Monday, August 7, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #74

New achievement unlocked
The cutest thing ever
Song-ish memories

Hello my lovely people :) I am finally feeling better... was I not ok, you ask? why thank you for asking and caring about me ;) and I will answer that straight away so you won't worry... ;) the last few weeks... several of them actually, were quite tiring and grueling... after I came back from my vacation... although I already forgot it happened at the beginning of june ;) but after I came back a lot of people started going on theirs at my work... which is natural, after all it is the middle of summer... but that meant that I had much more responsibilities... and it slowly started taking its toll on me... and finally this last week I needed a break... and since it was the last moment when I could have taken a few days off... because my boss comes back from vacation today and we will have a lot of stuff to do, since there is this big event coming in less than two months, I decided to just go for it :) so thanks to an additional three days off I finally feel rested... and I had the time to get better, because all that exhaustion started making me sick... as in cold or something, nothing major... but catching a cold in the heatwave we are having recently is an achievement all on its own ;) and speaking of that...

You guys... I have posted 500+ blog posts here :) it actually happened a few weeks ago, but I just realized it last week... and that is just the best sign how badly I needed that long weekend :) so I just wanted to celebrate that news with you all :) I've been writing for about 2,5 years now, and during that time I met so many lovely people :) readers, fellow bloggers and authors, that changed my life for the better ;) I think that milestone is making me a bit sentimental :) but I wanted to give you a big virtual hug for changing my life :) even though I have my moments when I just want to take a break and maybe even not come back to blogging, but they always pass, and I am even more than before grateful for all of this... because this blog, however small it may seem, brought me so many fantastic memories, and connected me to people I cherish very much in my life :) so thank you for being on this journey with me :) oh, and a little side note, because things started to get a little bit too serious... ;) I finally caught up with all the reviews on my blog... because I was reading quite a lot lately, but wasn't exactly in the mood to write down my thoughts and feelings ;) those few days off really helped me remedy that situation :) *pats myself on the back* I am feeling ridiculously proud of myself :) so fair warning, a lot of reviews will be coming your way in the upcoming weeks :)

Another thing I wanted to share with you guys, actually comes in the form of a question... do you have specific songs that are connected in your mind to a person, or event, or a time period in your life? I know I'm not the only one feeling like that :) I don't really know why,vbut that thought slipped into my mind lately and so I wanted to share with you one of the songs that I associate very closely to a person that is no longer in my life.. there was a time when he was very important, but I am much better without him... I learned that lesson the hard way... but that's a story for... well, not another time, because it's way too personal, so let's just say it's a long one ;) either way, every time I hear that song, I think of him... do you guys have any examples of your own?

And I saved the best for last... I don't know if you watched it already, because it's been making rounds over various social media accounts lately, but I saw it a couple of days ago and legitimately cried... it's such a sweet, short, animated film and you all need to see it... so let's do it again together... pass me the tissues, please...

Ok, that is a wrap my awesome people :) as always, I adore connecting with all of you, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) and definitely come back and check this blog regularly... I have a lot of great recommendations coming your way ;) talk to you soon :)



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