Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Review: "The truth about love, vol. III" by Anna Bloom

Author: Anna Bloom
Book 3 in series The truth about love
Main characters: Cam and Eve


When Eve Harris agrees to give billionaire playboy Cameron Wallis another chance, she didn’t anticipate finding herself in Paris living the dream. The chance to spend time with Cam away from gossip columns and the media is too tempting. But Paris isn’t the fairy-tale she envisaged and all too quickly, Eve realises just how different her and Cam’s lives really are. 

Will Eve be able to overcome her own insecurities and wade through the Truth About Love to get the man and her happily ever after?

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review ;) this is the third installment in a series of novellas, and as far as I know, it's the conclusion to it :) it also tells the rest of the story between Cam and Eve... we met them in that first book, so I actually recommend you to start there :) the second novella is about her friend, so you can either skip that one or read it, it was really fun :) but you should check the first one before diving into this one :) since it's a novella, my review will be pretty short as well... I can't spoil you every little detail... ;) but I will do my best to share with you my thoughts and feelings :)

I gave this novella 4 stars... even though I knew going in that things will happen fast... it is much shorter than a full lenght novel after all ;) but I still think it was too much too soon between them... I really liked the first story about Cam and Eve so I was hoping this one will be just as fun :) unfortunately, since this is apparently the last story, things needed to be wrapped up pretty fast... which is a shame, cause I would love to see a bit more progress of their relationship before the ending... don't get me wrong, I still absolutely loved the writing style and can't wait to read something else written by this lovely author, but I finished this story and just... I needed more... :) that's pretty much all I can say without any spoilers whatsoever... so be sure to read some other reviews if you don't mind knowing stuff before reading the actual story ;) and then make up your own decision ;)

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