Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review: "Silver silence" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 1 in series Psy-changeling trinity
Main characters: Valentin Nikolaev and Silver Mercant

I was extremely lucky to get an ARC of this phenomenal book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) if were being totally honest, when I got the e-mail from them, I was completely surprised... as in not in a million years I actually thought they would accept my request... to this day I am half convinced that someone pushed the wrong button by mistake, but I don't care :) I'm just super excited that I was able to get my hands on one of my most highly anticipated books of the year a little bit earlier... ;) and since it's one of my all time favourite authors and one of my all time favourite series as well, I have a lot of thoughts to share with you guys... ;) so sit back with a beverage of your choice and relax, because it's gonna be a while ;)

So first I need to start with a little bit of an explanation :) this is the first book in a new and sort of a spin-off-ish series... originally we had the Psy-changeling series with 15+ books in it... but that major story arch is finished, so now we are heading into a new arch, with this Psy-changeling trinity series :) I was thinking long and hard about what to tell you about the reading order... on the one hand, I highly recommend you to read the original series first, because it's just soooooo good... *sighs dreamily* but on the other hand, I know it can feel a bit daunting... so you can actually start your journey with this book... the majority of the characters appearing in it are brand new, and the ones that were mentioned before, or got their own stories, are definitely in the background... although be warned, there will be some pretty big spoilers about how certain events ended and stuff like that... but when it comes to explaining the world itself... yes, it might feel very complicated, especially if you're gonna be new with it, but I think you can manage to understand everything just by reading this book :) so the choice about starting your journey with this fantastic world here, or back at the very beginning is yours to make :)

Now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the world itself :) this is a paranormal-ish sort of a series, set in an alternate version ouf our world a few decades in the future :) don't worry, I won't spoil you anything in case you are brand new to this sereis, just wanted to share a few basic informations about it :) the world I'm talking about is different from our in two major ways :) #1 they are much more technologically advanced... it is the future after all ;) and #2 there are three main groups that populates it: humans, psy and changelings :) I don't want to get into too many details about each of them, because since it's one of my all time favourite series, if I would start talking about all of them, we could be here for a few days... ;) but just so you'll have the basic knowledge... :) humans are the most ordinary ones... and don't you get angry at me... I don't mean that as if they are the worst or most boring... yes, they don't have the gifts other groups have, but they can be very powerful with how kind, generous and brave they can be... psy on the other hand are the ones with mental powers... there are many designations among them, like telekinetics, telepaths and so much more... they are distant and cold, emotionless... living Silent, to escape dangerous and deadly mental consequences connected to their gifts... and we have changelings... they are my favourite in this series :) different kinds of shapeshifters who usually live in packs, although that depends on the animal part of them :) they are stronger and faster than humans and definitely the most emotional ones among all three groups... bonds within the pack and family mean everything to them... *sighs dreamily* I just love them... :) pretty much each book set in this world revolves around a different couple (there was on exception when we had an ensemble book) but there are bigger archs that are slowly unraveling over the course of several of them... like I mentioned before, the first arch ended and this is the beginning of the new big one... so even though there are no cliffhangers when it comes to the main couple, there are many questions left wihout answers :) and about our main couple... ;)

