Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review: "The mech who loved me" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Main characters: Liam Kincaid and Ava McLaren

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) you guys... I am so impressed right now... *sighs happily* this book was absolutely amazing... :) after finishing it, I immediately added it on my all-time-favourite shelf on Goodreads, because yes... it was THAT good :) but to be honest, I am not surprised anymore by Bec McMaster and her phenomenal writing style... ;) so before I will get into a bit more details about this installment, let me try to do my best to explain you the world this series takes place, and the order of the books you have to / probably should read before diving into this story :)

This book is the sequel in her spin-off series :) first, there was the original five-books series: London steampunk... :) each of the installments concentrated on a different couple, but all of them followed a much bigger story arch that came to an epic conclusion in that last book... *sighs dreamily* but back to the point :) after finishing the first one, the lovely and talented Bec came out with the idea for a spin-off series... it takes place about three years after the ending of original one and involves certain characters who were more in the background before and a few completely new ones... :) I have to warn you, that since it's a spin-off, naturally there are some major spoilers about stuff from those original books... BUT if you don't feel like reading all of the stories, you can start with the first one from the spin-off, "Mission: improper" :) it will give you a pretty good introduction into this actually new world, because a lot of things changed compared to the previous ones ;) so the choice is yours ;) but definitely start with book #1 in one of those series :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the world in general... spoiler free of course, which is not gonna be easy... ;) it's a paranormal / steampunk mix, where we have four groups of inhabitants... I can't say people, cause humans are only one of the groups :) the other three are: blue bloods, verwulfen and mechs... blue bloods are... well... they drink blood and are stronger than humans, but do not make the mistake of calling them vampires... because those are another thing alltogether... :) verwulfen are also stronger and faster than humans, with their legendary berserk reactions, when they are pretty unstoppable... and mechs are humans with mechanical parts, they needed to get for various reasons... I cannot possibly explain all groups more, because the situation with all of them changes between one series and another... so these few sentences will just have to be enough :) so now let us get to the main couple of this particular story :)

Both Ava and Kincaid are part of the Company of Rogues, which is a secret group that tackles all sorts of dangerous and mysterious threats to the society... more about other members later :) Ava is a blue blood... but a very unique one... it's connected to her past and everything she went through... if you are caught up on all the books, you know exactly what I'm talking about :) but if not, don't worry, everything is explained in this one, so if you have no previous knowledge, or you just forgot certain things, you're gonna be fine :) Kincaid on the other hand, is a mech... with a mechanical hand... they couldn't be more like night and day :) Ava is a delicate, innocent woman, who wants to see goodness in everyone... she remained that way even after everything that happened to her... Kincaid is cynical and hardened by what life gave him... he's also tall and just, big in general... :) when they were described together, they reminded me a bit Beauty and the beast, and you know how big of a sucker I am for those kinds of stories... :) but don't be fooled by the appearances... or the facades they both show to the world... because there is so much more in each of them... :) I think it was one of the reasons why I loved this book so much :) yes, Kincaid was totally swoonworthy... and wickedly sinful at times ;) *sighs dreamily* hiding a very vulnerable side from everyone... every time he called Ava kitten, or my personal favourite endearment ever... luv, I just... *melts into a puddle* ;) but it was Ava who stole my heart... she is the type of heroine I love to read about the most... she seems fragile and delicate, but she hides a much stronger side inside her... and throughout the book she slowly starts to spread her wings, gaining more confidence and just blossoming into this amazing person... :) I really identify with those types of women, because I feel like I am still at the beginning stage of my journey :) and those stories always inspire me and make me feel empowered to do more :) I was cheering them on so much... it all started as a sort of experiment, and then developed into much, much more... *sighs happily* it was pure pleasure to read :) I don't really want to say anything else about them, because that is the best way to read Bec's stories... the less you know, the more you will be surprised and amazed by everything she wrote :)

Now for the secondary characters... :) this is actually an installment where they all play smaller parts than in the previous book... but I still want to mention them all :) if you are familiar with the original series, I'm sure you will recognize some of them :) so we have Byrnes and Ingrid, our main couple from the first book :) the story actually starts at their wedding ;) then there's Charlie, who we've met a while back... but I can't say anything else about him... trust me, it's a very long story... :) and of course Gemma, a very deadly assassin :) she is a blue blood, and heroine of the next installment... :) the wait for it is gonna kill me, I swear... because at the end of this book, we have a glimpse into who will be the hero of that story... and you guys... it's gonna be goooooooood.... :) I had my suspicions who will it be before, but in that very last chapter she gave us a little tidbit of information and I gasped so hard, I almost hyperventilated... #TrueStory #NoJoke :) all I'm gonna say, that woman is bloody brilliant... pun totally intended ;) I need this book ASAP :) and of course let's not forget about the Duke of Malloryn and his right hand Isabella... he is the big boss and founder of Company of Rogues... and probably the most mysterious one out of all of them... I am hoping he will get a full lenght book at some point as well, because the more I learn about him... :) once you read the books, you'll understand :)

Bec McMaster is one of my favourite authors... for many reasons :) but I think the biggest one is her writing style... she writes so many diverse stories, and yet all of them have one thing in common... the pure awesomeness :) this one was no exception... perfect mix of hot and steamy romance, emotional and vulnerable moments, intrigue, action, murder, mysterious disease and so much surprising twists and turns that I can honestly say... don't even try to guess where the story is going... :) just go with it and enjoy the ride :) stories she tell are always different and complex, you can never just point a finger and say, like in this case, that all blue bloods are evil and all humans are good... and the one about Ava and Kincaid melted my heart... it broke a few times along the way, but in the end it was so worth it... to see them happy, to witness how both of them changed and grew, working their way to one another in this beautiful journey... :) *sighs happily* add to that all the mysteries, because this one is so much more than just romance... oh, it made me a one happy reader :) I highly recommend you guys to read this book, this series and this author in general if you haven't already :) her books are amazing gems and the world needs to know that :) so trust me, give them a try... you can thank me later when we can gush all abou their awesomeness together ;) I won't even say "I told you so"... I promise ;)



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