Monday, October 2, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #82

Slowly coming back to life
A bit of a change
#TheStruggleIsReal ;)

Hello my lovely people :) once again I have a shorter #RandomRamblings for you guys, but there's a reason for it... :) and since all the headlines are basically connected, I'm just gonna have for you guys one longer-ish paragraph today, so let's just jump straight into it :)

So the last few weeks have been hard... if were being totally honest, I could say the last few months, but those recent couple of weeks were especially exhausting... I'm hoping that things will start to slow down a little bit / going back to normal, but I'm not sure how long it will actually take... so since my real life job is so demanding and I have so much stuff going on with my blog and we can't forget that I actually have a presonal / private life too... well... it's just too much for one person :) so I decided to make some decisions that will help me regain some sort of balance in life :) I can't quit my job, cause you know... I need the money to buy books ;) #Priorities ;) and I do like the fact that more responsibilities actually mean that I am moving forward and all that jazz ;) there is a project or two that I am really passionate about and that I want to definitely be a part of, so keep your fingers crossed ;) when it comes to my blog... to be honest, what I would love to do, is take a break for a couple of weeks all together, but I can't do that... I have a few obligations / promises for october that I can't / really don't want to break, but definitely expect less frequent posting... for example, my #RandomRamblings will now be posted every two weeks instead of every week... still on monday though ;) I'm hoping those little changes will help me catch my breath a little bit... :) especially since I tend to put my personal goals and plans at the very last place on my list... and I need to stop doing that... recent events, and by that I mean a truly horrible day I had recently at work when things just... *sighs heavily* it was just too much and I snapped... really showed me how important my personal being and mental health, along with the physical one, is... I don't want a repeat of that day... but the struggle is real people... cause I tend to put pressure on myself and then stress over that pressure and it's a vicious circle... *sighs* but I am working on it... it's just hard and slow... but hopefully it will get better :)

Ok, that is a wrap on my litte #RandomRamblings post for today :) I'm hoping that starting from next time, which will be in two weeks, I will have enough new things to talk to you guys about :) as always, be sure to connect with me on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, casue I love talking with you :)



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