Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review: "Try" by Ella Frank

Author: Ella Frank
Title: "Try"
Book 1 in series Temptation
Main characters: Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison

I first heard of this lovely author when I read a series she co-wrote with Brooke Blaine, PresLocke :) which is awesome and you should read it as well, but those books are not the topic of this review ;) so let us focus on all the awesomeness of the first installment in what's shaping up to be a phenomenal story :) all the books available in this series focus on the same couple, Logan and Tate... originally it was a trilogy, but recently the fourth book came out, with two additional ones in the work :) after reading and thoroughly enjoying this one, this is great news :) but for now, let me tell you more about this particular story :)

So about our main couple... :) I absolutely adored both of them :) I mean, Logan was this super confident, bordering on cocky lawyer, who just always went after what he wanted ;) I really loved that about him :) that no matter who or what it was, once he is interested he goes for it... women, men, it doesn't matter :) so when one evening he encounters a new bartender in his favourite bar that catches his eye, it is on... ;) Tate is straight, or so he thought for all his life ;) he's at the end of a pretty nasty divorce, so he's definitely not interested in any relationship whatsoever... so imagine his surprise when this ridiculously hot guy keeps hitting on him... and oh what an interesting conversations those are... because Logan has no filter... he says the most surprising and inappropriate things :) it's fantastic to read :) their relationship is... well... how can I put it? the best way to describe it in this particular book is hot and explosive :) a big part of the book is about how Logan convinces Tate to admit that he in fact feels the attraction between them and to act on that... and it takes such a long time, because it's a huge, life changing decision for Tate... to try... see what I did there? *wink wink* and see where this thing with Logan can go :) both of them are actually trying something new... because Logan doesn't do relationships... until this thing with Tate grows into something more... :)

I have nothing but praises to say about this book :) the writing style was engaging and entertaining... not to mention hilarious and sinfully hot ;) *fans myself* seriously, this book should come with a warning *do not read in public places* ;) I adored the interactions between our main couple... especially after Tate wrapped his head around the whole idea of him and Logan giving it a try... ;) he turned out to be surprisingly bossy and dominant :) and Logan... oh, the cocky and arrogant Logan shocked me in the best possible way with one of the most vulnerable and emotional words in this book :) I cannot wait to read more about them, especially since my lovely sister J already read all four books available at the moment, and she claims that this one is the worst out of all of them :) as in, things only get better and better... and since I loved this one so much, I am very curious to see how much more awesome future installments will be :) besides our main couple we had a few secondary characters that I enjoyed meeting very much, but again... they didn't play a big part here, so I think I will write more about them in my reviews for future installments... especially since I need to do a little research to check which one of them already got, or perhaps will get, a story of their own :) the one thing you need to take from this review, is that you absolutely have to give this book a try :) it's a super fast read, full of hilarious conversations and interactions, but with some emotional ones that will hit you straight in the feels :) *sighs happily* check it out so we can sigh happily together ;)



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