Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review: "The wandering mage" by Melissa McShane

Book 2 in series Convergence
Main character: Sesskia

I got an ARC of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is the second book in a trilogy that basically tells one story, so I cannot possibly share my opinions about the second installment without some major spoilers from that first book :) so what I'm gonna do is tell you a bit more about the premise of the series in general and encourage you to give it a try, for all of you people who are new to it, and then we will get into some spoilery thoughts about this installment :)

This is a fantasy series written in a diary format from the perspective of our main character, Sesskia ;) she is a mage in a world who fears them, so she hides her abbilities and at the same time tries her best to learn more... at the beginning of that first book, she is suddenly transported to a whole new world... along with her we are slowly learning how exactly she got there and what is going on...because there is a certain very big event coming, that may alter both of the worlds in an unpredictable way... we see Sesskia growing closer to new people she met... mages like her in a world that supports them and their gifts... for someone who is used to being alone all the time, seeing her open up to friendships is absolutely amazing... and yes, there is a romance part in that first book as well, but it's very subtle and definitely not at the forefront of the story ;) that is basically everything I can share when it comes to that first book without spoilers :) I highly recommend you guys to read it, cause I enjoyed it immensly :) last warning, that first installment ends in a mother of all cliffhangers, just so you know what to expect :) but all three books are already available, so it's not like you have to wait for months to learn what happens next :) ok, now I will get into my thoughts and feelings about this second installment, and it WILL contain some major spoilers about the first book :) so if you already read it, or you just don't mind knowing some big surprising twists before reading a book, proceed :) the rest of you guys, you should better avert your eyes, go get that first book and then come back ;)

LAST WARNING, spoilers about the first book ahead :) and don't worry, I don't spoil anything that happens in this installment :) so we pick up right after we left off... which is after Sesskia was transported who knows where, when the magic spell... it's not called like that in the book, but we don't have the time to get into all the intricacies of the magic system right now :) that was designed to save both worlds from crashing and destroying each other actually worked :) but she was separated from all of her friends and her husband... told ya, there would be major spoilers about the first book ;) so you can't be mad at me right now ;) ok, back to the review :) Sesskia spends the majority of this installment working her way back to the people she left behind and discovering how the convergence of the worlds affected everything... the book itself takes place over the span of a few weeks, and a lot of thigns happened in that time... we slowly get more and more answers, although we had to wait for a pretty long time to catch up with certain people... ;) ok, now that we have some basic informations about what this installment is about, let me tell you some more about my thoughts and feelings ;)

I really loved this book :) I knew from the start that it will be at least 4 / 4,5 stars book, but now that I actually had the time to think about it, I will change my mind and rate it a full 5 stars :) let me tell you why :) I think my favourite part of this whole series, and other books written by this lovely author, cause I already have a few of them under my belt, is the fact that her grown up characters actually behave like adults :) there's no stupid or unnecessary drama, no angst or miscommunications... people actually talk to one another... yes, there are conflicts and arguments, but they are all handled with maturity the matter at hands deserve :) I loved that Sesskia met a new mage on her way, a man, and to my utter delight, they became friends and the situation did not evolve into a love triangle :) even though I have missed terribly all the wonderful people we met in the first book and I was wondering alongside with Sesskia what exactly happened with them, her journey was absolutely enthralling... I was really impressed by how mature decision she made, choosing to do the right thing even though the consequences meant she was forced to stay in one place instead of moving forward... and don't worry, there is a reunion in this book, although I won't spoil you when exactly, just be patient :) I very highly recommend you guys this book, and this series in general :) already can't wait to dive into the last installment and see what's gonna happen... because this one does not end on as huge cliffhanger as the last one, but that ending definitely packs a punch ;)



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