Monday, June 26, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #68

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The books are coming

Well hello my lovely people :) the first week of going back to work after my vacation has passed and... it was an adjustment... for sure ;) but I think next ones will go much easier ;) after all, I am slowly getting used to waking up at 5.15 in the morning again, and yet I am still filled with energy and positivity, ready to tackle challenges... I am also slowly starting to freak out about something that will happen in a few weeks, but I will share that little gem with you all AFTER it actually happens, so have patience ;) now onto our headlines, and I will actually go with the order of them this time... ;)

I saw a fantastic movie recently... and ever since, I have been listening to the soundtrack from it... in fact I am doing it right now, writing this post for you guys :) if you remember my more than enthusiastic review from last week, you may already guessed that the movie I'm referring to is...

*sighs happily* it was absolutely amazing and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you guys to see it on the big screen :) I honestly don't understand all the bad reviews it's getting, because I loved it :) the humor, action, stunning fight scenes, the music, the characters... seriously, there was no bad parts in it :) in fact, I am going to see it again this friday :) if somehow you missed it, I'm gonna leave a trailer below, but be sure to check it out, it's worth it :) and that music... *sighs happily some more* it suited the movie perfectly, and every time I listen to it, I still get chills... :) #TrueStory

Another thing I want to mention to you guys today is... the biggest book haul I have ever done is coming your way... soon... :) you may remember... and if not I will remind you ;) but recently I bought the biggest amount of books ever... for me at least... :) we are looking at the number... thirty one :) yep, thirty one paperbacks are on the way and I have no shame whatsoever over that fact :) and some of them are already here... I will wait for the rest to make a proper book haul, but I wanted to give you a little teaser... but I will be horrible and not show you any covers... although I will say that the eleven out of the thirteen that are on my shelf currenty are by the same author :)

Last but not least, let me explain that mysterious hashtag... #SelfieFox :) I've wanted to talk about it for a few weeks, but it was connected to a gift my lovely sister J was preparing for her bestie, so I had to wait till she actually gave her everything :) so J made a little fluffy fox out of a do-it-yourself kit and she came up with the idea of taking pictures with it :) because the friend she gave it to and her boyfriend are a huge fans of photography in general :) J decided to take the fox with us on vacation, and take "selfies" so it appears that the fox is taking the pics himself :) hence the name of the hashtag :) I was a very eager helper with the whole idea, and I think it turned out awesome :) now that I can finally share it with you guys, I have a few pics we took :) mind you, we visited a miniature park along the way, that's why the fox can be seen all around the world ;) she took those pictures and printed them, giving them along with the fox, and her friend loved it :) they have now plans of taking him with them when they will travel and continue on the trend of #SelfieFox :)

Ok, this is a wrap people ;) I hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings, a bit shorter than usual, but I've been super busy this week ;) plus, I need to gather my energy for that huge book haul in the near future... and some other stuff ;) I know I'm being vague, but I promise, it will be all worth it once you finally know what I'm talking about :) as always, I love connecting with you guys so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check those every day :) and be sure to check my blog this week, cause I have a few really great book recs coming your way ;)



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