Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: "The demon girl's song" by Susan Jane Bigelow

Main character: Andin

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) this book has been sitting on my kindle for the longest time... I don't even want to admit how many months... but when it comes to fantasy stories... especially as unique and different as this one :) I have to be in a specific mood to really enjoy them :) so I'm very glad I waited for the right time to appreciate this novel :)

This is a standalone story that follows our main character, Andin... she is almost eighteen at the beginning of the book, and the whole novel takes place over the span of just a few months... at the beginning she lives in a small village in this giant empire, and has plans to leave it, to study at the university... what she doesn't know, is that her life will be much different than she expected... because one day, Andin gets a demon inside of her... and that is just the start of some crazy journey filled with surprises... :) there's not really anyting else I can share about the overall plot of the book, because it is filled with surprising twists and turns along the way and I don't want to spoil you anything, so let me jump into my thoughts and feelings about it ;)

I have to say that I quite enjoyed it ;) I didn't really expected that, so that was a nice surprise... :) Andid was a very interesting main character... yes, she started as this a bit obnoxious teenager, but I loved to see her growth and character development throughout the story... :) her interactions with the demon were very entertaining as well... not to mention that he also changed... the more time has passed, the more they merged together, influencing one another along the way... ;) even though I really want to say more about their adventures, I can't possibly do that without spoilers, so let's just say that don't be discouraged if you feel like the story is chaotic and a bit all over the place... it's all explained at the end... maybe not in as many details as I would like, but still ;) so don't get frustrated if not everything makes sense from the start and just go with the flow ;) the main theme of this book can be described with one word: surprising :) there were so many turns I did not expect, so many things that made me gasp in shock... I definitely enjoyed this story :) so if you are looking for a diffeent read, then give it a try :)



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