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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #70

Disappointment that is the new Transformers movie
My biggest book haul so far
Meet Luna

Hello my awesome people :) oh, I have sooooo many things to talk to you about ;) first and foremost, I can FINALLY share this mysterious stuff that I've been hinting at for the longest time now... and of course I will leave it for the very end of this post ;) but wait, don't skip anything, cause there are other exciting things to share ;) and some sarcastic ones, so stay tuned ;) this week we are gonna go with the order of those headlines ;) because why not? :)

So the first thing I want to talk about is the new Transformers movie... I saw it last week and... it was pretty awful... don't get me wrong, if you saw it and loved it, good for you :) I'm honestly happy for you... but you might want to avert your eyes... ;) I remember reading somewhere that this movie makes you dumber... and that is exactly how I felt after I left the movie theatre... ;) ok, yes... there were a few things I liked... #1 Josh Duhamel ;) and it's not like he played a mayor part in the actual story, I just like his character... and his not bad to look at,ok? ;) #2 the dragon :) again, gone way too soon... ;) #3 tiny dinobot thingies :) and... that's it... that's all I enjoyed... I was bored out of my mind during the majority of the story... I mean, the plot... if you can even call it that, was all over the place... you could easily cut out a good 40 minutes out of the 150 (!!!) and it wouldn't make much of a difference... *sighs* yes, there were some funny moments, but there were few and far in between... I honestly should have just gone to see "King Arthur legend of the sword" yet again... ;) which I did for the third time last week as well :) #NoShame ;) I'm gonna leave you trailers for both movies below, but if you have the time to see just one, please go see the second one :)


Ok people, are you ready for the biggest book haul I have ever done? :) I've been teasing you guys for a few weeks already, but it's finally here :) all of the books finally came, so be sure to have a comfy seat and something to drink / eat, cause I have 31 books to show you guys... yep... it's gonna be a long one :) the majority of them are brand new, or I read them previously but remember nothing so it's like they are new to me ;) like I mentioned before, after getting this huge haul, I am giving myself a longer break from book buying... up to this point, for the last year, I had a monthly book budget, and I have so many books to show you guys today, because I combined my june and july budgets together, plus july is my birthday month, so some of those books are just presents from me to myself ;) but I currently have 40+ unread books on my shelves and a huge amount of e-books and ARCs on my kindle to read, so I figured it's a good time to take a break from buying anything else :) don't get me wrong, if something truly awesome will come out, or I will find something amazing, I will get it, but it definitely will be a long time before I will do another book haul :) so without further ado, let us jump into all the books I got :)

This is gonna be in random order, so don't expect any theme or logic whatsoever :) the first series I want to show you guys is A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas :) I read the first book more than a year ago and I remember basically nothing... :) I was curious about it, so I checked it out a few weeks before the sequel camer out... then I didn't have time to get into the second book when it got published, and once I heard how big #BookHangovers people had after reading that amazing sequel I decided to just wait for the last installment ;) so here we are now :) I'm definitely gonna have to reread the first book to get into the story again, but since I really enjoyed it the first time around, and I heard that the sequels are even better, I can't wait to see what's gonna happen... especially since I heard a thing or two about where certain interactions between certain people are heading and I wholeheartedly approve ;)

Next series I want to share with you guys is The bird and the sword chronicles by Amy Harmon :) the story of me discovering this series is actually really sweet :) people in one of the Facebook group I am a part of kept saying nothing but amazing things about this author and those books in particular... since I am a huge fan of fantasy stories, I am always on the lookout for unique books... so I decided to download an Amazon e-book sample... I read the prologue of that very first book and then promptly fell in love with the enchanting and mesmerizing writing style and ordered both of them straight away :) the first installment in this series is at the top of my priority list of books I want to read next :)

I very rarely buy books by completely new to me authors... but I've been hearing nothing but praises from sources I trust completely about "When Dimple met Rishi" by Sandhya Menon :) the most common adjectives used to describe it were: cute, adorable, funny... *sighs dreamily* yes, it's a YA romance, but sometimes a girl just wants something nice to read... without the drama and such, so I'm hoping this will be just the type of a book for summer :) or, you know, when you want something cute in general ;)

I also got the newest addition in the In death series by J. D. Robb :) well, newest for me, cause I am still a few books behind... :) I swear, if the time comes that I am finally up to speed with this series I will be shocked ;) shocked, I tell ya!! ;) I wanted to go back to reading about Eve for the longest time, so I'm hoping that the actual physical copy on my shelf will give me the motivation to pick it up soon :)

Another standalone story I have is "Furthermore" by Tahereh Mafi :) I am a huge fan of her whimsical writing style, so even though this is a middle grade book, or so I've heard ;) I want to have it :) there will be a companion novel set in this world in the future, but for now, I want to check out this beautiful fantasy story, because I've heard nothing but praises so far :)

