Thursday, July 20, 2017

Review: "Deadly games" by Lindsay Buroker

Book 3 in series The emperor's edge
Main character: Amaranthe Lokdon

This series just keeps getting better and better... :) *sighs happily* I feel like I need to start my review with once again thanking one of my #BookBesties for recommending me this amazing series in the first place :) so thank you Karen ;) be prepared to hear it every single time I finish one of the installments ;) but back to our story ;) it's book #3 in a series that I highly recommend you to read in order... even though all of them follow around the same cast of characters and each of them revolves around a certain event and stuff... I know, it's super vague, but I don't want to spoil you anything accidentally ;) there are a lot of important stuff you need to know from previous stories before going into each new one... plus, they are all just so awesome, that reading all of them is not a chore ;) and again, since it's one of the middle books in a bigger series, it's gonna be hard to say how I felt about it without giving away too much, but as always I will do my best :) so let me start by saying a bit more about the overall plot and our main character :)

This story, as well as the previous ones, takes place in the Turgonian empire... after writing that I am sitting here thinking if I remember the name correctly, but to be honest I am too lazy to get up and check it, so if I made a spelling mistake, we are all just gonna move on... ;) anyway... :) it's this absolutely amazing fantasy / steampunk world that I am dying to know more about... :) but the best part of this story, as well as all previous ones, are the characters... specifically... Amaranthe :) I know that all of you people who read these books already, expected me to say Sicarius, but I will get to him in a second... *sighs dreamily over the mysterious assassin* I'm sorry, where was I??? oh, right... ;) back to Amaranthe :) she used to be an Enforcer, sort of like police in that world, but then some things happened, some missunderstandings occured and... she's not anymore... she is actually on the exact opposite side of the law now :) it's not like she *wants* to be there, but the current circumstances are what they are... ;) she's working on getting to the right side of the law, but it's a process :) I absolutely love her :) she's hilarious, resourceful and care a lot about her band of misfits... because Amaranthe does not work alone... oh no, there is a team... and what a team it is... :) I won't name everyone, even though they are a very colorful bunch, but in case you are new to this series, the identity of some of the members is not revealed until the end of the first book, so I don't want to spoil you stuff... but I have to... I just have to... say a sentence or two about Sicarius... *sighs dreamily* give me a moment... *at least ten minutes later* ok, get a grip woman... I would say that I'm sorry for taking a break, but it would be a lie... ;) I just love Sicarius so much... which is a bit ridiculous, when you think about how little I actually know about him... and, you know, the fact that he is a fictional character ;) but that is a topic for a whole another discussion :) but even though we know so little about him, those scenes he's in... he is the epitome of a mysterious assassin... he doesn't talk much, but once he opens his mouth... you guys... there was a scene towards the very end of the book... I'm not gonna tell you who exactly besides Sicarius was in it... but I read it like three times in a row, because it was sooo good :)

It was yet another easily given 5 stars :) I had so much fun reading this action packed, surprising twists filled story with entertaining and hilarious writing style... I swear you guys, the banter between those band of misfits is freaking fantastic... ;) I always laugh out loud when I read it, and it constantly surprises me in the best possible way... :) since I have breaks between each installments to read other stories, I am always able to convince myself that those books cannot possibly be as good as I remember them... and then I read another one and BAM! :) I'm reminded just how awesome they are :) I already can't wait to see what's gonna happen in book #4 because that last chapter... that ending... damn... ;) and I should already mentally prepare myself, because I heard that the endings of other books are even more cliffhangery... yes, that is totally a word... ;) if you haven't already, be sure to pick this book, or the first one if you are completely new to this series :) and prepare to laugh hard and awwwww in the most surprising places... ;) you can thank me later ;)



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