Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Review: "Archangel's viper" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 10 in series Guild hunter
Main characters: Viper and Holly

ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) ok, so the first thing you need to know before going into this book... don't expect a fluffy romance... to be honest, don't expect much of a romance at all... another thing, this is book #10 in an on-going series and you definitely should read those books in order... especially since this particular installment takes place at the same time as the previous one :) we have so many stories and events that are connected, archs that takes place over the span of a few books, and you won't understand everything if you skip some of them and start in the middle... because of that, and because some of you reading this review might be completely new to this world, I will keep it spoiler free for all of you, so feel free to read it no matter how many books you are into this series :) ok, before I get into some specifics about this particular book, let me tell you a bit more about this series in general :)

Guild hunter is one of the series the lovely Nalini brings to us... not my favourite one, because that place is and forever will be occupied by her Psy-changeling novels ;) but this one is a mix of paranormal / urban fantasy vibes... we have an alternative version of our world, with supernatural beings... mainly angels / archangels and vampires... there are a few very interesting exceptions, but those two groups are the biggest :) the whole world is divided into archangelic territories, there are about ten of them at any given moment, and this series takes place mainly in New York, where it's the archangel Raphael who rules... *sighs* sorry, got distracted there for a minute :) all of the books in this series are very connected to one another... they are concentrated on a new couple or Raphael and his... Elena :) I almost slipped up and told you something that would blow your socks off if you haven't read the first book :) but I won't do it ;) they are definitely the "power couple" of this series and are the main focus of a few books :) don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, cause they are one of my all time favourite couples to read about :) the whole theme of this series is much darker and... well... sometimes just plain creepier than her other books and I can tell you that not all of you will love it... I definitely highly recommend you to give them a try, just keep an open mind :) ok, that is all when it comes to some overall informations, now let me tell you a bit more about our main couple in this story and my thoughts and feelings about them :)

Since this is a brand new addition to an on-going series, my review will be a bit shorter... it's really hard to do this thing without any spoilers whatsoever, so give me a break ;) so what did I think about this story... well, I definitely have some mixed feelings... no the one hand, and I'm not really sure why, I just couldn't connect as much with Venom and Holly like I wanted... he is a vampire, one of the Seven, which is a group of supernatural beings that work very closely with Raphael, he trusts them with his life... and more importantly, the life of Elena :) Venom is the youngest of them all, and a bit unique... he seems careless and flippant but that is of course not all there is to him :) I definitely loved him more towards the end of the book, when we got to see his more vulnerable side... when it comes to Holly... she has a very traumatic past, as a survivor of something truly horrific, that changed her on a celular level... she is also one of a kind, and people are still trying to figure out how all of the events she survived changed her... I know I'm being vague, but her story is very strongly connected to some surprising turns of events from the first book and I dont want to spoil them :) a few years later and she is still wild and mostly uncontrolled, with this "otherness" inside her that no one really knows what to do with... she and Venom are definitely one of those hate-to-love sort of couples... and it's not like I don't like this type of a story, but... I don't know... something was missing from it... I guess I just wanted to see more of a change from that first part, when they were sniping at each other, to the second part, when suddenly boom! they were together :) but like I mentioned at the beginning, this isn't really a romance... because much bigger part of this story is the mystery of what is exactly happening with Holly... and you guys... I did not expect it to be this... well... horror-ish... which is not really my thing, I think that's why I did not love it as much as other books in this series... I swear, there was one particular moment when I said "what the WHAT just happened?!?!?" but using some words I can't repeat here ;) I still very highly recommend this book, and this series in general for you guys to check out, if you haven't already :) Nalini has an amazing writing style, and all her books are wonderful :) it's only natural that all of us will have our personal favourites :) and she has such diverse series to pick from, we can all find something for ourselves :) Guild hunter series is definitely a darker, more action filled one... with some very creepy vibes as well... or maybe it was just this one story ;) if were being honest, I inhaled this book really quickly ;) so please, do not mistake me not loving this book as much as I adore her other stories as an indication it was a bad one... oh no... :) it is still a Nalini book after all ;) so even when I have troubles connecting to the main couple, or as in this case, it was just not exactly my cup of tea, you cannot argue with the fact that you always get quality writing style from her :) it's entertaining and engaging and keeps you glued to the pages :) I hope I convinced you guys to give it a try, because if you don't know the awesomeness of Nalini and her stories, you are seriously missing out ;) go try her books ;)



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