Can we take a moment to appreciate how absolutely stunning is the cover of "Queens of geek" by Jen Wilde? :) I'm not gonna lie, that's the first thing that caught my attention... but then I started hearing about how amazing this book is, how diverse and different it feels... and I was sold :) I want to start branching out a little bit with my reading tastes and I'm thinking this one is a great start :)

Since it's my birthday month, I decided to gave myself some presents ;) sooooo... I completed two series by one of my all time favourite authors ever, Nalini Singh :) first, we have her urban fantasy one, Guild hunter :) it has angels, vampires, action, surprising twists and all that... :) super entertaining reads :) and now I have all of them on my shelf *sighs happily* look at those pretty covers... :)

And if that wasn't enough, I got me the remaining installments in her Psy-changeling series as well :) this is one of my all time favourite series ever... with different races and quite a few of my all time favourite couples in it, I have a feeling that now that I have all of them on my shelves the itch to re-read them will only get worse... ;) oh well... I guess I'm just gonna have to slowly make my way through them... ;)

Now we're getting to another author who I adore... Rick Riordan... :) although if we're being honest, I read only a couple of books by him, I always wanted to go back and read more... :) let me explain :) I read the first two books in his Percy Jackson and the olympians series years ago and in translation... I remember that I started the third one as well, but fot the life of me, I can't remember if I finished it... ;) so I figured that since I want to go back and discover the hilarious and entertaining adventures he wrote, I'll just go and buy the box set... :) and here it is...

But of course knowing me, I just couldn't stop there... so of course I had to purchased the sequel series, The heroes of Olympus as well... ;) #NoShame ;)

And the two available as of this moment books in his newest series set in that world, The trials of Apollo... ;) it was this series that initially sparked my attention... :) I've heard only amazing things about it, but also that you need to be caught up on the previous stories if you don't want to be spoiled for some major surprises... and I don't want to be spoiled :) in fact, I am very eagerly looking forward to going back into this fun world, especially now, that I will be reading them all in the original version... if I will fall in love with his writing style again... and I predict it will happen, expect to see his other books in my next haul... ;)

The one before last book I want to mention is book #4 in Temptation series by Ella Frank :) I only read the first one so far, but loved it :) aaaaaand my sister tells me that it's the worst one in the whole series soooo... things will only get better... plus, that cover definitely doesn't hurt either... ;) *swoons*

Last but definitely not least is "The hating game" by Sally Thorne :) another recommendation I found in the Facebook group who recommended me The bird and the sword chronicles I mentioned above :) I swear, those guys throw the best books my way :) since I was waiting quite a while for all of the books to arrive, and this one was at the top of the books I wanted to read... well... I am actually currently making my way through it :) loving it so far, by the way ;) keep your eyes open for a review soon-ish ;)

Now prepare thyselves to see all five of my shelves... yes... five, because there was just no way for me to fit all of them on just the four... trust me... I tried ;) so here's how true happiness looks like... at least for me ;)

Don't worry, since I know you can't really see anything on that particular pic, I have some close-ups for you as well :) first, the top two shelves... my paranormal / fantasy heaven... *sighs happily* I already don't have a lot of room left there, which is a shame, cause the majority of my #Wishlist is from those genres... ;) oh well, something to worry about later ;)

Next we have my contemporary shelves :) which is a very eclectic mix alltogether :)

And last but definitely not least, my historical shelf... :) it's the smallest one so far, but do not be mistaken... some of my all time favourite books are there :)

Ok, are you guys ready to finally know what I've been teasing you about all this time? :) I think we are gonna start with some pics, and then I will tell you a story... ;) although it will be hard to concentrate after you see her... you don't think it's gonna be that hard? yeah... trust me... ;) and just look :)

Her name is Luna and we picked her up on friday :) she's almost two months old and she's a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) I already love her to pieces :) we had a dog years ago, but when she died, it was a very traumatic event for all of us... it took a few years, but a while ago, I started to get an itch... an itch to have another dog :) it was even one of my resolutions this year :) and a few weeks ago, while we were on vacation and had a little bit more time to think ;) it happened :) we found her, and then it was just a matter of time to wait a few weeks till she's big enough to come home with us :) definitely expect a lot more about her in the future, because she will be a big part of my life, but what I can tell so far... don't be fooled by her innocent looks ;) this is one clever and feisty lady :)

That is a wrap you guys... ;) are you all still with me? ;) I hope you are, and you didn't left halfway through the post, because you got bored... ;) ok, now I'm off to play with Luna, but remember, I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave me a comment or contact me another way, here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account ;) talk to you soon ;)



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