Monday, September 11, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #79

Exhaustion, thy name is...
The legend of Korra
Chill mixes part 2

Hello hello my wonderful people :) *sighs* once again this post is gonna be a bit on the shorter side, because... well, I'm just too tired to do anything else ;) but worry not, if everything goes according to the plan, next week you're gonna get a giant book haul... like... really huge ;) so be nice and patient this time ;) ok, let's dive into those headlines... in order this time ;)

Exhaustion, thy name is A... *sighs* I am just so tired lately... I know I've been complaining about it for some time now, but it's still true... :) the big work event that's been on my mind for the last few weeks is just two weeks away, and I am really hoping things will slow down after it... fingers crossed ;) because currently, I am slowly starting to feel how the stress and everything gets to me... my body is getting weaker, more parts hurt... but since I absolutely cannot be sick right now... I hope I will keep it all in for two more weeks :) seriously, so many things hurt that I am starting to feel like an old lady... and I have a long way to go ;) #StopBeingSuchADramaQueen ;) and if that wasn't enough, I had a working saturday...and yes, I will get paid for my time, but again... it was one day less of rest, and after standing all day, my legs are killing me... ok, ok... I will try my best to stop complaining now... ;)

Ok, so I forgot to write about it the last time, but I finished watching "The legend of Korra" which is a sequel to "Avatar the last airbender" and I loved it :) I think even more than the original series... *cue the gasps* ;) I know, I know... but don't get me wrong... I adored Aang and the whole gang, but Korra... I think her story was closer to my heart because she, as the main character was older, and a woman :) the series as well had some more serious and darker vibes, and I inhaled those episodes in record time :) I definitely recommend you guys to watch the original first, because there are certain events mentioned and certain characters appear, that you will appreciate much more if you are familiar with all the history :) but here's the trailer for Korra ;)

Last but not least, I have a few more chill songs I discovered listening to the mixes I found recently on YouTube :) it's the best kind of music for me to listen to at work, it helps me concentrate and prevents me from losing my sh*t when things don't go according to the plan... which happens more often than I would like to admit :) so I figured I will share them with you again :) as in again with these types of songs, they are not the same ones from last week :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) as always, I love connecting to you all, so be sure to leave me a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, and I will talk to you soon ;) be sure to come back to check out some of my reviews... I have a few really good recommendations coming for you this week ;)



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