so there's no pressure :) and you have no idea how happy I am with that situation :) but back to my story :) since I've been looking for things to listen to, especially on my way to and from work, I asked a trusted source for some podcast recommendations... and the first one I tried was a total hit :) I listened to only one episode so far, but it was on my way to work, and I was laughing so hard I thought I would pee my pants :) it's definitely an adult humor, so not suited for everyone, but if you like that kind of stuff, definitely try My dad wrote a porno :) it's a podcast where one guy, with two of his friends read out loud an erotic novel his father wrote and comment on it :) it's absolutely hilarious... go on, give it a try and you can thank me later, if you haven't heard about it before :)

Ok, that's a wrap my lovely people :) I hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings post today :) I love connecting with you all, so feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or Goodreads :) I check those every day :)



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