Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: "Obsession in death" by J. D. Robb

Book 40 in series In death
Main character: Eve Dallas

First of all, I need to start this reviw by saying that it's one of my all time favourite series ever :) #TrueStory :) the best proof of that, is that it's going on for 40+ books and I own them all... well, most of all in translation... at least the ones that were published in my country... but now I am slowly accumulating all of them in original language :) because I find that the translation never gets the awesomeness of the original writing style right... ;) it's gonna be a long process, but I'm up for it :) anyway... since it's an installment far, far away in the series, and I don't want to spoil you certain things, if somehow you are brand new to it, let me tell you a bit more in general about it, and then I proceed to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this particular novel... :)

So this is a series where our main character is Eve Dallas, a homicide detective... well, now lieutenant but you get the gyst ;) and each novel concentrate on another one of her cases :) so technically all of them can be read as standalones, since you get all the important and necessary informations about characters and each case... but I actually recommend you to read them in order... :) this way you will see how all the key players changed over time... how certain relationships form and grew... :) then those little scenes here and there will mean so much more :) especially since besides Eve as the main character, we have a strong group of, let's call them secondary characters, but a few of them are basically regular ones at this point :) and you can witness them change as well :) I adore seeing how everyone is doing, and definitely have my own favourites among them... ;) but the decision how to read this sereis, as always, is yours to make ;) oh, I almost forgot to mention, that these books are set in the future... as in about 50 years from now... but don't worry if you are not a fan of sci-fi and such... :) the main difference from the present, is the technology :) so definitely give it a try ;)

Ok, let me tell you a bit more about this particular novel... :) I'm not gonna go into too many details, but will try to do my best to convince you to give it, and this whole series, a try :) it was yet another great addition ;) I know, I know, what a shocker ;) I am already used to phenomenal writing style, that captures me from the start... at this point I am not sure when exactly we get to learn certain things so I will be brief :) Eve is determind as always, to catch the killer, but this time, it's personal... because the killer left a message especially for her at the crime scene... and she knows it's just the beginning... dun dun duuuunnn... sorry, but the moment needed a dramatic music effect ;) so as always, we follow Eve around when she does what she does best... doing her job :) I really liked the parts where we got to see a bit from the killer's perspective... I adored the interactions between Eve and her friends... and to her constant surprise she has more and more of them :) it's definitely amazing to see how everything changes for her... I have a feeling, that once I re-read this series at some point from the beginning, it will be a shock to see Eve from those first books now, comparing to how she acts today :) but still, those are some really great books, so if you haven't already, definitely check them out :)



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