Silver is actually one of characters that appeared in the previous stories, but definitely as a secondary one... so I was very intrigued when I heard she will be the heroine of her own book... :) Valentin on the other hand is brand new... *sighs dreamily* I'm sorry, got distracted there for a second thinking about that teddy bear ;) a little joke I will explain in a second :) she is a psy and quite a powerful one... we met her, when she was working as an assistant to one of the most deadly psy in the world... but don't be fooled by that title... she was much more than that... :) now she takes on being the chief of an enterprise that focuses on rescue and help missions... that is as vague as I can put it without spoiling some stuff from previous books, so we are just gonna go with it... :) Valentin on the other hand is, like I mentioned, a brand new character, and an alpha of a bear-changeling clan... ;) that's why I called him a teddy bear ;) although he is a one huge teddy bear... ;) he's big and stubborn and usually loud, but can also be sneaky and subtle when he wants ;) he definitely jumped very high on my list of favourite characters in this world :) theirs is actually a pairing I love the most to read about: psy-changeling :) especially when the man is a changeling and a woman is psy... I don't know exactly why is that... I'm sure there is some explanation, but those stories speak to me the most... they are my favourite couples out of all of them and I tend to go back to their stories the most... and this was no exception :) I absolutely adored these two :) I can't really go into too many details of how they actually get together, although some of it is in the synopsis so why not ;) from the very beginning we are thrown straigh into the story, when Valentin appears once more very unexpectedly at Silver's doorstep, but this time, she collapses... *gasps* it was an assasination attempt and there is only one way for her to be safe while the threat is investigated... in the middle of a changeling clan of bears ;) whatever you are imaginig about the interactions between a cold psy and a rambunctious huge family of bears you will not be prepared for all the awesomeness... not to mention the plan that Valentin has to convince Silver to give them a chance... *sighs happily* it was so good that I am very tmepted to re-read it straight away... I would probalby do it if it wasn't for an insane amount of books waiting for me ;) the struggle is real... ;)

But our main couple wasn't the only bright part of this book... oh no... ;) the secondary characters definitely stole the show on more than one occasion :) and majority of them are brand new... like StoneWater clan of bears :) so many new characters and all of them amazing :) there were a couple among them that I really need to read more about ;) there is also definitely one pairing in the making that I am abolutely ecstatic about... won't tell you who I'm talking about, but I'm sure you'll figure it out :) not only bears, but there were also a few Mercant family members that definitely caught my attention... ;) oh, there was just sooo many interesting people... :) I can't possibly name them all... especially since I really don't want to spoil you anything about who is important for whatever reasons... so let me just say that I see a lot of potential for future stories with these new people... and some of the ones we met before who are still single ;) but anyway, let us get to my overall thoughts and opinions, because I already feel like we spend together all day with this review :)

Nalini is one of my all time favourite authors for many reasons... she has one of the most entertaining and capturing writing style... every time I read one of her books, especially set in this world, after a few months I tend to convince myself that they can't possibly be as good as I remember them... the time had to mess with my memories, and I'm probalby exaggerating all of it in my mind :) but then a new one comes out and BAM!!! I'm smacked right into all the feels with how absolutely wonderful the next installment is and once more I am reminded of how fantastic Nalini's stories are... and don't even get me started on how good of a storyteller and plotmaster she is... I can guarantee you that she already knows the ending of this big story arch, even though it just started, and she identified all the main players, even though we get only whispers about some of them here... after witnessing it in the original series, I am not nervous at all where all of this is going... because I know that Nalini has all the answers and I will get all of them... in time :) to this day when I re-read certain books in that first series, no matter how many times I did it before, I still find new little gems hidden within the pages... and I'm all like *she knew from the beginning how certain things will go* :) and that is the best way of writing a series... because then it all makes sense... and you can see that all the decisions and actions that took place along the way were necessary to get to that conclusion... :) this just makes me that much more excited to see where she will go with this second story arch... after all, this is a world after big changes... :) it's a perfect mix of introducing and evolving bigger story archs but at the same time focusing on the couple that is at the forefront of this particular book... oh how well she keeps the balance... *sighs dreamily* I highly recommend you guys this book... no matter if you are already a fan, or brand new to her work, if you don't know the psy-changeling world, you are seriously missing out... go start at the begining, or with this installemnt, I explained everything earlier in my review, but definitely read one of them :) it's one of the series I recommend non stop to people, because it has it all... action, humor, amazing characters, swoonworthy romance and twists that will surprise the hell out of you... go read it now :) or we can't be friends anymore... ;) just kidding... but go read it anyway ;)



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