Thursday, July 27, 2017

Review: "A little bit like love" by Brooke Blaine

Author: Brooke Blaine
Book 1 in series South Haven
Main characters: Lucas Sullivan and Jackson Davenport

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) I loved this book... absolutely adored it :) up until now, the only other work of the lovely Brooke that I was familiar with is the PresLocke series she co-wrote with Ella Frank... so I knew this one would be good as well... I just did not expect it to be this amazing :) definitely worth the wait :) especially since the release date have been postponed a bit... but like I said... totally worth it :) because you can see how much love and passion went into this story :) it's the first installment in her brand new series and I already can't wait to get my hands on more... ;) now that we have this little intro out of the way, let me tell you some more about our main couple :)

Lucas and Jackson... *sighs happily* I was a little bit afraid, that their story might be too angsty and filled with drama for my taste, but that was sooooo not the case :) we start the book at the very end of their last year of high school in an all boys Academy... we only get a small glimpse what happened and then we skip forward about eight years... and then slowly, throughout the book we figure what went between them at that time... :) but of course the majority of the story takes place *now* :) Lucas is an openly gay man, who doesn't really do relationships... he goes from one one-night-stand to another, never looking back... but there's more to his attitude, so give him time :) plus, you can't really be mad at him, because it's not like he's hiding his behaviour... his open and honest about everything from the start, so it's not really his fault if some men have expectations ;) he is confident, borderline arrogant ;) but I still loved him... there were some vulnerable scenes in this book, when I just wanted to hug him tight and never let go... Jackson on the other hand... *sighs* he's not really sure how to describe or identify himself... he only knows that what he felt for Lucas... he hasn't felt for anyone else... but his father is a whole different story... so when he's back in town to try and close a business deal, and he hears Lucas's name... yeah... he had to see him... from that moment we are going with them on a whirlwind of a story... that actually all takes place over the span of about a week :) and damn... it's a really good story :) yes, there's angst and some unresolved issues, but it's taken care of in a mature way... most of the time :) both Lucas and Jackson are not perfect... far from it ;)  but their flaws and mistakes they made, make them more real in my eyes... especially since they learn from them and grow as characters... :) I just loved their story so much... :) so much, that I don't really want to say anything else :) I want you all to be able to truly appreciate all of that without any spoilers whatsoever :) but trust me... it's awesome ;)

Since it's only the first book in a new series, we definitely have introductions of future main characters... in this case: Shaw and Bash :) both of them are friends with Lucas, and one of them is announced as the hero of the second book... coming hopefully this fall ;) #FingersCrossed ;) I'm not gonna tell you who it is, but worry not if it won't be your fave ;) I'm pretty sure that the other one will get book #3, so it's only a matter of time before we get all stories :) when it comes to me... I don't really have a preference between them :) there are definitely some mysteries when it comes to each of them, and I love them both, so the order of the books is not as important as the fact that there WILL BE books about them :)

It was a very easily given 5 stars :) I inhaled this book in record time, because I was just so curious about how it will go :) especially since it was written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from Lucas's perspective as well as Jackson's point of view :) and speaking about writing style in general... I'm in love :) after reading the series she co-wrote with Ella Frank I wasn't sure which one of them was more influential when it came to writing and if I will enjoy as much their individual work... and the answer to that is: yes, yes I will love it as much ;) this book was absolutely phenomenal... thier story broke my heart and then put it back together... I laughed and teared up and definitely had to fan myself more than once because it was sinfully hot ;) like.. damn... don't-read-it-in-public-places hot :) I highly recommend you guys to check out this fantastic book... it's definitely a #MustRead ;)



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