Monday, September 25, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #81

I survived
Another achievement unlocked
Those super short reviews

Hello my lovely people :) after a super long post last week I warned you that this one will be much, much shorter so don't act all surprised... ;) and let's all be happy that I managed to write anything at all :) mainly because it's monday afternoon and I am just now sitting down after work to write this post :) so you will get it this week fresh from edits ;) so let's dive right in :)

First of all... remember that big work event that I've been telling you about / complaining for the last few weeks? ;) yeah... it finally happened on saturday and I survived... and I definitely do mean that... because it was exhausting... after all the preparations we spent an entire saturday outside... starting at 6 AM at the place where everything was happening we started preparing the booths, and coordinate other participants... the time till 10 AM where we started the event just flew by... unfortunately the weather was not entirely on our side, because it started to rain... very early on, so basically from 7 AM till the end I was walking around with wet socks... *sighs* but what's another week of being sick, right? ;) we finished everything late in the evening, because even though the event ended at 5 PM, we still had stuff to do... thankfully it's all behind us and I can start getting back to regular work... yeah... to be honest, it's not gonna get better any time soon, because this morning I made a giant to do list of all the stuff that I had to put aside during the preparations for the event and now I need to take care of them... :) but hey, I guess at least I won't be bored... ;)

Heading straight into that second headline... :) I achieved my Goodreads goal a couple of days ago :) yay me ;) it was one of my book-ish resolutions this year and I actually expected to reach it around this time... :) I wanted to give myself a slightly smaller goal to make sure I will hit it with time to spare... because who needs an additional pressure in their lives, right? ;) so I set it at 104, which is two books for each week of the year :) I knew I had no problems reading so many stories, but to be honest I thought it would take me a few more weeks ;) do you guys like to set such goals for yourselves? because I am thinking about doing not only another Goodreads goal next year, but also about making a list of books I need to read in 2018 :) we shall see how that turns out... ;) let me know if you would be interested in reading something like that :)

And last but not least, a quick info :) you may or may not know, but I recently... as in a few months ago ;) discovered the awesomeness that is "Avatar the last air bender" :) I binged watched the show and the sequel "The legend of Korra" and of course bought all the comic books, that are all about what happens to Aang and the rest of the team after the finale of the original show :) I'm slowly getting through them, but since they are all very short and there's not much I can say about them besides a few sentences, I decided to not post those reviews here... so if you want to know what I thought about them, check out my Avatar the last airbender Goodreads shelf right -> HERE <- :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) see? I told ya it will be super short :) but I have no regrets about it, especially since I will probably need the whole week to fully recover... ;) but be sure to come back for some very cool book recommendations later in the week :) as always, the best way to reach me is through my Facebook page or Goodreads account :)



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