Monday, October 30, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #84

Tiny book-ish haul
That TV show
Songs of the moment 

Hello my awesome people :) would you mind terribly if I would complain just a little bit? ;) but fair warning, I am perfectly aware that this is a #FirstWorldProblem, but it's saturday night (I know you're gonna read it later, but it is what it is right now), it's super cold and windy and raining outside, and I should be sitting in the movie theatre right now watching the newest Thor movie... what am I doing instead? I'm sick :/ yep, been fighting some stupid cold all week long, while still working because #AdultingSucks, and it's finally caught up on me... so I am sneezing my brains out and just being all around miserable... *sighs heavily* ok, enough of that :) I'm gonna still watch it in a week or so, and on the bright side... I am finally in the mood to write... at least a little bit... cause I was struggling with my blog-ish stuff for the last few weeks like you have no idea... so I am defintely gonna use that mood to write as much as I possibly can before it passes again :) so let's get into those headlines :) in order this time :)

So first I have like a tiny little book-ish haul... and by that I mean I want to show you guys my four new bookmarks... :) don't expect another book haul until at least like mid january, cause I am on a self inflicted ban... :) I have way too many unread books on my shelves to keep buying more and more... if you want to be specific and are looking for a number... it's 65... yep... take a moment and look at that number... I have 65 unread books on my shelves... and that's not counting the four I am currently reading... and that's just talking about actual physical books... don't even get me started on eARCs / ebooks in general I have from NetGalley, authors and publishers, cause that number is way higher than 100... so the earliest when I will buy anything is like after christmas... or maybe even later, we shall see ;) for now, let me show you all the pretty bookmars I got :)

So from left to right we have: "Owl keep your place" which cracks me up every time xD it's probably my favourite one out of all I have so far :) then it's "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" :) next one is "Just one more chapter" and finally "Curl up with a good book" with the cutest little hedgehog on it :) I love that I finally have enough of them to actually choose the ones I want to use with my currently reading pile :)

Next I want to share with you two trailers to one of my most highly anticipated TV shows of the year :) ever since I saw Punisher in Daredevil I wanted to know more about him... and know I will finally have the chance cause his own Netflix series is gonna be live in the next few weeks :) below I have for you both amazing trailers I saw :) let's watch them together... yet again ;)

Last but not least I have a few songs to share with you guys :) these four have been stuck in my head lately, so who knows... maybe you'll like them too ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings guys and I will have some new reviews for you very soon :) in the meantime, I love connecting with you all, so be sure to reach out to me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :)



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