Thursday, September 28, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) october edition

Welcome, welcome my lovely people... *sighs* I decided to post this one day earlier than I originally planned, because... well... it's been a long day... at the end of a very long week... at the end of a very long and hard month for me... and since tomorrow is my extra day off from work, I really need to reset and recharge... so I decided to write, edit and post this little monthly thingy tonight, and then have two and a half days totally away from work and blog related things... I do need to write some stuff on sunday afternoon for next week, but I will have plenty of time to just chill... so here I am, listening to Bruno Mars and writing for you about all of the books I'm excited to get my hands on very soon... especially since I'm gonna be lucky to get ARCs of them all *squeels with excitement* ;)

First of all, we have "Bountiful" by Sarina Bowen, the newest addition in her True north series... *sighs dreamily* those books... damn... ;) she's one of my favourite authors ever, cause she have an amazing talent to write books that combine romance, hilarious and witty dialogue and at the same time, they can be very emotional and include some serious topics... all the previous installments in this series... they work perfectly well as standalones by the way ;) were amazing, so my expectations are definitely high with this one :)

Another one I am very eagerly awaiting is "Soulbound" by Bec McMaster :) it's the third and final story in her Dark arts series... I can't wait to see how this big story arch will end... because even though each novel focuses on a different couple, you need to read all of them in order to understand everything :) when I am posting this, there is no official cover yet, so what you see above is the teaser from the book and the covers of the previous two installments :) this one is a phenomenal mix of fantasy and steampunk vibes by one of my all time favourite authors and I've been dying to read about Sebastian and Cleo ever since I met them in that first story... not only that, but now I am hearing that a spin-off / sequel series is in the works? :) imagine the smile on my face... ;)

Last but definitely not least is "Abounding might" by Melissa McShane, third novel in The extraordinaries series :) this one is a very unique historical series with some paranormal mix in it :) this is one of those series, when all of the installments work as standalones... yes, they are all set in the same world, and sometimes characters make appearances in other stories, but it's not necessary to read them in order to enjoy each of them :) Daphne, the heroine of this story was one of the brightest, and definitely a personal favourite of mine ;) of the previous story, so yet again... I feel that it's the main theme of this post ;) I'm super excited to read a full novel about her :)



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