Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: "Keep" by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: "Keep"
Book 2 in series Seaside pictures
Main characters: Zane "Saint" Andrews and Fallon Miller

I feel like I have to start this review with an explanation... ;) so here's the story of how I found this book... :) it was totally randomly recommended to me by one of my #BookBesties :) thank you again Karen for this, you really throw my way only the bestest of books :) she knew how much I loved Mal from the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott and his unpredictible and hilarious personality, so when she said that Zane, the main hero in this story, could be his brother, I was sold... :) that was all I needed to hear to get hooked on the idea of reading this book... and even though my reading plan was totally different, I of course had to go immediately on Amazon and buy the e-book :) I started it that very same day... and finished it the day after ;) yes, it was that good... :) another important piece of information... don't be discouraged by the fact that it's a sequel in a sort of a spin-off series of another series, because this was my very first book written by this author, so I can guarantee, that it works perfectly fine as a standalone as well :) so go and get it right now... it's gonna be worth it :) ok, so now that we have this basic informations out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple...

*sighs dreamily* Zane and Fallon *sighs dreamily once again* ;) oh how I adored both of them :) of course Zane was my fave, but Fallon wasn't far behind.. :) that is also the reason why I'm gona start with her... :) she is this young and totally adorable girl, that I can relate to way too much... :) she meets Zane for the first time when she falls right before him, loosing her glasses at the same time... I mean... I'm clumsy, stumbling around and falling down more often that I would like to admit... where's my Zane?!?!? :) something to think about, universe... ok, moving on :) I think what I loved most about Fallon, is that she wasn't this mousy and scared character, which would have been easy when confronted by Zane and his inappropriate awesomeness... :) but no, she was so smart and witty with a side of sassy and I adored her for that... :) because when it comes to Zane... *sighs dreamily some more* I loved him from the start... he was hilarious and hot and adorable in the most unexpected and inapropriate way... ;) but he also had several issues to deal with... I'm not gonna get into details about them, because we learn them along the way throughout the whole book, but let's just say that besides making me laugh out loud, there were a few scenes in this book that made me cry... they were so sad and emotional and I just wanted to hug him... because of all he experienced, seeing his happy ending with Fallon was that much better :)

Theirs is a relationship I adore most in books... as in they start with a friendship :) yes, a weird one, filled with mutual attraction, but friendship nonetheless :) after she falls at his feet... like I mentioned before ;) and they have a cute conversation after which she gives him a false number ;) they meet again, with a little help of Fallon's best friend, Mags ;) he needs help because of the writer's block he's dealing with, alongside many more issues that I won't get into right now... and once she catches his attention, he kind of swoops into her life, grabs her and doesn't want to let go... ;) I'm not gonna say anything else about how their relationship changes, but I will say this: the interactions and conversations between them are hilarious :) it was impossible for me to pick out just a few of them to quote for you guys, and show as proof... ok, if we're being totally honest I could not take a break from reading to write them down or highlight them in any way... that's how good this book was :) besides our fantastic main couple we have a bunch of secondary characters that already got their stories, and one or two that will get a future book... let's just say that epilogue very clearly shows us who will be the next pair ;) but like I said before, even if you haven't read the previous books, you can totally enjoy this story :) those other people appear in a scene here or there, but you don't need to know every little detail of their books to enjoy those scenes :)

It was a very easily given 5 stars for me... I mean, I fell in love with the main characters from the first chapter, and it only got better from there... :) I have no complaints ;) like none whatsoever... ;) this story was written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from Zane's point of view, as well as Fallon's and it was done soooo exceptionally well... :) I loved to be able to get inside of Zane's mind, and see so much more than this funny side he shows to the world... not to mention that the writing in general was super entertaining... it was my first book by Rachel Van Dyken, but certainly won't be the last... :) I am very highly recommending you guys this book... as in pick it up ASAP :) it's absolutely phenomenal... :) hilariously funny, with surprisingly sweet, vulnerable and emotional parts, that will make you cry and melt your heart... *sighs happily* I adored it soooo much :) it's the perfect read for summer... well, it's a perfect read for every weather and season, but since it's summer right now I'm hoping that me saying it's the perfect summer read will make you pick it up that much sooner ;) no pressure or anything, but go get this gem right now :)



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