Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: "The unconquered mage" by Melissa McShane

Book 3 in series Convergence
Main character: Sesskia

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ;) this is the third and final book in this series and it’s one of those when you definitely have to read them in order to understand all the interactions, connections and basically what is going on ;) all three books follow our main character, Sesskia and her diary… because yes, this entire series is written in the form of her journal… which was a bit hard to get used to at the beginning, but that writing style definitely grew on me ;) we are at the point in the series where it’s absolutely impossible for me to write a review free of any spoilers whatsoever, because I can’t express my feelings about the last installment without mentioning some things from previous books… so this next paragraph will be spoiler free even if you haven’t read any books in this series, and I will tell you a bit more about the series in general, and then in the third and last one, I will share with you my opinion about the conclusion to the series ;)

So like I mentioned, this is a series written almost entirely in the form of Sesskia’s diary… there are a few exceptions along the way, when we read someone else’s entries, but I can’t tell you more at this point ;) this is a fantasy series set in a world that was once separated, and now those two parts of the world are coming together again… and that can be very dangerous and have some deadly consequences… there’s magic and politics and war and all sorts of other stuff I can’t say more about… you’ll understand once you start reading… ;) what I love most about these books, is that the adults actually act like adults… which is not as obvious as it should be in books… ;) they actually talk to one another to resolve conflicts, and even though they may be some misunderstandings along the way, they are dealt with really fast… it’s so refreshing to read, let me tell you… ;) it’s definitely a series more on the serious side, with a lot of things happening along the way, and even though there is romance throughout it, with a few couples actually, it’s definitely not the main focus of the story… that’s all I can say without ruining all the surprising twists along the way, so now let’s get into all the details… ;)

Ok, LAST WARNING people… SPOILERS about the first two books ahead… to be honest, this was my least favourite installment in this series… yes, it was a pretty good conclusion to the story, but even the author herself wrote on Goodreads that it was the one most difficult to write… mainly because she wasn’t sure how to end it… and it definitely shows… some parts dragged on a bit… others, especially towards the very end, felt rushed… and it affected my enjoyment of reading this book… we got to see how Sesskia and Cederic, her husband, adjust to being the emperor and his consort of a newly found, joined country... we got to know more about Sesskia’s family… and see the final consequences of two worlds merging together and how it affects magic… although I’m still not sure I understood everything… again, I think the main problem was the pacing of the story... all in all I gave this book 4 stars… because even though I had my issues with it, I still think it was a good conclusion… :) so if you are looking for something different to read, then definitely give this series a try ;)



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